Crazy Hannah Episode 22


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 22
Sona’s pov conts
“Whoa.. Sona that was sick” Kiera said as she rushed towards me
“How the hell did you do that?” Miya asked joining us as we walked back to the locker room
“Uhmm.. adrenaline rush, guess I was just so angry for what Zee did to you” I said and it was true, well partly.. I was indeed angry, but adrenaline rush? Nah.. they don’t know about my super strength yet, so..
“Wow.. you should get angry more often” Kiera said snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Yeah ..Especially at bullies, with you on board I guess bullying would reduce a bit” Miya added
“You both are craaaazyyy” I drawed
“Yeah and that’s why you love us” Kiera said picking a towel from her locker..
“Whatever.. let’s bath quickly, lunch is in five” I said and slipped out of my shorts..

We walked into the cafeteria and I looked around..
“Where in the world is Jeremy?” I asked nobody in particular..
“Over there” Miya said pointing her chin to the far end of the hall..
The whole basketball team were seated there chatting and laughing, all clad in their jesseys and shorts.. with the name of their team ‘JAGUARS’ written in big fat serial letters, I looked at the shirts and finally spotted the familiar number 3 Ryan seating beside number 5 who was wearing the captain badge on his left hand, Jeremy.. well isn’t this unusual, Jeremy never seats with all his team members, now I believe he’s really angry with me..
“Should we look for another table?” Miya asked quietly.
“No.. I want to talk to Jeremy” I replied
“Okay” she said
We walked over to the table and I hugged Jeremy from behind..
“Oppa… Why are you angry at your baby sister?” I asked
The guys laughed and Jeremy cracked a bit..
“Hey guys.. can you all please just adjust a Little? So Miya can squeeze in” Kiera asked..
“Where will you seat then?” Miya asked..
“Don’t worry, i already have a seat” Kiera said and sat on blaze laps…
“What about you Sona, won’t you seat?” Lewis asked looking at me..
“My laps are opened” Ryan said and they started laughing.. Jeremy frowned and smacked his head..
“Don’t even think about it” Jeremy mumbled protectively
“Ouch!! I was just kidding man, besides you date a lot of girls.. why can’t you let Sona have just one boyfriend?” Ryan asked
“Cause she’s not ready yet” Jeremy replied.
“Who said I’m not?” I asked and the guys oohhed and ahhed.
Jeremy turned to look at me properly..
“Are you thinking of having a boyfriend?” He asked sternly
“Uhmm.. well, I.. yes.. infact I already have one” I muttered causing all eyes to look at me
“Oh really?. Who is he then?” He asked
I scanned all the faces of his team members.. I don’t even have a boyfriend, but I enjoy seeing Jeremy acting all protective.. should I pick Lewis? Nope he’s cute but he’s not my taste.. Jake? Nah too tall, blake? No.. no.. no, what am I even saying? They all have girlfriends.. except..
I looked at Ryan and he smiled lightly, showing his cute dimples and pretty gap teeth..
Well.. I do feel something for Ryan although I don’t know what it is.. but I settled for just crush.
I’ve been crushing on Ryan since nineth grade. And to me he’s way more cuter than Mr handsome here(Jeremy).. is it his sea green eyes? Or perfectly sculptured nose and face. His pointed nose and..
“Are you thinking of your boyfriend’s name?” Jeremy asked with a mocking smile on his lips..
“Uhm .. no, he’s .. Ryan” I breathed out..
“What!!” They all said including Ryan himself.
Jeremy scoffed and glanced at Ryan who was still surprised
“Your boyfriend is Ryan?” Jeremy asked with a raised brow..
“Yeah.. we’ve been dating for uhmm.. 2 hours now” I said and mentally slapped myself..
“2 hours?” Ryan asked confused
Jeremy stared at Ryan for few minutes and rolled his eyes..
“Can’t believe you didn’t tell me man. You are gonna pay for that with your soda, I’m happy for you sis,” he said and pecked my cheek.
“Wait.. aren’t you angry?” I asked
“Why would I be?” He asked
“Uhh. Cause I’m dating Ryan?” I asked
“Nope. I’m happy, he’s a good guy. And besides, I’m happy cause you’ll no longer ask me for money” he said and they all Started laughing.. except Ryan who just stared at me..
“Sorry” I mouthed to him. He smiled lightly and continued with his food..
“Congratulations man..”
“Congrats guys” everyone including Miya and Kiera said..
“Oh.. and .. no romance” Jeremy said
“What…!” Ryan yelled..
Hannah’s pov
I walked over to the dressing table after drying my hair.. so many creams.. I picked a little container and scanned it.. must be his face cream, I opened it and smelled it .. wow! Nice scent.. I took a little quantity and rubbed it on my face.. now my face will be smoother..
I walked out of the bathroom and saw a black sweatshirt on the bed.. I can’t believe this, Harry is so sweet..

