Crazy Hannah Episode 2

Crazy Hannah

By Lady C
Episode 2

“Seriously? Heri-aspirin?.. that’s crazy Hannah”Sofia muttered as they walked out of the elevator
“It’s the only thing I could think of, thanks bes, you’re a life saver” Hannah said and hugged her
“You would have done the same for me.. it’s nothing” Sofia said and they did their signature handshake..
“Wow.. that’s nice” they turned to see doctor Evans smiling.
“Uhh.. it’s uhm, it’s a new dance step we are working on”Sofia mumbled
“Oh really?, I never knew you both could dance”Evans said surprised
“Yeah, we..we dance alot, we dance for several occasions, like uhm .. weddings” Hannah started
“Seminars” Sofia chimed in
“Birthdays”Hannah said
“And Funerals” Sofia added.
“Funerals?” Evans asked confused
“Uhh.. yes.. yes, funerals. We know a lot of people whose family members die often.. so we always practice, I mean you never know when the next funeral might be announced”Hannah said smiling nervously.
“Uhh.. okay?” Evans said
“Okay, bye” Hannah said and made to Leave.
Hannah frowned and turned with a smile..
“Do you mind if we talk privately?” He asked looking at Hannah.
“Uhm, ” she mumbled looking at Sofia.
“Go on.. I’ll be right here” Sofia mumbled . Hannah sighed and walked towards Evans, she stood in front of him and faked a smile, she already knew what he was going to say.. doctor Evans was one of the unfortunate men who have been asking her out.
He was rich, handsome and smart, he had everything a lady could possibly want, and yes almost all the nurses can’t help drooling over him, but he had never had interest in any of them, except Hannah.
“Hannah.. Hannah” he called waving his hands on her face,
“Hmm?” She answered,
“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly
“Yeah.. why?” She asked
“Cause I’ve been talking and you haven’t been listening” he said quietly
“Oh.. I’m sorry, i.. I was just thinking about something” she mumbled
“Okay.. so what do you think?” He asked
“About what?” She asked looking lost
“The text I sent you last night” he replied.
“Oh.. ” she said scratching her hair
“I’m sorry, but we can’t go on a date tonight.. I promised my brother, I’d read and sing for him” she said looking at Sofia who was giving her thumbs up.
“Okay.. what about tomorrow?” He asked,
“Well..” she sighed as she stared into his puppy eyes begging her to say yes.
“Okay, fine.. tomorrow it is” she said
He smiled and tried to hug her, her eyes widened as she wrapped her hands around her chest.
He chuckled and moved backwards
“Thanks” he said and Hannah nodded
“See you later, bye.. bye Sofia” he said and waved at Sofia, after which he walked into the elevator.
“Oh my Hannah, did you agreed to go on a date with him?” Sofia asked rushing towards Hannah
“Yes.. but I won’t go” Hannah said arranging her bag.
“Why?” Sofia asked confused
“Cause I don’t like him” Hannah stated walking out of the lobby
“What? Hannah are you serious?. That’s doctor Evans for crying out loud, the best surgeon in H.R, do you Know how many ladies wishes for a chat with him?.. Hannah you have rejected almost fifteen guys in a year, and 4 are in the hospital because you couldn’t hold your anger”
“Uhh no.. it’s cause, they couldn’t keep their hands or lips in their pockets and face, I had no choice but to do the needful, and it felt really good” she said smiling.
“You’re going to that date Hannah, and that’s final.. I don’t even care if you break my leg” Sofia muttered and started moving back
“I’m not gonna hit you Sofia.. at least not now”Hannah mumbled and walked into the nurses office.
“Sir.. it’s time” Mr Cha said
“Okay” Harry stepped out of the car and walked into the airport with his guards walking behind him.
He was clad in a wine colored suit with white long sleeve, with the first few bottons opened revealing his spotless skin, he wore a single gold chain, Italian shoes, his diamond bracelet and black shades, his black hair was gelled back..
One would think he was a model, and wealth was written all over him.
Ladies kept drooling as he walked past them.
Wow. He’s so beautiful, I think he’s a model.
No.. that’s Harry, he’s a surgeon
He looks so sexy
He’s so cute, I can’t believe I’ve finally seen him.
