Crazy Hannah Episode 18


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 18
Jeremy’s POV
“Mom! Dad!” I yelled as I rushed into the house.. Sona walked to the couch and placed Hannah on it.. she removed the rain coats and took them away..
“Mom!” I called and rushed upstairs..
“Yes, in here” she yelled from Nicky’s room.. I rushed in and saw her sitting beside Nick who was already asleep.
“Mom.. hurry, Hannah twisted her ankle, and it’s really hurting her” I said
“What! What happened?” Mom asked rushing out of the room
“I think she missed her step on her way down from the ladder, she jumped and started screaming” I explained
“I said it, but she wouldn’t listen.. now see what has happened..” she said as we walked down the stairs..
Hannah was groaning in pain, while Sona sat beside her..
“Hannah.. let me see” mom said squatting in front of her..
“Oh my, it’s really bad!” Mom muttered worriedly.
She stood up and smacked Hannah’s head
“Ouch!.. what was that for?” She asked
“If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t be in pain now.. I told you but you wouldn’t listen now see what you’ve caused” mom scolded and smacked her again..
“Mom.. please stop hitting me, it’s really painful” she mumbled with tears already forming in her eyes..
“Sona, get me some ointment and bandages” mom ordered
“Okay” Sona muttered and walked out.
She came down minutes later, holding each items..
“Okay, Hannah I’ll have to apply this, then adjust your bone properly” mom said pouring some oil into her palms.
“What? No..” Hannah muttered with her eyes wide..
“It won’t hurt much Hannah, trust me” mom said
“No… Don’t worry, I’ll do it myself” she muttered
“You’re not serious,”mom stated
“I am.. there’s no way I’ll let you do it” Hannah mumbled
“Fine.. I guess you want it the hard way” mom muttered
“What is wrong with the both of you! Hold her properly!” Mom yelled with her hands on Hannah’s leg.. I was asked to hold her hands while Sona held her legs.. I was really finding it difficult.. cause Hannah is a hundred times stronger than me.. even Sona was being tugged to the left and right.. mom held her ankle again and tried to position the bone
“Ahhhhhh” Hannah shrieked loudly as hot tears fell off her eyes, it rolled down her cheek and landed as tiny flakes that instantly changed to tiny particles that started sparkling in different colors..more like fairies.. to be honest, whenever Hannah cries I kinda like it because of this particular part.. they filled the house and dad rushed down..
“What’s going on here?” He asked..
No one could answer cause Hannah was pulling every which way.. she freed one of her hands and with one angry swing, threw me across the room.. I fell face first on the floor, but thankfully there was no usual, I sat up just in time to see Sona flying towards me.. she fell on me and clutched her stomach..
Mom looked at us with her mouth open..
“Calm down Hannah.. please” dad said calmly.. she stood up and leaped out of the room without saying anything.. and as usual, the sparkles surrounded her like a mother hen and her chicks…
Hannah’s pov
I locked the door and sat on my bed, I could hear mom’s voice asking if Sona and Jeremy were alright..
I sighed and layed on the bed, the sparkles were still twinkling brightly, they started changing into different shapes and sizes.. first a butterfly, then a rose and so on..
It’s like they have their own mind, cause they only appear when I’m at home.. although I don’t cry outside.. no one had ever seen me cry apart from my family.. and Ju Sung..
Today was fun though honestly, I kinda enjoyed every moment with him.. but it’s because we are friends now.. I guess, I can’t believe I almost kissed him.. gosh!, Plus he said I looked beautiful and what’s that about being jealous? Why was he jealous?.. hmmm.. I’ll have to ask him tommorow..
I tried standing up, but yelped in pain..
Gosh! This stupid leg!..

*Next morning*
Oh.. my gaad! Oh my gaaad!.. I’m finished.. Linda is going to kill me.. I’m so late, I slept over.. because of that stupid dream I was having..
I dreamt I and Harry was dating and we were both together in the movies.. doing everything couples do.. it was all so real and exciting that I didn’t want it to end, crazy right? Well I know it can never happen in real life, cause Harry is way above my league…
Now here I am already late for work, Ethan dropped me at the hospital and after thanking him, I leaped towards the front doors.. I opened the doors praying not to see the familiar ocean blue eyes and brown hair.. but as fate would always have it.. I locked eyes with her and she was obviously very pissed..
Hannah you are finished, I muttered to myself.. but Hannah never goes down easily.. leaping towards her I put on the most sadest face I have
“Good morning Mathron” I greeted
“Hannah.. why are you late?” She asked sternly
“Well.. you see, I’m not feeling to well Mathron, I twisted my ankle last night” I said truthfully
“Yeah right.. you think you can deceive me again?” She asked
“I’m not deceiving you ma’am, my ankle is really twisted, can’t you see its swollen?” I asked looking down at my leg
“You think you can trick me twice?.. first it was heri-aspirin, now it’s twisted ankle.. stop lieing Hannah ” she said and stepped on my leg..
“Ahhh” I screamed and sat on the floor.. her face changed totally to confusion
“My leg!.. Mathron Linda has killed me, you have finally killed Hannah.. my leg! Someone help me!” I screamed clutching my legs as tears fell from my eyes.. thankfully it didn’t change to small flakes..
People started gathering around us..
What happened?
What did she do?
Goodness her legs is swollen
Are you alright?
They kept asking and talking..
“Hannah.. I’m so sorry, I thought it was a prank” Linda said kneeling beside me
“Let me see” she said stretching her hands to my leg
“No.. don’t touch it! Please.. you’ll only make it worse..” I cried
“I’m sorry.” She said sadly
There was murmuring and silent talks in the hall.. suddenly the hall grew quiet..
“Hannah?” Someone called
I looked up as a tear rolled down my cheek.. Ju Sung
“What happened?” He asked Matron Linda..
“She said her ankle is twisted, I thought it was her usual prank to get out of her punishment for being late.. so I stepped on her foot and she started crying” she replied quietly..
Harry sighed and looked down at me..
He stretched his hands and I gently took it.. I stood up and a nurse arranged my dress..
“Can you walk?” He asked..and I nodded
“Okay.. let’s go” he said and walked towards the Elevator. I took a step and winced in pain.. he let go of my hands and within a twinkle of an eye.. I was swiped off my feet.. he carried me bridal style causing the crowd to awwn and oohh at us..
I looked up and he winked at me.. butterflies .. I bet my face is already a tomato ..

To be continued

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