Crazy Hannah Episode 20


By Lady C
Episode 20
Sofia’s pov
“There you go… All done” I said as I dropped the syringe on the tray..
“It’s really painful..” Jumík whined looking at me..
“Sorry dearie” I said with a little smile
“I’ll report you to Hannah, I never feel it when she injects me.. why isn’t she here today? Is she ill? Did I do something wrong? I thought she said we were friends and she’ll always be the one to give me my shots.. has she forgotten or what?” She asked at once..
“Hold up.. what are you? A robot?” I asked caressing her hair and she cracked a little..
“Sorry” she mumbled
“You have to ask one question at a time Jumík, and learn to breathe when talking.. okay?” I said
“Okay” she mumbled
“Well.. Hannah is uhm.. a bit busy… I guess, I haven’t seen her since morning.. so I’m guessing she’s in the theater or in one of the wards, checking on patients” I said
“You don’t have to worry okay? I’ll tell her to come check on you when I see her okay? She’ll sing you lots of songs, and many funny stories.. okay? Now please cheer up for Hannah okay?” I said
“Okay” she said with a smile that vanished almost immediately
“What’s the problem now?” I asked
“It’s Seyina” she replied looking at her fingers
“What about her?” I asked
“I haven’t seen her since they took her away, I miss her so much .. I wonder how she’s doing now” she said sadly
“Awwn, darling don’t feel sad okay? Seyina is getting better now, she was taken to the VIP room, you’ll see her when she’s stronger, okay?” I said
“Okay” she said with a smile..
“Okay pumpkin, I’ll see you later.. I need to drop this” I said holding the tray..
“Okay” she said
I smiled and pecked her forehead, then walked out of the ward..
I walked into the office and looked around, no sign of Hannah or her bag, where’s she? I hope she’s okay, cause Hannah never misses work , even on her off day…
I walked out of the office and headed to the other nurses office..
I knocked on the door and walked in..
Nurse Clara and Kim were both sitting and chatting.. don’t they have work to do?
“Hi guys” I greeted
“Hi Sofia” Kim greeted
“Hi hye” Clara said
“Uhm.. sorry to ask but have you guys.. like, seen Hannah around?” I asked
“No I haven’t” nurse Kim answered
“Yep” Clara popped
“Really where?” I asked
“I saw her leaping out of the hospital with Dr Harry, although I don’t know where they are going though.. my instincts tell me it’s an hotel, I never knew Hannah was so cheap” she said smiling ..
“Stop it Clara” Kim muttered.
“Why should i? It’s the truth, and nothing but the truth” she stated..
“Shut up!” I barked causing her to flinch
“I wish you could say this to Hannah herself, you would be lucky if you end up conscious in the hospital” I said
“Do you think Hannah is like you? Huh? You think Hannah is so cheap right.. well let me shock you, Hannah has never sold her body for money like some people, uhm you for example, Hannah has never been caught ban**ng a doctor in the store room, she had never slept with the janitors and she never will.. you are here painting her black, when from the crown of your head to the soul of your feet Is darker than coal” I said and she looked away
“Look at me, why are you suddenly quiet huh? Hannah is cheap right? Okay I think your brain needs to be recharged.. have you forgotten the day I caught you and Dr Elvis in the store room?” I asked and Kim gasped covering her mouth with her hands
“What about the janitor? Uhm what’s his name again?.. ”
“It’s okay Sofia, I’m sorry for insulting Hannah, you can leave now ” she said cutting me off..
“Oh you’re ashamed right? Well you should be, nonsense” I said and stormed out of the office, can you imagine?.. stupid girl, I wish Hannah was there.. she would have gotten the beaten of her miserable life..

