Crazy Hannah Episode 3

Crazy Hannah

By Lady C
Episode 3

The minute Harry drove off, Hannah started arranging the clothes in her bag, with Sofia standing beside her..
“Hannah, that was so mean.. you didn’t have to do that you Know” Sofia scolded.
“I did what I had to do, besides I didn’t take all his clothes, he’s lucky I left him with his boxers and socks” Hannah said shoving the clothes in her bag,
“You had different options Hannah, he was willing to transfer the money to your account, you should have just given him your details, at least it’s more better than stripping him half naked” Sofia queried
“Well ..too bad I don’t have an account “she said picking the chain
“Wow.. this looks like real gold” she said looking at the chain..
“Let me see” Sofia said moving closer to Hannah.
“Wow.. I think it’s real” she muttered looking it over.
“Hmm, how much do you think it’s gonna cost?” Hannah asked holding the Italian shoes properly..
“I don’t know, we’ll stop by the jewelry store on our way.. it looks so real” Sofia mumbled,
“Keep it in your bag before someone sees it”Sofia said handing it to Hannah.
“I feel so sorry for that guy, he must feel so bad” Sofia said
“He looks so cute though, and Rich too” she added
“Good for him” Hannah mumbled,
“What do you think Hannah?.. isn’t he cute?” Sofia asked..
“Well.. he’s not that bad for his age” Hannah mumbled
“For his age?, Hannah.. that guy Is hot!.. he’s sexy, and obviously rich, he looks exactly like my dream guy.. did you see his abs? Gosh they are just so awesome”Sofia said smiling.. Hannah scoffed and rolled her eyes, then she sighted something, on the floor about two feet from where she stood.. she walked closer and picked it up, She gasped at the sight of the bracelet, it was a gold bracelet with clear tiny crystals, that looked so much like diamonds..
“Wow.. it’s so beautiful” Sofia mumbled leaning closer to Hannah.
“I think it fell from his hand” Hannah said
“No, I think it’s for a lady”
“No, it’s for him.. I saw it on his wrist when he stepped out of the car, it must have fallen off” Hannah said mesmerized by the beauty of the bracelet.
“Are those diamonds?” Sofia asked touching the crystals.
“Well.. there’s only one way to find out” Hannah said.
Harry walked into the large living room, hoping not to see his father.. he walked in and on seeing only Mr Cha sighed in relief..
“Oh my goodness.. Mr Harry what happened to your clothes?” He asked rushing over to Harry who kept looking around the room
“Its a long story, where’s dad?” He asked
“He’s in a meeting”
“As always” Harry cut in
“What about my sisters?” He asked
“In their room.. they couldn’t wait any longer, so they dismissed the maids and went upstairs” Mr Cha replied.
Harry nodded and rushed up the stairs with Mr Cha behind him.
“The maids have arranged your bedroom, since you are going to stay for the night.. I already dropped your luggages there” Mr Cha muttered from behind..
“Okay.. you can go to your room now, I’ll call you when I need you” Harry said without looking back
Harry looked around and was a little stunned at the new look of the mansion.. it all looked so different and more beautiful.. he walked past different doors and halls and then finally stopped in front of a large door.. he placed his hand on the knob and opened the door. He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him . He looked around and smiled to himself, his room was exactly as he remembered, everything looked exactly the same.. he walked towards his bed and sat on the edge, he looked around and suddenly stopped, he felt a pit in his stomach as he stared at the portrait. He was suddenly overcome by grief, he felt tears well up in his eyes as he walked towards the portrait.. it was a portrait of him and his mother, about thirteen years ago. A tear slid down his cheek as he continued staring at the picture taking all the details in.. then like wind, the memories started flooding back..
He hastily cleaned his eyes and rushed into the bathroom..
He walked out of his room clad in white shorts and grey shirt.. he walked down the hall and took a bend holding several shopping bags for his sisters, he had bought them in France and asked Mr Cha to bring it with him. He smiled as he walked straight to their door and knocked lightly..
“Come in” said a girlish voice from inside the room..
He opened the door and walked in to see the twins busy with their phones.
“Surprise!!” He yelled
They both looked up and smiled
“Harry!!” They squealed and jumped on him together sending him to the ground.
“Ouch.. easy girls” Harry said sitting up on the floor.
“Sorry Harry” the first one said
“Are you hurt?” The other asked.. he smiled and shook his head
“Nope” he popped.
“When did you arrive? How is France? Are you going back? Are you hungry? How was your flight? What about your friends? Why didn’t you take a first class or your private jet?” Jodi asked
“Jo.. how do you expect him to answer all those questions? It’s too much” josi asked her sister..
“Well, it’s not my fault.. I am just curious.. it’s not bad to be curious.. is it?” Jodi asked
“I didn’t say it’s bad, all I’m saying is: ask one question at a time” josi replied.
