Crazy Hannah Episode 14


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 14
Harry’s pov
I watched as she stormed out with the guy beside her..
Why is she so angry? Did I offend her? I mean I know I ignored her when she smiled at me.. but is that the reason why she’s so upset?..
“Huh!, She called you Ju Sung and you let her go?” Nina asked looking at me
“What right does she have?..”
“She has all the right to call me whatever she wants, and it’s not your business” I snapped glaring at her..
She blinked and started picking on her food..
I signaled For the check, and payed the bills..
“Oppa?.. won’t you eat your food?” She asked as I stood up
“No.. I lost my appetite, you can leave whenever you like, ” I said and walked towards the door..
“But my car is at your house” she said rushing behind me
“That’s your problem” I mumbled as I walked to the parking lot.
“Baby.. you can’t just leave me here” she said
“Yes I can.. and I Will” I muttered.. I beeped my car, then I felt her hand on my right arm.. she pulled me back and I winced in pain
“Why are you suddenly so angry baby? Is it because of that girl?” She asked not realizing what she just did..
I held her hand and dropped it roughly
“Don’t ever call me baby again.. you’re not my girlfriend for God sake!.. and you’ll never be, the sooner you realize that, the better for you!!, If I need a girlfriend, I know how to get one.. stop pretending to be something you are not” I said and opened my car,
“I’m your girlfriend Harry!, I have always been your girlfriend!” She yelled..
“Did I ever ask you out? Did I confess any feelings for you?” I asked calmly
“I don’t care if you didn’t, but we both know what we shared was more than just friendship Harry, you can’t deny it!” She said
I scoffed and rolled my eyes..
“Seriously? Is that what you have been telling yourself? Well let me make this clear..
What we had, was friendship, until that night when you changed it to friends with benefits.. I never had romantic feelings for you Nina..” I stated, her face was already filled with tears
“I already texted Mr Cha, he told your driver to come pick you up… He should be here any moment from now,” I said and stepped into my car
“Oh and please, don’t even think of coming to my house without my permission” I slammed my door and drove out.. I looked at the side mirror,
Her driver arrived..and she stepped in..
I drove into the garage and walked into the house.. I heard tiny voices coming from the kitchen.. I slowly walked in and saw the twins chatting with Mr Cha..
“Hey cuties” I called with my hands open..
“Harry!!” They yelled and rushed towards me..
I leaned down to hug the both of them..
“What are you two angels doing here? I asked looking at their faces..
“Don’t you want us here? Did you move out of the mansion because of us?” Josi asked as usual
“No.. I never said that” I said tucking her hair behind her ears
“Then why are you not staying with us?” Jodi asked
“It’s well.. kinda complicated, but it’s not because of you guys.. believe me.. I’m happy you both are here, gosh I’ve missed you babies so much” I said and tickled the both of them..
“.. stop Harry, it’s so ticklish” Jodi said laughing.. while Josi cleaned the tears as she laughed.
I stopped and pecked the both of them.
“Well for your question” Jodi started as they both sat on the kitchen stools holding their milkshake
“Dad, isn’t back yet.. so we were all alone with Nani Linda, we are already used to it.. but sometimes it gets lonely being alone in that big house” Josi said sadly
“And since you are back, we decided to come stay with you for the night.. don’t worry, we’ll leave from school tomorrow, we brought our uniforms and everything we might need” Jodi added
“Okay.. you guys can stay till whenever you want, I will be trilled to have my two little girls here with me, besides,it gets boring living alone with this old man” I said looking at Mr Cha, the twins laughed and he smiled
“I’m not old Harry, I am still very young” he defended
“Yeah right” I mumbled
“So, oppa, ajjushi said you went on a date with Nina, is it true?” Josi asked
“It wasn’t a date darling” I said helping Mr Cha with the plates
“Then what was it?” Jodi asked
“It was… Just dinner” I replied
“But it was in a restaurant?” Josi asked
“Yeah” I replied
“With just the two of you?” Jodi asked
“Yeah” I replied
“Then it’s a date” the both said at once.. I chuckled and looked at them
“What do you guys know about dates?” I asked
“Nothing .” They both mumbled innocently.
“Anyways uhm.. since I traveled to France, has Nina ever visited you guys?” I asked
“Yep..” Jodi popped
“She always called to check on us.. she even called last night” josi added
“And most times, when she’s in Korea.. she stays with us for about a week, and during that period.. she takes us to different places and buys us many things.. although we can afford them, but she doesn’t care” Jodi said..