Harry’s pov
“Yeah.. tell the Nani to pack up their clothes for the week”
“It’s up to them to decide”
“Bye” I said and dropped the phone on the table.
The door opened and Hannah walked in..
She smiled and walked closer to me.. I must admit black suits her perfectly and the shirt was shorter than I thought.. it stopped on her mid thigh, wow.. that’s a lot of view..
She sat beside me and placed her hands on her legs.. blocking my view..
“Ju Sung.. what’s the name of this movie?” She asked looking at me..
“Uhh.. uhm it’s uhm.. killer curves” I blurted out.
“Huh?” She asked confused
“Sorry.. uhm.. I.. I. Forgot the name, I’ll check again..” I said and hastily picked the remote..
“Addiction” I said
“Ohh…I Know this movie.. it’s really interesting, it was written by an African writer.. uhm mhinuel humble” she said..
“Mmmh.. too bad it’s already over” I said looking at the TV..
“Which one’s next?” She asked..
“Uhh … I think it’s My Fairytale” I said
“According to the info here, it was also written by an African writer.. Lilianna Payton (Lady C )” I added
“Wow.. it’s starting” she said and picked the bowl of pop corn on the table.. she sat properly and focused her attention on the TV..
I tried my best to move my eyes from her thighs and looked at the TV..
“Oh no….this Jonas is really wicked..” she said amidst tears..
“Oh.. don’t cry Hannah, it’s just a movie, and I’m sure James won’t kill the child” I said trying to console her..
“But it’s so touching. Look how Eleanor is crying… “She said and continued crying
“Come here honey.. it’s okay stop crying” I said as I brushed her hair backwards with her head on my shoulders..
“Shhhh.. she’ll be fine” I cooed
“Wow.. these brothers are really cute.. and kind too.. I bet Syd will be her boyfriend..” she said happily
“Nah.. I think it’s Skyler” I said
“Well ..i Know it’s Syd” she argued.
“Fine then let’s bet.. if it’s Syd, you can do what ever you want with me” I said
“And if it’s Skyler?” She asked
“I’ll do whatever I want with you” I said. She stared at me for some seconds and nodded with a smile..
“Deal” she said and we shook hands..
Now I feel so nervous.. I wonder what she’ll do if she wins.. dear God please don’t let her win..if I win, I promise not to wicked her please..
We quietly watched the movie unfold and finally we got to the part where he took her shopping and then finally to the part where she kissed him…
I found myself staring at Hannah’s lip, I really wanna kiss your soft lips again angel.. she looked at me with a frown..
Why’s she frowning?..
I looked at the TV and Sky was already asking her out.. she agreed and he kissed her again..
“Yess.. I win” I yelled happily
“Whatever..” Hannah mumbled and rolled her eyes.
“I won the bet, now I can do whatever I want with you” I said and she scoffed and smiled lightly..
“Okay what do you want?” She asked..
“Uhmm.. well I’ll just pity you.” I said and picked the plate of cookies..
“Here.. feed me” I said and she smiled..
“That’s easy” she said and collected it.
We continued watching as she fed me..
“Wow.. that’s one hell of a birthday present” she mumbled and I chuckled..
It got to the part where Lia walked to Skyler’s room and said she was ready to have him..
I cleared my throat, as he slipped down the gown.. I glanced at Hannah and she was obviously getting uncomfortable.. she unconsciously moved closer to me with her hands in the bowl of popcorn.. he pulled down the nightie and she turned to look at me . Our eyes locked and her eyes sparkled.. I could feel her Breath on my face since our faces were just inches away..
I rolled my eyes to her parted lips and back to her eyes.. she inhaled and I leaned closer.. I moved my hand to her face and stroked her cheek with my thumb.. I moved my hand into her hair and pulled her closer..
Our lips met and I took her lips in mine.. I kissed her lightly and slowly unlocked.. I looked at her face and kissed her again.. this time deeper, she opened and slowly kissed me back.. I felt her hands in my hair and neck as she pulled me closer and deepened the kiss.. I unlocked and kissed her chin down to her neck and then her cheeks and nibbled on her ears.. she moaned softly with her eyes still closed..
“Oppa!!…” We hastily unlocked to see the twins and Mr Cha standing by the doorway..

To be continued o..
So Finally they shared a French kiss
What’s next?… We’ll find out soon..

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