Crazy Hannah Episode 13


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 13
Hannah’s pov
The lights came on and she ran back to my house.. I chuckled and continued running..
I stopped a taxi and hopped in..
“The Stars restaurant” I said and wore my shoes breathing heavily..
“Okay” he muttered and started driving..
I stepped out of the taxi after paying the driver.. I adjusted my gown and wore my bag properly on my right shoulder.. I took a deep breath and walked towards the glass doors..
“Wow..” I mumbled as I walked in.. this is indeed a five star restaurant..the architecture is Just so amazing.. the large hall, was filled with different people..all chatting silently and enjoying their dinners.. while the chandeliers cast golden colors on the walls..waiters walked around with, trays, menus and small jotters… to think that i was coming here dressed like a psycho.. thank Goodness Sofia came..
I looked around, searching for the familiar face of Evans..
“Hannah?” Someone called
I turned to see Evans walking towards me with a smile on his face..
He was clad in a simple but obviously expensive grey suit and white shirt.. his hair was gelled to the side, and he looked absolutely stunning..
I sighed in relief and smiled lightly
“Hi” I said
“I was starting to think you changed your mind” he said moving closer to me
“Well.. I didn’t..” I drawed
He smiled and pecked my cheek.. , seriously?..
“Thanks for coming.. let’s go, our table is over there” he said and slipped his hands around my waist.. I frowned mentally, if this guy continue touching me like this.. I might loose it, I faked a smile and continued walking..
I can’t help but notice everyone staring at me.. especially the guys, i suddenly felt so self-conscious, is there something on my face?..
We got to our table and Evans gently pulled the chair for me..
“Thanks” I mumbled as I sat down, I placed my bag on my laps and watched as he took his seat..
I looked around and noticed some people still staring at me..
“Uhm.. Evans, is.. there something on my face?” I blurted out, unable to take it anymore
“No . Why?” He asked
“Cause people keep staring at me” I replied
He chuckled and looked around..
“True.. I guess it’s because you are the most beautiful woman in the room” he stated..
I smiled and tuck my hair behind my ears
The waiter came over and handed us the menu
“Thanks” I muttered as I collected it from him..
I opened the menu and looked carefully at the list of foods and their prices..
Gosh!.. their meals are really expensive.. I looked at Evans and he was already placing his orders, the waiter jotted down and they both looked at me..
“Uhm.. I think, I’ll go with a glass of juice” I said closing the menu
“..why?” Evans asked looking at me
“The meals are too expensive.. I can’t eat something of 30,000 Evans, I wouldn’t be able to digest it .. ” I said
He smiled and picked the menu
“Don’t worry Hannah.. money isn’t the problem.. pick whatever you want, please.. I insist” he said
Evans pov
“Fine.. I’ll take the lowest in the list..” she said going through the menu again
“Pasta” she added.. and the waiter jotted down..
“And a wine please” I added.. the waiter nodded and walked out..
I looked at Hannah who was busy looking around.. she looks so beautiful, to be honest.. I think she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.. as a doctor, I’ve met a lot of women, lawyers, doctors, models, nurses, actresses and so on..
And none has ever succeeded in getting my attention.. but with Hannah the reverse is the case..
I liked her the minute I saw her, her intelligence, her strictness, her personality, her craziness, beauty and everything.. although she acts tough, she’s the most sweetest and kindest lady I’ve ever met.. there was a day I saw her buying lunch for some kids and beggers sitting beside the road, she emptied her wallet and had to trek home with her friend, and I’ve been trying to get her attention since..
But now that I have it.. I feel so nervous..
“Uhm.. so how was your day?” I asked.
“Mmh.. same as always” she said with a shrug.. looking down at the table, the waiter came back holding two trays.. he placed her plate on her front and did Same with mine.. another brought the wine and opened it, he poured some on her glass and mine.. then he turned and walked away
“Oh.. okay” I mumbled and mentally slapped my self..I was still thinking of what to say when she spoke up
“Evans, I Know you like me and you want us to like.. date” she started
“Yeah” I muttered
“And the truth is.. I like you too, I like your personality and all, but in a friendly way.. all the feelings I have for you are of holy and not romantic” she said and I smiled
“I Know.. but, we can still try Hannah, we could go on dates and get to know each other better, you might actually fall along the line” I said and she smiled sweetly
“I wish I could Evans.. but the truth is.. I’m not ready yet, I’m not interested in any relationship for now.. I’m sorry” she said sadly..
