Crazy Hannah Episode 23


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 23

Hannah’s pov
We both stood up slowly and I noticed Mr Cha smiling secretly..
“What are you doing oppa?” One of the twins asked.. wow.. I must admit this twins are beautiful.. they both look so identical… Hannah focus on the situation at hand..
“I.. we.. was uhm, wait what are you girls doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Harry asked with hands on his waist
“Really? We just closed from school.. look at the time” the other said
Harry picked his phone and tapped on the screen
“Oh… I guess I lost track of time” he said and smiled nervously..
“Yeah obviously” they both muttered.. impressive
“So uhm.. why don’t you girls go freshen up, while we uhm make something for you guys” Harry said walking towards them
“Oh.. not so fast mister” one said
“We asked a question” the other said, and despite my self I chuckled, causing all eyes to look at me..
“Uhm, I’m sorry.. I’ve got something stuck in my throat” I said and started coughing lightly.
“Please carry on” I added and looked down at my fingers.. gosh I feel so stupid.. now that I even think about it.. was I actually gonna let Harry have me?.. why did I even get carried away with his kiss… I should have just withdrew before it got really hot.. but I couldn’t, I don’t know why I feel so vulnerable with Harry, I feel drawn to him like a magnet.. uhh Hannah! You better get rid of these feelings..
“Unnie, is it true?” One of them asked with her hands crossed around her chest, aisshh.. I wasn’t paying attention.
“What?” I asked
“Oppa said you fainted and he had to use the mouth to mouth method to wake you up, is it true?” The other asked
“What!” I blurted out.
“Harry why did you lie?” I asked before I could even stop myself…
“What?” The twins asked and Harry looked away and cleared his throat.
“Uhm.. i mean why didn’t you tell them we were… rehearsing?” I asked trying to bail us out
“Rehearsing?, For what?” One asked..
I looked at Harry for ideas
“Yes.. uhm couples contest” Harry said
“Couples contest?” They both asked
“Yes..” I said
“Hmm.. so she’s your girlfriend?” The other asked with pouted lips
“Yes”Harry said
“No”I said
We both said nonsense at once.
“Huh?” The twins asked and Mr Cha chuckled
“Yes” I said
“No” Harry said
We said again
“You guys are confusing me ” one said
“Anyways I’m out” the other said and turned to leave
“Yeah me too, I’m really hungry” the second one said..
“Oh and unnie… You’ve got lots of lip gloss on your neck and cheeks” she added and walked out..
Goodness!.. I slowly raised my hand to Clean my face and caught Harry smiling.. I glared at him and he stopped..
Crazy Hannah
Harry’s pov
Wow.. I can’t believe we kissed for real, if not for the twins, I don’t think I would have stopped. I have to admit Hannah has the best lips I’ve ever kissed, so soft and curvy.. but I kinda feel bad though.. I admit I’ve kissed a lot of ladies even without their permissions or so.. but with Hannah it’s different, I feel like I should have asked her out before doing it. And from the way she acts, I know it’s her first time.. and if wishes were horses, I wish I get ten chances to kiss her again..
I looked at her face and it was expressionless, I just hope she’s not mad at me..
“Why didn’t you knock?” I asked Mr Cha as we walked into the kitchen
“Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were getting heated” he whispered back with a smile
“You think it’s funny? You Know how Josi and Jodi are.. they’ll never stop talking about it and I Know they knew I and Hannah was kissing” I whispered
“Sorry.. but don’t worry, I think they bought your lies” he said and walked over to the fridge..
Hannah sat on a stool and the girls Walked in holding their phones with matching outfits.. Jodi sat on Hannah’s right, while Josi sat on her left
“So what do you cuties wanna eat?” I asked looking at the both of them
“Uhmm.. unnie” Josi called
“Me?” Hannah asked
“Yeah, you” Josi said
“Can you make ramyeun?” Jodi asked
“Uhh.. yeah, I can” Hannah replied with a smile
“Mmmh.. okay, so can you please make some for us?” Josi asked with her cute smile.
“Sure darling” Hannah said and stood up
“And grilled fish” Jodi added
“Okay.. is that all?” Hannah asked walking over to the gas .
“Yep” they both popped..
“Uhm.. everything you need is in the counters and in the store room, I have to go get their stuffs from the mansion, I’ll see you guys later” Mr Cha said
“Okay” Hannah said
“Bye” the twins said
“Please be back on time, I have to drop Hannah at home later” I said
“Okay” he said and walked out..
“Wow.. so your name is Hannah?” Jodi asked as Hannah walked to the sink with the pot..
“Yep” she popped
“Aren’t you Korean?” Josi asked
“Well partly” Hannah said turning to glance at them. I placed my hands on the counter and watched the three of them quietly
“Partly?” they both asked
“Yeah, my dad is Korean and my mom is American and she named me Hannah after her mother” she explained
“Oh.. I see” josi said.
“That’s cool” Jodi said with a thumbs up.. Hannah smiled and started slicing her spices
“What about you girls?” Hannah asked
“I’m Jodi”
“And I’m Josi”
“Together we are j²” they both said and giggled childishly, Hannah smiled and glanced at them.
“Wow unnie is this your real hair?” Jodi asked
“Yes it is” Hannah replied
“Amazing.. it’s really long” Josi said going round the table to touch Hannah’s hair
“And soft too” Jodi added feeling it with her hands..
“Yours is more prettier” Hannah said smiling
“But yours is more spectacular” Jodi said causing Hannah laugh.
“You girls are the most adorable and cutest little girls I’ve ever seen” Hannah said squatting down to their heights
“We aren’t so little you know” Josi said twirling her hair around her fingers.
“Yep, we are twelve years old.. how about you?” Jodi asked
“I’m 22” Hannah replied.
“Wow, do you have a little sister?” Josi asked again
“Yep.. but she’s way older than you girls, but my youngest brother Nicky is 13” she said.
“Well.. they are lucky to have you, you’re the coolest lady I’ve ever met and I am happy you’re oppa’s friend” Jodi said with a smile.. Hannah smiled and scratched her cheek
“But not more than Nina though” Josi said.. smiling
“Nina?” Hannah asked
“Yeah, don’t you know her?” Jodi asked
“She’s Ju Sung’s girlfriend” Josi Said cutting Hannah off..
“Girlfriend.?” Hannah asked
“Yes.. they are gonna get married soon” Jodi added
Gosh! What the.., I looked at Hannah, and I could swear I saw pain on her face .
“She’s really pretty and awesome” Jodi added
she blinked her lashes and smiled lightly..
“I better check on the food” she said and stood up..
Jeremy’s POV
I know Sona was lieing, Ryan? Seriously? Puuhleeas… Sona obviously doesn’t know how to lie.. but I enjoyed watching her try though.. besides, I think this is the only way they can express their feelings for each other. I know Sona feels a thing or two for Ryan and so does he.. if it were to be someone else, I’d kick against it.. but Ryan is my man, he’s a good guy and I know he’ll never hurt Sona.. but since he’s so shy to admit his feelings, I think this fake relationship will do the trick.. hehehe
“Jake did you bring your guitar?” Sona asked snapping me out of my thoughts
“Yeah..”he said and raised his guitar.
“Sweet”Sona said and took it from him
“Sona can you please play with the strings a little?” Kiera asked excitedly..
“Not now girlfriend.. lunch is almost over, I’ll play after school.. Jake do you mind if I borrow this for today?” She asked
“Nope, not at all” he said and she smiled
“Thanks” she said and just then the bell rang..

To be continued o..

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