Crazy Hannah Episode 10


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 10
Sona’s pov
“You guys are something else” Kiera muttered sipping her cola
“Tell me about it” Miya mumbled
“But it’s cool though, I like your style” Ryan chimed in
“I like Hannah’s Style more” blaze added with a smile
“Yeah.. me too, she’s like the female super Man.. uhm super woman,” Ryan said
“She’s so beautiful” Kiera added
“And intelligent too, plus her hair is amazing and soft” Miya added with a smile.. Jeremy smiled and looked at her face
“Have you touched it?” He asked
“Yeah.. when Sona tied her to a bedpost and braided her hair, I was the one who helped her loosen it” Miya replied shyly
“Do you guys still remember when she caught us drinking bear, in junior year?” Blaze asked
“How can I forget?.. she got us all beaten up and hung Jeremy with his pants on the wall” Ryan said and we all started laughing..
“Haha.. very funny” Jeremy mumbled with a frown
“Wow . I never knew my sister had so many fans” I commented
“Anyways, Sona.. we are going to the party right? Cause I need to come over to your house first, so you can do my makeup and style my hair” Kiera asked looking at me.
“Nah.. jeremy isn’t going, so I can’t.. “Hannah’s rule”, besides we have math test tomorrow.. we need to revise” I said twirling my hair around my fingers..
“Test?” She asked with her eyes wide open.
“Yep.. besides where weren’t you in class, we looked for you everywhere but we couldn’t find you” I asked
“Uhm.. I was .. well, stomach ache” she said.
“Have you taken drugs?” Miya asked worriedly
“Yeah” Kiera replied simply
“Hmm.. what kind of drugs?” I asked
“Uhm.. you Know, the normal kind” she said avoiding my gaze.. the guys started laughing and I chuckled..
“So what time should I be expecting you for the make over?” I asked excitedly
“I am no longer going to the party, I need to revise as well, can’t afford to get a B, besides it would be boring without you both” she stated.
“Awwn” Miya cooed
“Okay, but are you sure you don’t want the make over? It’s free.. ” I asked
“She doesn’t need it Sona.. she needs to revise, no signal for you today, you can make yourself up if you like.. ” Jeremy muttered and they all Started laughing
“You are sick” I said and threw a chip at him..
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Hannah’s pov
“Okay fine” Harry mumbled
He raised his hands to remove the first button, he groaned and dropped the right hand.
“What?” I asked
“Its really painful Hannah, what did you do to my hand” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“You are really lazy Harry, I mean I used to hit Sofia almost every day, although it hurts her, but she definitely doesn’t break any bones.. but your case is different, just one tiny, whinny punch and your bone is broken.. what if I had punched you for real?” I asked angrily
“But your hand is like steel, it didn’t feel like a man’s hand not to talk of a lady’s..” he retorted
“And that’s how you broke my shade with just a squeeze, i mean who does that?” He asked
“Are you really human?” He asked again.
“Of course, do I look like an alien or an animal?” I asked
“No, but you act like one” he snapped..
I frowned and sighed.
“I guess I’ll have to help you unbotton your shirt” I said changing the topic
“That’s if you don’t mind” I added.. he stared at me and finally nodded.
I carefully removed the first button, then the second, I could hear the sound of my heart beating in my ears.. I removed all the bottons and helped him slip out his right hand.. his skin was so spotless.. like a baby’s..
His packs were visible, wow! I didn’t see them the other day..
“Ahehm.. you could have just said you wanted to check me out, you Know” he said snapping me out of my thoughts
“..i wasn’t checking you out” I mumbled.
“Yeah right” he muttered.. I glared at him and looked down at his arm.. gosh this guy is so soft.. the spot where I hit him was already bruised and swollen.. I gently placed my left hand on it and I felt tingles like electric shock travel through my body, I quickly removed my hand and looked at him.. what just happened?, This has never happened to me before..
“So? Is it bad or not?” He asked looking at me
“Uhm.. well, its already swollen” I said
“What!” He yelled
“I don’t know if the bone is broken, but I have to massage it a little” I said
He looked at me with his eyes open wide
“I’ll be careful, I promise” I added.. he sighed and finally muttered
I nodded and placed my hands on his arm, I have to do it like this, since there’s no ointment here.. I just hope he can bear it,
He groaned as I touched the spot, I added a little pressure and he yelled.
“Hannah, do you want to kill me?” He asked