“I’ll wait Hannah.. till whenever you’re ready” I said looking into her eyes..
She smiled and looked at her food..
“Okay, until then.. for now, we can just be friends.. okay?” She said
“Ok” I said with a smile.
“Great, so Let’s eat, before the food gets cold” she said and picked her fork..

Harry’s pov
“Just so you know, I’m only here because I’m famished” I muttered as we both walked into the restaurant,
“Whatever” Nina mumbled and wrapped her hands on my left arm..
We got to an empty table, and took our seats.. the waiter brought the menus and I placed my order.. Nina did Same and ordered for champagne..
I felt the strong urge to look around, Nina was busy with her phone.. I dropped mine on the table and looked around.. some ladies were staring as usual.. I was about to look away, when I saw one eating pasta.. her mouth was already stained.. but she looked so beautiful and familiar.. she was sitting with a guy Wearing grey suit, I couldn’t see his face properly because he was backing me..
I guess he said something cause she smiled sweetly, wow.. her smile is so familiar.. the guy leaned closer and wiped the stains from her mouth.. she muttered something and tucked her hair behind her ears.. then I saw her face clearly.. Hannah?.. I watched as she sipped the wine and dropped the glass.. and as if she sensed me, she looked at me and our eyes locked.. she looked so surprised, and I could see her eyes lit up with excitement..
She smiled and I looked away.. I picked my phone and started acting busy.. what is Hannah doing here with a guy? Is he her boyfriend? Why am I suddenly so angry? It’s not like we are dating right? We are just friends and nothing more, I shouldn’t be mad at her right?
Hannah’s pov
Why did he just ignore me? I thought he said he has forgiven me, then why does he look so angry? And who is that girl with him? Is she his girlfriend? I watched as she dropped her phone and started chatting with Harry.. he muttered something and she smiled and placed her hands on his.. he looked at me and I looked away.. why do I feel so angry? I’m just his friend right? I should be happy for him right? Anyways I won’t talk to him, he ignored me so I’ll ignore him too..,
I sighed and glanced at Evans as he dropped the glass of wine on the table..
“Uhm.. are you through?” I asked
“Yeah.. should we leave now?” He asked
“Yes please.. I’m already feeling sleepy” I replied..
“Okay” he said with a smile and signaled the waiter for the check..
He paid and we both stood up to Leave..
I picked my bag and he slipped his hands around my waist.. I felt so uncomfortable, but for some reason I don’t know.. I let him hold me,
“I love your hairstyle by the way” I said as we walked past Harry’s table..
“Awwn thanks” Evans cooed..
“Hannah..” Harry called quietly, we stopped and turned to look at him..
“Oh.. hi, I didn’t see you there” I muttered and he scoffed.. while the girl held his hand possessively
“Uhm do you know him?” Evans asked looking at me..
“Yes.. he’s the chairman’s son, you weren’t in the hospital today, so you don’t know him.. ” I stated
“Anyways uhm.. Harry meet Evans.. he’s a doctor and he also works in H.R, Evans meet Harry.. he’s a doctor as well” I said
“It’s nice to meet you Harry”
“Same here” as they both shook hands
“I’ll see you tomorrow Harry.. bye” I said and held Evans hand.
“Do enjoy the rest of your evening with your …?”
“Girlfriend.. I’m his girlfriend” the girl muttered cutting me off, I frowned and rolled my eyes..
“She’s not my girlfriend Hannah” he muttered looking into my eyes
“… I don’t care what she is Ju Sung.. do have a nice evening..bye” I said and walked out with Evans…
So annoying!! Uhh!
“Are.. you okay?” He asked as we both walked out of the restaurant
“Yes.. I’m fine” I lied
To be continued
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