Yeah me too.. I think he’s going back to Korea
Is he from Korea?
Yes.. I read about him.
That explains his looks.. gosh, he’s so hot. I’m definitely getting married to a Korean guy.
Harry smiled and walked into the tarmac.
“I’ll see you in Korea sir, I already texted you the address, you can use your GPS to find it” Mr Cha said
“Okay.. thanks” Harry said and walked away..
“I pray he doesn’t get into trouble” Mr Cha mumbled and walked out.
Once in the plane, Harry frowned as he saw people moving to and fro, some were already sitted, others were trying to arrange their bags, and few were trying to locate their seats.. he looked around and sighed .
He felt the strong urge to just turn back and use his private jet, but he had asked for this..
“Hey, get out of the way” he turned to see a young girl frowning at him.
She smiled when she saw his face, .
“Oh, sorry cutie.. excuse me” she said.
“Sorry” Harry mumbled and moved aside, she smiled and walked past him, he walked to his seat and sat down. He looked around and saw a chubby woman walking towards him.
She sat beside him, she smiled at him and he smiled back..
He looked out the window and closed his eyes..
Hours later*
He walked out of the airport and spotted a man Wearing suit and black shades standing beside a white Ferrari.. he smiled and walked closer..
His ride was here, he collected the key and zoomed off, heading straight for the hospital.
Hannah slumped into her chair after the third surgery, she was seriously tired and hungry, Sofia was busy with a patient, so she was left alone in the office.. the rain started falling and she rushed over to close the windows.. she sat back on her chair and laid her back on it ..
The events of the morning came rushing back to her, doctor Evans.. as much as she wanted to start a relationship, she just couldn’t.. she had more important things to take care of.. like Nicky’s surgery for example.. if it wasn’t for her carelessness he wouldn’t be in that chair, so she have to work hard, sell all her properties if need be.. 1.2million, isn’t easy to get..
She closed her eyes as the cold surrounded her.. she was already feeling sleepy, but she wasn’t going to sleep.. no way!!
“Hannah.. Hannah!!!”
She jerked up from her chair and fell on the floor with her butt..
“Ouch..what the heck!” She yelled angrily, she frowned when she looked up to see Clara laughing loudly..
“You think it’s funny?” She asked already standing.
“Yes it is” Clara said cleaning her eyes..
“Okay, we’ll see” with that Hannah rushed towards her and grabbed her right hand, she bent it backwards and pushed Clara on the table, she placed one hand on her face and continued bending Clara’s hand with the other.
Clara cried and started begging Hannah to let her go..
“I thought you said it’s funny, why aren’t you laughing?” Hannah asked angrily
“No.. it’s not, I’m sorry Hannah, please let me go” she pleaded.
“I’ll let you go on one condition”
“Tell me, I’ll do anything, please just leave my hand”
“You’ll buy me lunch for one week”
“Okay.. I will, I promise”
“Good” Hannah muttered and released her with a smile.
“So why are you here?” She asked looking at Clara who was nursing her hand.
“Your next surgery is about to start” she replied
“Urhhh!!.. can’t they just let me rest a little?” Hannah asked rhetorically and stormed out.
“Crazy witch” Clara mumbled
“What?” Hannah asked popping her head into the office
“Nothing” Clara said and rushed out of the room.
She walked out of the hospital with Sofia and both started walking home.. their houses was a bit far from the hospital, and would take them about an hour on foot.. but the duo wouldn’t mind.. according to Hannah, they have a lot of expenses to take care of, it was better to walk home than waste 20 bucks on a cab..
“Oh Hannah I can’t wait to see the chairman’s son..they say he’s so cute and looks like an angel from above” Sofia said dreamily..
“Mmmh, angel indeed, I bet he looks like an owl” Hannah mumbled
“An owl?.. Hannah we are talking about the chairman’s son, one of the best surgeons in Korea, he has been living in France since he was little, he has about a thousand maids and guards at his beck and call, I heard only his cream is worth a fortune.. how can someone who’s face cream is enough to buy your whole house look like an owl?” Sofia asked unbelievably..
