Crazy Hannah Episode 11


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 11
Hannah’s pov
If there’s one thing I hate more than dates?.. it’s picking the perfect dress for it..
I can’t believe I’ve been standing here for more than 30 minutes, I no longer have fancy clothes, I was so stupid to sell everything..
“What do I wear now?, I haven’t even taken my bath” I said as I scratched my hair..
I looked around for the tenth time and sighed .
“I guess, I’m gonna make use of you now” I said and picked a skirt…

Harry’s pov
“So you’re telling me that Hannah is responsible for this?” Mr Cha asked pointing to my arm
“Yeah.. but it wasn’t intentional though” I replied..
“Aisshh” he said and hit my head with his hand.
“Ouch!.. what was that for?” I asked rubbing my head with my left hand.
“You mean to tell me a woman did this to you, and you’re not ashamed? What are these for?” He asked pointing to my biceps
“You spend hours in the gym and you can’t even bear a single playful punch from a woman.. just kill me Harry” he added and continued massaging my arm
“I’m not lazy okay?.. do you know what steel is?, Her hands is like steel and gold joined together.. and it didn’t feel like a man’s hand not to talk of a lady’s” I said defending myself
“Besides, I told you how she broke my shade with one little squeeze..”
“I thought you said, miss psycho was the one that broke your shade” he said cutting me off
“Well… Turns out miss psycho is miss Hannah” I muttered
“What?” He asked as he dropped the ointment on the table
“I found out this afternoon, when she came to apologise and return my stuffs” I said
“What about the bracelet?” He asked pulling my hands gently
“She returned it as well ..” I said and winced in pain.. he dropped my hand and threw my shirt at me..
“Wow.. that’s nice” he said
“Yeah it is” I mumbled as I slipped on my black T-shirt
“So, you like her?” He asked looking at me
“Nn.. no… Why would you say that?” I asked back
“Come on Harry, I’ve known you since you were thirteen, you have never entrusted your precious car to a lady before, even though she’s your girlfriend, plus.. I saw the way you looked at her after your accidental kiss.. ” he stated
I flushed and blinked my eyes
“Uhh.. I.. well . The situation was different.. I couldn’t drive with my broken arm” I stuttered
“Yeah right” he muttered
I glared at him and rolled my eyes
“Fine.. I like her, as a friend though” I mumbled..
He smiled and was about to say something, but was interrupted by the door bell..
He stood up and walked to the door,
“Who’s it?” He spoke into the intercom
“Uhh.. it’s me, tell oppa his girlfriend is here to see him” the person replied..
Uh no.. Nina!
He looked at me and I nodded for him to open the door..
He opened and Nina walked in smiling sheepishly..
She looks so different, more beautiful and hotter.. wow! But Hannah is more beautiful, and hotter, i mean her curves are just so perfect, her skin is really soft and spotless, her charming brown eyes and tempting pink lips.. everything about her is just so… Wait, why am I suddenly thinking about Hannah?..
Get yourself together man!..
Sofia’s pov
The cab halted in front of Hannah’s house, I payed the driver and stepped out, I looked around and saw, her crazy neighbor and his dog.
“Good evening sir” I greeted..
He scowled and ignored me..
I hurried towards the door and knocked lightly.
“Hold on” a voice yelled
The door opened and I saw Sona standing there with earpiece on her ears..
“Unnie” she yelled and hugged me.
“How are you Sona?” I asked walking into the house
“I’m fine.. how about you?” She asked as she closed the door
“I’m fine..Where’s Jeremy and Nicky?” I asked.
“In Jeremy’s room, with his friends” she replied, sitting beside me..
“Wow.. is that a shopping bag?” She asked pointing to the bag in my hand
“Yep.. it’s for Hannah” i replied
“Hannah?.. is she going out?” She asked taking the bags
“She’s going on a date” i replied
“Wow.. this is so beautiful.. ” she said looking at the black gown.
“Yeah.. i thought it would look great on her” i said
“Wait.. Hannah is going on a date? And she didn’t call me to make her up?” She asked rhetorically
“Hey Sof” we turned to see Hannah walking down the stairs..
“O.. m… G” Sona drawed
“What the..”
“How do I look?” Hannah asked cutting me off..
What do I say..
What do we call a twenty two years old lady, wearing a long pink flared skirt that stops at her ankles, with white convas, lemon sweatshirt and black base ball cap, going to a five star restaurant for a date..
A psycho?.. or crazy Hannah?
To be continued

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