Crazy Hannah Episode 16


Episode 16
… .. .. .. Hannah’s pov
 “What!” I yelled 
“He said you should bring it yourself and he’s really hungry, so you need to hurry up” Sofia repeated placing the bag on my desk..
 “Plus he said I share a five minutes madness with you, what does that mean?” She asked confused 
“..uhh, how..would I Know?” I asked removing my gaze from hers
 “Because it’s obvious.. you are the one who told him about ‘five minutes madness’?” She asked 
“Nah.. I.. I’m not” I muttered picking the bag from the desk She gasped and covered her mouth “You did!” She yelled.. 
“I.. I…. Guess I did” I drawed and ran out of the office.. 
“You can run Hannah but you can’t hide” she yelled after me.. I chuckled and walked into the elevator.. … .. 
Harry’s pov 
There was a light knock on the door.. I smiled and arranged my hair properly.. “Come in” I said and put on my stern face.. She walked in and carefully closed the door.. wow!, Her hair fell freely on her shoulders, although she isn’t wearing makeup.. she looks more beautiful than last night..
 “Good afternoon sir” she said with a straight face and bowed slightly.. Urhh! This woman is just so be stubborn.. I thought I asked her to quit the sir stuff.. “What do you want?” I asked folding my hands on my chest “I came to give you this” she said raising the bag.. 
Okay..” I drawed. She placed it on the desk and turned to leave.. Where do you think you’re going? Can’t you see that I’ve missed your company? Or are you pretending not to?.. I asked mentally “Wait!” I muttered, she stopped and turned to look at me “Do you need something sir?” She asked “No.. I mean yes,” I said “Okay.. what is it?” She asked “Uhh.. I.. the bag, yes the lunch bag.. won’t you open it?” I asked She sighed and walked back to the desk.. I watched as she carefully opened the bag and set up the desk with the different dishes.. she placed the chopsticks on the serviette and looked at me.. “Is there something else?” She asked removing her gaze from mine “No..” I replied. “Okay..” she mumbled and turned to leave “Where are you going?” I asked looking at her “To my office sir” she replied “You can’t leave yet” I stated “Why?” She asked confused “Because… Because, you have to eat with me” I replied “What! No way, I can’t” she muttered “Yes you will” I retorted “No.. I can’t” she argued ” Hey! I’m not asking you for a relationship okay, do you know how many people will pay to eat with me? You should consider yourself fortunate, besides the main reason I asked you to eat with me is because I don’t know if you added poison, and even if you did, i don’t want to die dont think I’m doing this for any special reasons” I stated.. She scoffed and rolled her eyes “I’m not eating” she muttered “Aisshh, you are really stubborn aren’t you?” I asked and she shrugged “If you don’t eat with me, I’ll tell Mom” I threatened “Be my guest” she said I sighed and moved my fingers into my hair “I’ll fire you if you don’t” I muttered sternly “Go ahead” she said. Ahh! This girl is really strong headed “You think I’m joking?” I asked She shrugged and looked away. I faked a frown and picked my pen “I am going to sign Sofia’s sack letter too” I said looking at her. “Is the pen not working? Here, use mine” she said stretching me her pink pen.. is she serious? “I.. I don’t need your pen” I mumbled… And dropped my pen.. “Mmh” she hummed “Fine” she muttered and sat on the chair.. I smiled mentally and watched as she placed the dishes properly. “But there’s only one chopstick” she said “Don’t worry, we’ll use it together” I blurted out.. “No.. way” she said “Then what are we gonna do?” I asked “Don’t worry.. I’ve got this” she said and picked the chopstick.. she placed her hand on each end and broke it evenly.. “Here” she said handing me one part. I looked at her face, and her hands.. How can a lady be this strong?.. “How did you do that?” I asked “Do what?” She asked back with her mouth already full “How did you break the sticks without stress?” I asked “Mmh..” she hummed with a shrug… ………………….. …. ………………….. 
Hannah’s pov

 Gosh!! I need to stop using my powers openly, I said mentally.. I and Ju Sung ate silently, and I tried my possible best to look away from his gaze.. “So.. how was your date?” He asked closing his bottled water “It was.. great” I replied “I never knew you had a boyfriend” he mumbled “Your girlfriend is really beautiful.. is she a model?” I asked ignoring his comment.. he looked at me and rolled his eyes “Nina is a doctor as well.. and she’s not my ‘girlfriend'” he stated “Yeah.. right” I mumbled as I arranged the plates in the bag.. “What about you?” He asked “Me?” I asked back “Yes.. your …boyfriend, how long have you been dating?” He asked, jealousy clear in his voice. “Not long” I lied He scoffed and stood up.. he walked to the wall and stared out of the glass.. I wonder what he’s thinking. “Thank you for the meal by the way” he said turning to look at me “No.. problem Sir” I said “Can you please just stop with the sir already?” He asked walking towards me with his hands in his pockets “You said you like Ju Sung right, why did you stop calling me that?” he asked standing closer to me. “I.. well, it’s.. I’m” I stuttered slowly moving backwards “Is it because you’re angry with me?” He asked moving closer “Me?.. why, would I be angry?” I asked and flinched as my back hit the wall “I don’t know maybe because, you saw me and Nina together?” He asked.. placing both hands on the wall.. caging me in the process.. Our eyes locked and I swallowed, he rolled his eyes to my lips and back to my eyes, I did same and unconsciously licked my lips.. he leaned down, and stopped a few inches from my face.. my legs automatically became weak.. “Bia nĂ©” he said in Korea “For.. what?” I asked, with my voice coming out in a whisper “I shouldn’t have ignored you, I guess I was just so jealous..” he said also in a whisper “You looked so beautiful by the way” he added, butterflies “For not saying it yesterday..” “BianĂ©” he said and just as I felt his lips about to touch mine… The door opened, we both turned to see his assistant looking at us with surprise written all over him.. “Sorry.. to interrupt, I didn’t Know.. you were..” “It’s nothing Sir, you can come in .. I was about leaving anyway” I said as I shoved Harry’s hand gently and rushed towards the table. “No.. you can continue, I’ll come back later” he muttered “No.. Please, thanks for coming, bye” I said as I picked the bag and rushed towards the door.. Harry chuckled and walked to his seat.
 “Bye baby.. I’ll see you later” he said and I opened the door.. 
“We are not seeing later Ju Sung and I’m not your baby either” I rushed and ran out..
 Thank goodness his assistant came, I would have lost it, my heart is even beating fast.. I said mentally as I held my chest.. ……. 

To be continued

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