“But I didn’t even hold it properly” I said
“Are you serious? You almost killed me” he snapped
“You are a doctor for Christ sake Ju Sung, you should be able to bear things.. stop being a chicken and man up” I snapped back..
My words seemed to have effect on him because he stopped talking and looked out the window..
Good.. I placed my hands on his arm again and applied lesser pressure.. I can’t continue like this, I need to just massage this properly and he’ll feel better after few minutes..
I looked at him and he was still looking outside the window.. now is my chance..
I placed my hands on the spot again and applied pressure.. he screamed and snapped his hands from mine..
“Don’t worry, I’ll call my assistant, he’ll do it himself” he said with teary eyes..
“I’m sorry” I mumbled sadly, he tried to move his hand but couldn’t
“What is it? Do you need something?” I asked
“My shirt” he stated simply..
“Oh..” I helped him with his shirt and bottoned it.. he picked his phone with his left hand and after few seconds placed it on his ear.
“Can you please come pick me up from the hospital?” He asked
“Okay.. thanks” he said and dropped the phone.
I hope he’s not angry with me..
“Can you drive?” He asked without looking at me.
“Yes.. yes I can” I replied..
“You’ll have to drive us to the hospital.. my assistant will take me home, and he’ll fix whatever thing you did to my arm” he said..
“I’m sorry Ju Sung, I didn’t mean to hurt you” I mumbled,
He nodded and opened the door with his left hand..
I drove into the garage and turned off the engine.. I looked at Ju Sung and met his gaze.. his eyes was filled with pain.. he hadn’t spoken to me since we left the parking lot, and for some unknown reason, I feel so hurt..
“I.. we are here” I said
“I Know” he mumbled.
“Uhm.. I guess I have to go in” I said and picked my bag, he just kept staring at me
“Aren’t you coming in?” I asked
“No.. my assistant is already here” he replied quietly..
“How did you know?” I asked
“He sent me a text” he replied
“Oh.. okay, uhm ” I started
“I’m so sorry, for your hand.. I didn’t mean for it to..” I stopped as I watched him lean closer and pecked my cheek..
“I enjoyed every minute with you, even
when you broke my hand,” he said with a smile
“Apology accepted, I’ll see you tomorrow.. and please don’t forget to cook what mom said you would for me” he added .. I smiled and nodded.
I stepped out of the car and rushed out of the garage.. oh goodness.. my face is about to catch fire.
Harry’s pov
I chuckled as she rushed out of the garage.. Mr Cha stepped out of his car and started walking towards mine.. I stepped out and he smiled warmly..
“Mr Harry.. i thought you were going to stay till closing hours?” He asked
“Something came up, and please enough of the ‘Mr’ we are alone here” I replied..
He smiled looked towards the exit.
“I see you’ve become good friends with nurse Hannah?” He asked
“Yeah.. anyways that’s not why I called you.. my hand is seriously hurting” I said changing the topic
“Why? What happened?” He asked worriedly
“Long story, but it’s swollen and I can’t Raise it properly..” I said
“Okay, let’s go” he said walking towards his car,
“What about my car?” I asked
“I’ll send someone to come pick it up” he replied
“Okay” I mumbled
“Your dad called” he said as we both slipped into his car
“Why?” I asked
“He said Nina is on her way to the suite” he replied starting the engine

Sofia’s pov
“What! How could you be so careless Hannah? You could have done more than just broke his hand if you weren’t lucky” I said looking at her
“I know.. but I didn’t mean to Sof, I never meant to hurt him.. plus I didn’t know it would break his hand” she said sadly
“What were you expecting Hannah?.. he’s fragile, he’s so soft. One real slap from you would render him unconscious for weeks and that’s if he’s even lucky” I stated.
“What were you thinking?” I asked
“Nothing, I was just so happy … I guess, if I knew this was going to happen, then I would have happily kept my mouth shut in the car” she muttered
I sighed and looked at her face
“Anyways it’s all good, the deed has been done..I only hope it doesn’t get serious” I said and she nodded
“Anyways uhm, I called Evans and he said he was going to send his driver to come pick you up.. I knew you would say no.. so I asked him to just send the address, that you’ll go on your own..he said okay and sent me the address” I said
“Okay..?, Where’s the place?” She asked
“The Stars restaurant” I replied with a grin
“Wait, isn’t that like a five star restaurant?” She asked sitting up
“Yep” I popped
“Goodness.. I’m not going” she said
“Oh yes you are.” I stated with a grin

To be continued 

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