Crazy Hannah Episode 15


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 15

That lady was Nina, no one got it… , Hannah and Sofia are different..
Hannah’s pov
This morning has been less stressful for me, there was no surgeries.. although doctor lan, and the others were around.. I only had to check on patients, fix drips and so on.. thankfully, there has been no crazy events. Especially with Ju Sung, I’ve been avoiding him since.. and I guess he got the message, cause he didn’t send someone to fetch me either
I looked at my watch and it was already time for lunch,
“Finally.. I’m so hungry” I mumbled to myself, stretching my hands
The door opened and Sofia poked her head into the office..
“Hey” she called
“Hi..” I said yawning
“Aren’t you going for lunch?” I asked as she walked in fully..
“Uhmm.. I.. yes, I will” she drawed looking around with her eyes as if searching for something
“Uhh, are you looking for something?” I asked voicing out my thoughts
“Me?.. nope, I’m not.. what would I possibly be searching for?” She asked smiling nervously
“Anyways, let’s go.. I’m starving” I said walking towards her
“Yes.. let’s go” she muttered and turned to open the door, she suddenly stopped to look at me..
“Did you forget something or what?” I asked quietly
“.. no.. well, I was just wondering if you have given Harry his food” she stated..
“No.. I haven’t, “I replied simply
“What!. Go and give him now Hannah, before it gets cold” she muttered
“I’ll give him later”I mumbled
“No . Hannah, you have to give him now”she insisted
I studied her for some seconds and nodded my head
“Mom put you up to this, right?” I blurted.. she flushed and blinked her eyes..
“I … Well ..’ she stuttered
“Well.. she .. she just called me to check if you did” she replied
“Seriously?”I muttered
“Okay, why don’t you help me?” I asked..
“Me, why?” She asked
“Well.. because, I am not in the mood to see Harry for now, please be a dearie and help a friend” I said with my hands together
She looked at me and shook her head..

Sofia’s pov
I walked out of the elevator and down the hall.. I got to Harry’s office and knocked lightly.. clutching the lunch bag tightly..
“Come in”
I took a deep breath and opened the door, I stepped into the office and gently closed it..
Harry was on his seat going through some files..
“Good afternoon sir” I said with a bow
“Afternoon.. uhm, how May I help you?” He asked raising his head to look at me.. I bowed my head so he wouldn’t see me properly.
“Why are you bowing?” He asked
“Nothing sir, I just like looking at my legs” i muttered and mentally slapped myself..
“What?” He asked cracking a little
“Nothing sir” I replied
“You’re Hannah’s Friend right?” He asked
“Ye.. yes” I stuttered raising my head in surprise
“Sorry to ask but how did you know sir?” I asked
“You both have the same five minutes madness, but Yours is kinda short” he replied..
“Five minutes madness” I mouthed to myself..
“So.. do you need something?” He asked placing his hands on the desk
“No.. well, she asked me to give you this” I said raising the lunch bag
“mmh.. so where’s she?” He asked
“She’s In the office,” I replied simply.
“Take it back” he muttered resting his back on the chair..
“Tell her to bring it herself, or I won’t take it” he added
“But.. sir, she..”
“Shhhh” he said placing his index finger on his lips..
“Tell Hannah to bring it herself, run along.. I’m really hungry” he said..
“Okay sir” I said and bowed, then I rushed out of the office..
Oh goodness! I told Hannah, but she wouldn’t listen, now she’ll have to go back herself..

To be continued

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