Crazy Hannah Episode 21


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 21
Hannah’s pov
I walked into the bathroom and almost fainted at the sight..
“Oh my gosh!!” I screamed unconsciously with my hands on my mouth.. the door opened and Harry popped his head in..
“What’s wrong?” He asked looking both scared and concerned..
“Nothing.. I.. it’s just, well I’m really surprised, I mean this bathroom is larger than my room, closet and bathroom put together, and look at the view.. I can even the whole city from here” I said rushing over to the glass walls..
He chuckled and walked in fully..
“Gosh! You really scared me” he said holding his chest
“Sorry..I was caught off guard” I said with a little laugh, he smiled and rolled his eyes to the glass .
” I understand, and Yeah, I think the view is kinda great too.. I guess” he said with his hands in his pockets
“You should bath now, we have a movie to watch, there’s a shirt on the bed, you can wear it when you’re done.. and the towel is over there, you can also use the dressing table if you like” he rushed and I smiled..
What about the glass, isn’t it transparent? I wanted to ask that..
“Oh and you can drop the curtains if you like although the glass isn’t transparent” he said as if reading my mind..
“Okay… Thanks” I said
“It’s nothing…” He said and slowly walked out
I took a deep breath and looked at the large blue curtains tucked to the sides of the glass..
I guess I’ll leave you guys.. I said mentally.
“So where do we begin?” I asked with my hands on my buttons..
“Jacuzzi, bath tub or shower?… Unnmm I think the shower will do” I took off my clothes and picked one of the towels from the rack…
So this is one of Harry’s towel? I asked mentally and placed it closer to my nose…
“Wow.. smells good, I can’t believe I’m going to use his towel.. so sweet ..”
I opened the glass door and stepped in, then I slide it back and looked around.. so many shower handles.. I touched a button and water started pouring gently from the side..
“Whoa.. so cool” I mumbled and started touching different buttons..
The water stopped running and I scratched my head in confusion..
Oh goodness, I hope I haven’t spoilt anything..
I frowned and touched another button “ahhhh” i screamed as water started splashing from all directions..

Sona’s pov
“Oh.. I really hope we all get picked into the same team Sona” Miya mumbled as we jugged along with the others to the field
“Me too Sona” Kiera added
“Yeah, I just ho..”
Mr Lang’s whistle sounded cutting me off..
“Okay girls, stop talking and concentrate…blah blah blah” he kept talking and when he stopped, he asked us to stretch and do some little exercises.. after which he picked the two captains for the soccer game.. and as usual, the popular girls were choosen.. Zee and Lisa, the top ranking sluts in the whole school..
“I hope Zee isn’t one of the captains today, that’s what I wanted to say” I mumbled to Kiera and Miya..
“She’s gonna separate us, that’s for sure” Kiera mumbled back..
“Okay girls, pick your team’s” Mr Lang shouted and they started picking..
We were all 22 all together.. and yeah Miya was the twentieth person to be picked and thankfully she was picked by Lisa, who was way easier to cope with..
“Oh no.. she’s gonna pick me” Kiera whispered quietly..
“Sorry” I whispered back
“Kiera, get your tiny legs here” Zee ordered and Kiera sluggishly walked to her side and joined the other girls on her team..
“You can have the chicken wing Lisa, I hope she breaks a leg” Zee muttered to her friend referring to me.
“Okay girls take positions” Mr Lang yelled, I moved to Lisa’s team and stood with Miya..
“Thank Goodness you’re here Sona” she mumbled
“Yeah, I wish Kiera was here too” I said
“Yeah me too” she added
“Go.. Sona,” Miya yelled as I moved with the ball towards the goalie
“Go girl” she added.. I raised my right leg to hit the ball and felt a sting on my knee” I fell to the floor holding my knees tight
“That’s foul coach”Miya protested
“Really?”Zee asked
“Yeah, you kicked her purposely” Miya defended
“So?.. what are you gonna do about it?” Zee asked with a smirk..
“It’s okay Miya.. I’m fine” I said standing up to Clean my legs..
“Shù are you okay?” Coach asked
“Yes Mr Lang” I replied.. he blew his whistle and we started playing.. some minutes later.. Miya was able to collect the ball from Zee’s team member.. she ran straight for the goalie.. I couldn’t believe it, she’s gonna score her first goal..and Just as she was about to strike.. Zee pushed her to the side and she went falling face first on the floor…
” Sir!! That was foul!” I yelled
“Zee.. please be careful” he muttered
“I will coach.. sorry” she said and winked at me..
Is that all he has to say? Seriously . I looked around and sighted Jeremy and his team mates at the far end watching us. I smirked and looked at Zee.. someone’s gonna get really hurt..
I helped Miya up and she moved back to position..
Mr Lang blew the whistle and we started playing again.. I took the ball from a girl and dribbled my way away from the others.. I headed for the goalie and at the very last minute, I turned the ball and headed for the others.. I sighted zee running towards me and with one angry kick. I sent the ball flying right for her stomach…
The impact was really strong cause she went crushing into her teammates and they all landed on the floor.. the whole field became quiet as they all stared at the scene surprised..
Mr Lang blew his whistle signifying the end of the game, hmm right on time.. I looked at Zee who was groaning weakly on the floor.. coach was asking her if she was okay or whatever.. she shook her head negatively and her friends were asked to take her to the nurse.. she looked at me and for the first time in my life I saw her stare at me with fear in her eyes..
Ah! Serves you right..b*tch.. I wanted to yell it out loud, but instead.. I smirked and winked at her .
I looked at Jeremy and his face was totally expressionless.. I guess he’s angry at me.. oh well not my problem, no body messes with my friends, not even my brother’s one month girlfriend.. he should know that by now..
To be continued

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