Crazy Hannah Episode 19


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 19
Anna’s pov
And the question we’ve all been asking.. how did Hannah get her powers?.. is her family some kinda magical stuff? Is she a mermaid or a socceress
The answer is no..
Her mother’s lineage was blessed by the water goddess.. giving every female child supernatural strength, and for every first female of each families.. a special gift is the case of Hannah, her tears turn to small flakes and then to sparkles which changes colours and glow beautifully, and can take any shape.. it is also believed that they might have other qualities which are still unknown to Hannah ,

Hannah’s pov
Wait, is Harry really carrying me? He’ll hurt his hands again..I looked at his face again, but there was no expression of pain or anything.. is he really that strong or is he pretending… I looked at his biceps which was already bulging.. I hope he doesn’t tear his tendon.. he walked into the elevator and as soon as the doors closed he exhaled deeply..
“Hannah, please come down.. you’re really weighty, and I’m not ready to die yet” he breathed out.. his face was already pink..
“Sorry” I mumbled as he dropped me gently on the floor, he breathed in relief and stretched his hands..
“Gosh Hannah what do you eat.. a cow? Thank Goodness I dropped you, my hands would have been paralyzed.. you’re too weighty for a woman, now I know your appearance is deceiving” he mumbled.. I smiled lightly and looked at numbers moving up
“Do you always cry in public?” He asked with his hands in his lab coat pockets
“You were crying downstairs right? Do you always cry in public?” He asked turning to look at me.. now that I noticed, his hair color is different today.. it’s brown instead of black, I guess he dyed it.. his lips are kinda shiny, and his face is amazingly smooth, I bet it’s smoother than a lady’s, I noticed his nicely carved brows raise, I looked in his eyes and I could swear I saw a sparkle in them..
“Hannah?” He called snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Mmmh” I hummed still looking at his face
“Is there something on my face?” He asked looking down at me..
“Uhmm.. I.. no.. there’s nothing” I stuttered, and shifted my gaze to my fingers.. dang it!, Why was I so interested in his features?.. I heard him chuckle sweetly and looked away.
“I don’t cry publicly, that was all fake.. crocodile tears to be precise.. I wanted her to feel bad for stepping on my feet and it worked perfectly” I said answering his question.
“I see” he mumbled
“Although it was really painful though” I added.
“Sorry” he muttered.. the elevator opened and we both walked out, well he walked out and i leaped out
“Here lean on me” he said and wrapped his right hand on my waist.. tingling…
“Put your hand on my shoulder” he said.. I slowly placed my hand on his shoulder and felt my fingers brush his soft skin.. Sparks like electric shock coursed through my whole system..
But this time I didn’t pull back.. he helped me down the hall towards his office.. unlike the other days, the hall was a bit crowded, with nurses and doctors moving into one office or the other.. I couldn’t help but cause my luck.. why today of all days?..
We exchanged greetings with few of them, and I tried my best to avoid their suspicious looks..
After what felt like a thousand years, which was only few minutes by the way, we finally walked into his office and he closed the door..
He placed me on the couch and walked to the other part of the office.
Harry’s pov
I walked back to the couch holding the first aid kit and ointment..I placed them on the couch beside her and sat on the small coffee table in front of her..
I reached for her leg, but she quickly snapped it back. I looked up at her face and saw fear in her eyes..
Wow! I never knew the lioness was also scared of pain..
“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt” I said and reached for her leg again
“No, please.. it’s really painful as it is, I don’t think I can bear it” she said moving her legs backward
“Hannah.. do you trust me?” I asked looking into her eyes
“.. yes” she said calmly locking eyes with me..
“I won’t hurt you, I promise.. do you believe me?” I asked gently placing her legs properly, with my eyes still locked in hers
“..yes” she mumbled
“You have the most beautiful sparkling brown eyes I’ve ever seen” I said pouring some ointment in my palms, still looking at her.
She smiled and batted her lashes shyly.
“Close your eyes” I said calmly
Without questions, she closed her eyes and for a moment I was tempted to kiss her again.. I leaned closer to her with my hands on her leg, I pecked her cheeks and her eyes fluttered open.. we were so close, that I could feel her Breath on my face and for a second forgot my plan.. I expected her to push me or yell at me, but she just sat there staring straight into my eyes.. I leaned closer as if to kiss her and quickly pecked her lips at the same time shifting her bone back to the spot..
“Ow!” She half yelled, with her head up and her back resting on the couch..
“Sorry” I mumbled
“I’ll soon be through, I just need to massage it a little” I said and she nodded, I finished massaging it and carefully bandaged it..
“Okay.. all done, it wasn’t so bad right?” I asked looking at her face..
“A little” she muttered moving strands of hair from her face, I smiled and tucked it behind her ears
“What happened anyway? How did you end up like this” I asked closing the box
“I missed my step on the way down from the ladder..”
“Ladder? What were you using a ladder for?” I asked cutting in
“I was fixing the roof” she replied
“Fixing the roof? Why the hell did you do that? Why didn’t you call someone to fix it?.. you are lucky you are hurting, I would have smacked your head with this box” I scolded..
“Sorry” she mumbled with a smile.
“Don’t even think you can bribe me with your smile, I’m very angry with you” I stated
“BianĂ©” she mumbled
“Whatever.. you can’t work like this, so I’ll drop you home” I said standing up
“What? No please.. I can’t go home, I’ll be alone..and it gets really boring.. please let me stay, I promise I won’t complain about my leg, and I won’t let it distract me, please” she begged
I scoffed and rolled my eyes
“There’s absolutely no way I’ll let you work like this, the last thing I want is a leaping nurse falling on a patient” I stated
“But sir..”
“Sir?” I asked
“Sorry.. Ju Sung, please don’t take me home.. it’s really lonely and besides no one’s at home to take care of me” she said
“Then call mom or your girlfriend.. Ethan” I stated and she suddenly stopped talking, speaking of call.. I thought I asked her to buy a phone.. why haven’t I seen one with her
“Wait.. don’t tell me you didn’t buy the phone” I said looking at her
“I didn’t” she mumbled looking at her fingers.
“Uhh! Seriously? Why?” I asked
“I kinda used the money for something else” she replied.
“You are so unbelievable Hannah” I muttered…
“Fine, I will take you to my house then” I stated
“What?” She asked with her eyes wide open
“Hey! What ever evil thoughts you have, cast it out.. I already told you I’m not like that, I only said that cause I’m tired of sitting here all day, besides my assistant is around.. so you see, we won’t be alone.. plus, this is your only chance to see my house and Even enter. You should be jumping for joy and not nursing negative thoughts” I rushed
She looked at me for minutes as if contemplating wether to say yes or not..
Please say yes .. please
“I’m not begging you to come though, but I just want you to know that I have lots of cookies, ice cream with different flavors and so on” I said looking at her ..
She smiled sweetly and nodded.
“Okay.. let’s go” she said
“Mmmh, I was hoping you’d say no” I muttered..
“I can still change my mind though” she mumbled.. please don’t..
“Don’t bother, I don’t want you to start calling me names” I muttered and picked my phone
“I won’t call you names, I promise” she said
I glared at her with pouted lips.
“Whatever” I mumbled and dialed Mr Cha..
To be continued

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