“But Harry isn’t angry.. right oppa?” She asked, both looking at Harry.. he chuckled and as if acting on impulse hugged them both.
“I missed you cuties so much” he muttered.
“We missed you too Harry” the twins muttered at once.
They unlocked and he couldn’t help but notice their striking resemblance with their mother, unlike him the twins had long brown hair and small black eyes, with long lashes and pointed nose.. they looked so much like their mother except, they were younger.. twelve years old to be precise.
He gave them the bags and watched as they both started going through the items: toys, clothes, and so on.
They both brought out jewelry boxes and opened them together, they gasped at the beautiful gold bracelet they saw..
“So?.. do you guys like it?” He asked.
“I love it Harry.. thank you” josi said and hugged him.
“It’s the same Josi!.. I love it Harry, you are the best!!” Jodi squealed and kissed his cheek…
“You’re welcome” he said smiling..
They wore the bracelets and showed it to Harry who gave them a thumbs up.
“Where’s your bracelet Harry?” Jodi asked looking at him.
He raised his right hand without looking at it.
The twins exchanged looks and glanced back at Harry.
“There’s nothing there oppa” josi muttered
Harry looked at his wrist and was shocked to see it empty, he looked at his left hand and saw it empty as well.. he glanced at the twins and rushed out of the room..
He turned and moved and shuffled things again for the tenth time.. where could it be? How could he be so careless, it belonged to his mother, it was priceless.. where could he have dropped it?.. he looked at Mr Cha who was busy going through the drawers again.
Frustrated he sat on the edge of the bed lost in thoughts.
“Sir, please try to remember, did you drop it in your room in France?.. the airport or the plane?” Cha asked
“No.. I didn’t, I saw it when I walked out of the airport here in Korea” Harry replied.
“What about your car?”
“We’ve searched it right?.. it’s not there” Harry replied
“Did you drop it when pulling your clothes?” Mr Cha asked.
Harry looked up, he had not thought about that since he arrived at the mansion. He gasped as he remembered the psycho Lady
“Psycho Lady must have taken it”he said to himself.
“What?’ Cha asked confused
“Psycho Lady.. she took my clothes, she must have taken the bracelet without my knowledge” he replied..
But he didn’t see her take it,
“Your clothes? Which lady?” Cha asked looking at Harry..
Harry knew he had to tell him about his ordeal.. he suddenly remembered psycho Lady.. standing in front of him looking like a lioness, in a good kind of way though.. her black hair fell to her waist, her brown eyes were so beautiful, her straight nose, pink curved lips, slender neck and slim waist.. she looked so drop dead gorgeous, even when she was angry.. she may be crazy, but she’s certainly the most beautiful lady he had ever seen..
“Mr Harry?” Cha called snapping him out of his thoughts..
Harry instantly resented himself for thinking that way about miss psycho..
“Oh .. uhm, come sit” he said tapping the couch.
“So?” Hannah asked impatiently as she watched the man examine the chain..
He raised his head and smiled.
“Is it gold or not?” Sofia asked looking at him
“It is.. but where did you get this?” He asked looking at Hannah.
“A friend of hers gave it to her as a gift, she doesn’t want it and that’s why she wants to sell it” Sofia replied.
“Oh..Okay”he replied simply.
“So how much are you going to sell it?” He asked
Sofia cleared her throat and glanced at Hannah, who nodded for her to carry on.
“300, 000” Sofia muttered ready for business
The man glared at her and shook his head
“75,000” he replied
“275” Sofia argued
“100” he said
“250” she queried
“200, take it or leave it” she muttered sternly
He stared at her for seconds and finally sighed
“Fine.. I’ll be right back” he mumbled and walked out.
Hannah smiled at Sofia who gave her a thumbs up.
He walked out of the office seconds later and handed her the bundle of notes.. she gave it to Sofia to count it..
She smiled at the thought of having 200 thousand.. soon the money for Nick’s surgery will be correct. She knew that if she could sell all the outfits she took from Mr shades, she’ll be able to save all the money for the surgery.. she felt so excited, she thought about the bracelet, how much would it cost?.. it may not be up to a hundred thousand, but at least it’s still something.. she reached into her bag and brought out the bracelet..
She laid it on the table and he looked at her.
“You want to sell it?” He asked
“Yes” she replied already tired of standing in empty jewelry store.
“Okay” he said and picked the bracelet.. she watched his eyes widen as he examined the crystals..
“Wow.. this is quite a little fortune” he mumbled..
“So how much will you buy it?” Hannah asked quietly.
After seconds of silence, he finally looked up and muttered..
“6 million”
“What!” Sofia yelled dropping the bundle of notes on the table.
“6 mill..” Hannah couldn’t complete the statement as she slowly closed her eyes and fainted…
To be continued..
I have a little migraine..
So will Hannah really sell the bracelet?
What happens when Harry arrives at the hospital?
Watch out for crazy Hannah episode 4
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