Crazy Hannah Episode 12


By Lady C
Episode 12

Hannah’s pov
They both continued staring at me for minutes and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.. Sona just stared at me with her mouth open, I couldn’t help but notice the shopping bags on her hands, wow! She bought another dress?.. I bet her closet is now a boutique..
Sofia on her part continued looking at me from my head to my feet, totally lost.
“.. uhh! I asked a question guys” I said snapping them both out of their thoughts..
Sona shook her head and Sofia palmed her face.
“Hannah?.. where are you going?” She finally asked looking straight into my eyes
“The Stars restaurant, .. I have a date with Evans remember?” I said adjusting my skirt
“You’re going to a date.. like this?” Sona asked pointing at my clothes
“Yes.. of course” I replied simply
Sofia shook her head and sighed deeply..
“What?” I asked looking at the both of them
“Sorry to say this sis, but you look cray cray.. I mean we are in the 21st century, not the 13th.. who dresses like this to a date?”Sona asked
“But… It’s the best I could come up with” I defended quietly
“Seriously?.., the best you could come up with?.. Hannah you look crazy.. you look like a retired psycho.. you’re not even wearing makeup, and your hair is even rough..”
“I don’t have makeup anymore.. besides I didn’t want to be late” I said cutting Sofia off.
“Yeah.. right” she mumbled..
I glared at her and rolled my eyes..
“I’ll see you both later, I have to go now” I said and turned towards the door
“You’ve got to be kidding me Hannah.. you are not leaving this house dressed like this” Sofia said rushing to my front
“Look.. I’m sorry for my dressing okay, I wish I could Change it but I don’t have time to look for clothes.. besides I have a long walk ahead of me” I stated
“Walk?.. you want to trek to the restaurant?” Sona asked from the couch..
“I’m not letting you go to your first date like this Hannah.. thank goodness I went to the mall.. I bought you something, and it’s way more better than this .. thing you’re wearing, I mean you look so outdated” she said with her hands on her hips..
“Sona will style your hair and make you up.. it’s gonna be perfect, please just let us take care of it” she said pleadingly..
“Please unnie, it will just be for ten minutes” Sona whined
“Fine.. but, it should be something light, I don’t need the whole of Asia on my face” I mumbled and walked towards the stairs
“Yes!” Sofia yelled
“Yippee.. I’m gonna take care of you Hannah.. trust me” Sona said rushing up the stairs with the bags..
Harry’s pov
“Oppa.. I’m so happy to see you again” Nina said catwalking towards me with her hands open wide for a hug.. she was clad in a yellow, body hug gown.. which revealed little cleavages.. her hair fell freely on her back, her long gold earings matched her bracelet, and necklace.. her black purse matched her black heels, which clicked lightly on the tiled floor
“Well, I am not” I mumbled
“Oh please.. I know you are” she said and hugged me tightly.. with her hands around my neck..
“Too… Tight” I breathed out..
“Oh .. sorry baby” she cooed and withdrew slowly.. then she sat beside me and placed her hands on my shoulders, then linked her fingers around my neck,
“Uhm.. I’ll be upstairs if you need me” Mr Cha said and rushed up the stairs without waiting for a reply.
“So.. how have you been oppa? You’ve been away for a long time baby, we have a lot of catching up to do.. I can’t wait to tell my friends that my boyfriend is back.. least I forget, a friend of mine is hosting her birthday next week Friday.. we are going together.. but we’ll have to shop for our clothes first.. oh I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone baby” she rushed
I scoffed and pulled her hands gently from my shoulders.. I adjusted and she did Same..
I don’t think she’s gonna give up soon.. she hasn’t changed a bit..
“What do you want Nina?” I asked rubbing my temple
“I.. don’t understand, oppa” she said looking genuinely confused
“Why are you here?” I asked looking at her
“Well.. I came to see you oppa” she said smiling
“Oh.. okay, so you’ve seen me, can you please leave now?” I asked picking my phone from the side table..
“Nope” she popped
“Why..?” I asked
“Cause I want to spend time with you, besides.. we have a lot of catching up to do Ju Sung” she said resting her head on my legs
“No.. we don’t, and it’s Harry to you.. you no longer have the right to call me that” I said and moved her head away from my legs
“Whatever.. we are going out, besides you haven’t been in Korea for years.. there are new places, I’d love to show you..
we could even have dinner at the new five star restaurant, it’s really fancy and classic, plus you don’t have to worry about security.. ” she muttered
“I’m sorry.. but i am not going anywhere with you” i replied
Hannah’s pov
After taking about a hundred pictures, Sona finally let me out of her room..
I carefully walked down the stairs with Sona behind me..
Jeremy, Nick and his friends already moved to the living room.. they were all busy playing games with Sofia, that they didn’t notice me walk down the stairs..
“So? How do I look?” I asked looking at them,
“Oh my gosh!” Sofia mumbled
“Hannah?.. you look.. different, ” Jeremy drawed with a smile
“Is that really Hannah?” Blaze asked
“Marry me Hannah..” Ryan mumbled..
I chuckled and smiled lightly
“Oh.. my goodness” Sofia said sniffing
“Uhh.. are you crying?” Sona asked furrowing her brows
“No.. it’s just, you look so beautiful bes,” Sofia muttered cleaning her eyes
“Now you no longer look like Sebastian stalking Ariel and her little tour guide” she added with a smile
“Awwn.. now you’re starting to act like my mom”.. I said hugging her tight
“Thanks for the dress Sof, you are the best.. I love you so much” I said and kissed her cheek..
“You’re welcome” she said and slowly withdrew
“Noona are you going out?” Nick asked looking at me
“Yes sweetie.. but Sofia and Sona will tuck you in.. okay?” I said
“Okay..” he muttered with a smile
“You look so pretty Hannah” he added..
I smiled and kissed his cheek..
“I’ll see y’all later” I said and walked out of the house with Sofia.. who insisted on stopping a taxi for me..
“So .. are you excited?” She Asked
“Nope.. to be honest, I’m only going Because I promised him” I replied..
“Hmm.. okay, just try to have fun okay?” She said
“Okay.. I’ll try not to act cra..” I stopped as I mistakenly hit a stone.. we were already standing in front of Mr parks house.. that crazy neighbor and his stupid dog.. they are just so annoying. I haven’t forgotten what he did to me this morning though..
“Are you okay? Is it the heels?” Sofia asked worriedly
“No.. it’s this stupid stone” I said as I leaned down to pick it up
“Okay.. ” she drawed
“Why are you holding that rock?” She asked
“Nothing..” I mumbled, I looked at Mr parks house and the lights were already out.. I guess he’s sleeping.. time for payback..
“Sofia.. you might wanna get out of the way” I muttered
“What..why?” She asked
“Just do it” I said as I weighed the stone.. it wouldn’t do much damage though.. at least it will take out the glass window.
“Hannah.. hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” She asked moving to the side
“Yes it is” I said and angrily threw the stone.. the sounds of glass shattering filled the air.. I removed my heels and turned to Sofia, who was staring in shock
“Run Sof” I whispered and started running with my heels on my hands and my bag hanging safely across my shoulders..
To be continued guys…………

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