“Those are just rumors Sofia.. trust me, those nurses at the hospital are liars” she said yawning
“I feel so tired, I can’t wait to sleep” she added
“You’re tired? But it’s not night already, are you okay?” Sofia asked worriedly
“I’m not okay. I was in the theater assisting different doctors for the five surgeries we had, I mean they get to change the doctors but not me..why?” Hannah asked standing beside the pothole filled with dirty water from the rain that fell that afternoon.. the road to the hospital was totally free, so she didn’t have to worry about incoming cars.
“Uhh.. because you’re one of the most intelligent nurses?” Sofia said more like a question
Hannah scoffed and rolled her eyes.
“It’s true.. you’re one of H.R’s best nurses.. you’re very intelligent, smart, strong and beautiful, in one word, you are the bomb Hannah” Sofia said smiling.
“Awwn that’s sweet” Hannah cooed and playfully punched Sofia.. who frowned and started rubbing her arm.
“Hannah!.. that was painful” she hurled
“Sorry Sofia, I didn’t mean to hurt you”
“I Know, but you have to learn to hit things or people lightly, or you might end up Killing someone” Sofia said looking at the sky..
“I am trying my best Sofie, but it’s hard.. no matter how lightly I hit someone, it’s always painful” Hannah said sadly
“Don’t worry, we’ll work on it later, what’s the time by the way?” Sofia asked
“Uhm, I’ll check my phone” she opened her bag and started searching for it, she finally saw it and brought it out.. she was about to tap the screen when a car passed with full speed and splashed the dirty water on her white nurse uniform.. causing her phone to fall in the process..
“Oh my goodness! Hannah are you okay?” Sofia asked looking her over.. her uniform was totally soaked with the dirty water.
“No I’m not” Hannah replied looking at her phone. It was already broken the screen was separated from the case..
“I’m gonna deal with that punk!” She muttered and started running after the car..
“Hannah please no.. you might kill someone.. wait!” Sofia said running after her, but Hannah was already close to the car, she ran ahead of it and stopped a few metres from the incoming car with her hands up.. ordering the car to stop..
Harry quickly stepped on the break with his eyes closed.. he slowly opened his eyes to see the lady motioning him to come out of the car.. he angrily opened the door of his white Ferrari and stepped out angrily..
“Are you crazy? Huh? Do you want to kill yourself? Even if you want to die, can’t you at least jump from a building or from a bridge.. do you want innocent citizens to pay for your craziness?” He asked angrily..
But she just continued glaring at him..
“Hey, psycho Lady can’t you talk? Huh.. or are you ”
He stopped when she raised her palm up, telling him to shout up, he was so angry, how can she just order him to shout up..
“Hey .. who?, Who do you think you are? Huh?.. do you Know me, do you Know who I am?” He asked already getting scared .
“Who the heck are you? Are you the president? I don’t even care!.. all I want is my money!” She said angrily
Harry was already getting scared, this was his first day in Korea and it was already getting bad.. his fears increased when he saw another lady running towards them.. she Finally stopped and started breathing heavily.. are they robbers or what?. He had heard stories about female robbers once before.
“Which.. which money are you talking about?” He stuttered
“You splashed water on me, causing my phone to fall in the process, now it’s totally broken because of you!.. do you know how much I bought it!!.. do you Know how I managed to get it?” She asked angrily
“Look .. I’m sorry okay, but I’m really late for a meeting now.” He muttered
“You think I’m joking?” She asked.. and angrily walked towards him.. she removed his shade and with one little squeeze broke it into pieces.. Harry almost can a lady be this strong?.
“Okay, you can take anything.. just don’t hurt me” he said moving backwards..
“I need 40, 000” she muttered
“You heard me.. or I’ll take something else”
“Okay I’ll do a transfer, I don’t have that kind of money with me” he said dipping his hands into his pocket.
“That isn’t necessary..I think your outfits will do” she muttered moving closer to him
“What!!. No, Please, take anything you want, I can call my assistant, he’ll give you any amount please” he begged running around the car with Hannah behind him..
Sofia sat on the floor laughing, she wanted to beg Hannah to forgive him, but she knew it would be a waste of time…
Fast forward….
Minutes later..
He drove into the estate and finally arrived at the compound, he picked his phone and stepped out of the car, the few maids working outside the house were left speechless by what they saw..
With a sigh, Harry walked into the family mansion, clad in just his boxers and socks..
To be continued..

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