“She’s like our little mommy” josi chimed in with a smile
I nodded and turned to the sink
“Okay.. dinner is ready ladies” Mr Cha announced
“Yippie” they bought squealed..
Hannah’s pov
Evans had insisted on taking me home, but I’d politely refused.. I took a cab and waved him goodnight..
Now the drive back was silent, I feel so exhausted and sleepy..
The car came to a halt, I stepped down after paying the driver, I looked over at Mr parks house.. the lights were on and I could still see the broken window.. I sighed and walked into my house..
The whole house was silent, except for the music coming out of Sona’s room.. I walked upstairs and the music became louder, I walked into my room and closed the door, I kept my bag on the dressing table and fell on the bed, I hit something hard, but I didn’t open my eyes..
“Hannah!” Someone yelled and I felt a stinging pain on my hand..
“Ouch!” I mumbled and opened my eyes to see Sofia rubbing her nose.
“You fell on me Hannah, do you want to kill me?” She asked
“No.. I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there” I said rubbing my eyes.
“Yeah, anyways so how was it?” She asked excitedly
“It was okay” I said with a shrug.
“Just okay?” She asked a bit disappointed
“We’ll chat tommorow Sof, I want to sleep” I said resting my head on the pillow
“Aren’t you gonna take your bath?” She asked
“No..” I mumbled yawning
“No way, you are not sleeping on this bed like this” she said pulling me up
“Leave me Sof” I said and pulled her, she fell on the bed and frowned.. she stormed out of the room and came back with Sona…
“I’ll see how you’ll fight someone with the same strength as yours” she said smiling..
“Pull her Sona” she said and Sona held my hand.. and with one pull, pulled me out of the bed.. God! Is Sona getting stronger than me..
She carried me into the bathroom and dropped me on the tub,
“You owe me 100 bucks” she said to Sofia and walked out..
“Judas!” I yelled at Sofia.
She chuckled and poured water on my face..
Next morning*
Sofia’s pov
I and Hannah walked down the stairs and saw everyone sitting on the dinning table.. including Jeremy’s friends
“Morning mom, morning dad” we both muttered together.
“Morning guys, how was your night” Mr Shù asked
“Was okay” Hannah replied.
“Aren’t you guys eating?” Her mom asked
“No mom, we’ll get something at the hospital” I replied
“Okay” she said
“Oh.. uhm, Jeremy here” Hannah said handing him some money
“Wow.. thanks Hannah” he said smiling
“It’s not for you dummy” she said and Sona chuckled
“I noticed the ceiling is leaking.. use it to buy some sheets” Hannah said
“Okay.. but won’t you give me something? At least as a tip” he said
Hannah sighed and slipped some money into his hands, it’s for you and your friends” she said and they all thanked her.
“Sona, yours is with the 100 bucks Sofia gave you.. it’s on your dresser” she added
“Thanks unnie” Sona said excitedly..
“And mom.. this is for the bills we owe Mrs goo.. please pay her so i won’t have to keep hiding from her” she said handing her mom a bunch of notes..
“Wow.. how did you get this Hannah?” She Asked looking at the notes
“Well.. uhm, Ju Sung..”
“Oh, my son in law.. I understand” she said cutting in.. Hannah frowned and rolled her eyes
“Son in law?” Her dad asked
“Yes honey, the one I told you about yesterday” she replied
“Wow.. Hannah has a boyfriend?” Jeremy asked surprised
“No I don’t” Hannah snapped and I chuckled, she glared at me and I looked away.
“Whatever.. hope you carried the food you cooked for him?” Her mother asked..
“, you forced me to, remember?” Hannah asked
“Oh.. okay, ”
“I’ll see you guys later.. Nicky I’ll see you later, Hayley is coming today right?” Hannah asked
“Yes Hannah” he replied with his mouth full..
“Okay, bye guys” she said
“Bye” I said..
“Byee” they replied as we both walked out..
“My regards to Harry” her mom added
“Wow.. I never knew your mom would take your fake relationship with Harry seriously” I muttered as we walked out of the house.
“She won’t stop talking about it and it’s annoying” she said..
We passed by Mr parks house, Bruno was outside as usual but Mr park was no where to be seen.. I looked up and saw the broken window.. the dog growled at us and Hannah growled back, it whined and ran away..
To be continued,

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