Isabella..(Mrs Shù)
“Honey.. I’m leaving now” I said dropping my apron on the counter.
“Okay, but please do not fight Isa, I beg you” he said and I frowned
“And who said I was going to fight huh?, I am going to give Mrs goo her money, that’s all” I said and stormed out of the kitchen.. the restaurant was already filled, I looked around and the workers were already moving around with jotters and trays..
I stopped one of them to give her orders
“Ri ta, I am going out for a bit, I’ll be back soon.. please take care of the restaurant okay” I said
“Okay ma’am” she said and walked away
“Aunty, are you ready?” Ethan asked cat-walking towards me
“Yes dear, let’s go” I said and we headed for the doors
Ethan stopped his truck and we both came down, we crossed the road and headed to Mrs goo money lending store.
“Anyahsayo ” I greeted as I walked towards her seat.. she frowned and rolled her eyes
I scoffed and walked towards her.
“Isabel, if you Know you are here to borrow another money, then you are dreaming.. where’s my money?” She asked looking up at me
“Well.. its..”
“You don’t have it? And you had the guts to come here, you are finished Isabel, you’re not leaving until you pay my complete money” she said cutting me off.
What’s wrong this woman? She hastily held my dress tight and started pulling me back and forth..
“She’s here to gi..”
“Shut up! This is not your business” she said cutting Ethan off
This woman doesn’t know what she’s doing..
“You’re are playing with fire Yoon.. leave me alone this instant” I said looking at her.
“Fire indeed, I won’t leave you until you pay my money” she muttered
“Ethan please tell her to leave me before I loose it” I said looking at her hands
“Omoni, please let her go before she does something crazy” he said
“Oh I want to see her go crazy, but before she does .. let her pay me my money” she said holding my dress tighter..
“I have your money okay, just leave me alone” I barked at her
“So you can run? No way” she said
I angrily pulled her hands from my dress and shoved her to the side, she went stumbling every which way and finally layed on her belly..
She stood up and angrily charged at me
At the last second, I grabbed her fist and bent it backwards, she shrieked and I threw her on the chair, she fell backwards with her chair on top her.. I opened my bag and picked the bundle of notes..
“Here’s your stupid money” I said and placed it on her back, and use this to treat yourself, you look so pitiable.. I said and forced the few notes into her hands..
“Next time, don’t ever think of daring me okay?” I asked pressing my leg on her back, and she groaned weakly
“I can’t hear you Yoon” I said
“I won’t” she said
“Good girl” I said and removed my leg
I turned and we both walked out..
Hannah’s pov
He stopped in the garage and opened his door, and I removed my seat-belt and made to open the door..
“Wait.. ” he said and stepped out of the car, I watched as he walked over to my side and opened the door..
I smiled and stepped out..
He closed the door and beeped the car.. then moved his hands to my waist and placed my hand around his neck..
He helped me out of the garage and we both walked into the house…
“Wow” I mumbled..
This is the biggest house, I have ever seen .. wealth is written all over ..
“This is so amazing” I said and he chuckled.. I can even see the sky, and the gardens outside.. everything is made of glass..
“So you live alone in this huge house with your assistant?” I asked
“Yep, but my sisters are around though” he said
“Really? So where are they?” I asked looking around
” In School” he replied simply
“Oh . Okay” I said
“Uhm..why don’t we go to the living room upstairs, that one’s way bigger and more comfy” he said
“There is another living room?” I asked
“Yeah” he said
“Wow” I said and he smiled.. he helped me up the stairs and before me was the largest and most beautiful living room I’ve ever seen..
The architecture was just so spectacular.. the gold table and artifacts.. all was just so amazing..

“Welcome to my humble abode mademoiselle,” he said using his French accent
“Thank you Monsieur Harry, I’m most delighted to be here” I said also in a French accent.. he smiled with amusement in his eyes
“I took French classes” I said
“I was gonna ask that” he said
“I Know” I said and he smiled..
“So what would you like to have first?” He asked
“Coffee, cocktail, Orange juice, water, sex on the beach ..”
“Sex on what?” I asked with my eyes open wide
“On the beach” he said
“What the hell is that?” I asked
“You don’t know it?” He asked surprised
“No I don’t” I replied
“Are you sure?” He asked
“Yeah” I said
“Wow.. don’t you go out? To clubs, parties ?” He asked
“No.. I don’t have business with those places” I said picking the remote..
“Wonderful” he mumbled..
“I’ll just get you coffee” he said and started walking towards the door
“But you haven’t told me what blah on the beach is?” I said
“Uhh.. never mind” he said and walked out..
“Hahaha.. so funny, oh my goodness.. hahaha” I laughed as I cleaned my eyes and continued staring at the TV..
“Hahaha.. oo goodness gracious, so funny” I said..
Where’s Harry by the way.. coffee doesn’t take Time to make.. I guess I’ll go look for him.. maybe he needs help.. I stood up and leaped towards the door.. just then Harry walked in and bumped into me.. pouring ice cold juice on my body..
“Oh my gosh”
“Oh no”
We both said at once..
“Oh my, sorry Hannah.. I didn’t see you there” he said dropping the glasses on the table.
“Oh it’s nothing, it was a mistake, thank goodness it wasn’t the skin would have been burnt by now” I said
“And it’s your uniform.. let me wipe it off” he said and brought out his handkerchief from his pocket and started wiping the juice..
“It won’t come out” he said with pouted lips..
“Why don’t you go change in my room.. ” he said
“But I didn’t bring clothes with me” I said
“Don’t worry, I’ll find something for you” he said
“Okay .. uhm which way to your room?” I asked..
“That way.. the second door by your right” he said pointing to the direction..
“Okay thanks” i said and i started leaping.
“Wait I’ll just help you there” he said. And helped me out, we walked down the hall and took a turn, wow this house is bigger than I thought.. we got to a door and he opened it and we both walked in ..
“This is your room?” I asked looking around
“Yep” he popped
“Wow, it’s ten times bigger than mine.. gosh, and it’s really beautiful” I said and looked around his king sized bed was covered with white, black and yellow sheets.. with a laptop on top of it.., the window was a bit close to the bed and the curtains were tucked to the side.. with frames on the wall..
“That’s the bathroom” he said pointing to a door..
“I’ll get you something to wear” he said and walked into another room.. must be his closet.. wow, this place is so cool..
To be continue………..

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