Crazy Hannah Episode 4

Crazy Hannah

By Lady C
Episode 4
*It’s time for pov’s”
Hannah’s pov
I and Sofia Walked out of the store and continued walking home, I don’t know why I feel so guilty, maybe because I have never done that before; stripping someone half naked and selling his clothes.
I rubbed my palms as the wind rushed past me, I feel so cold.. and I guess it’s because of my wet uniform. All thanks to Mr shades..
We walked in silence and took a bend, it was already getting dark, but the street was still busy with people, cars and trucks moving to and fro.
“Okay, spit it out. What’s bothering you?” Sofia asked glancing at my face
“It’s nothing Sof, I’m fine” I muttered faking a smile
“You are forgetting something Ann, I’m not mathron Linda.. I’m your best friend, you can’t lie to me” Sofia pressed.
I sighed and moved strings of my hair backwards.
“It’s about that guy.. uhm Mr shades” I finally blurted out
“What about him?” She asked looking at me.
“I.. I don’t know Sof, I feel so guilty.. I haven’t done something like that before, but I was just so angry.. and I couldn’t help but let my rage control me, he must think I’m Crazy.. and I guess he’s right..” I muttered. She stopped and held my hand..
“You’re not crazy Hannah, don’t ever say that..” she said looking into my eyes..
“Besides, we both know the main reason why you did it, for Nick.. I know how much you blame yourself for his current state Hannah, and I Know you’ll do anything to make him walk again.. but truth be told what you did was wrong, you should have just allowed him to transfer the money, you could have even used my account, anyways it’s all good. I’m glad you only sold the chain and nothing more..” she said and started walking again with our hands linked together.
“I don’t think I can use the money though, I will have to return it” I said
“I’ll work hard, maybe find a night job.. I’ll save the money for Nick’s surgery, at least that way my conscience Will be clear” I added.. she looked at me and smiled approvingly
“But how are you going to find him?” She asked as if reading my mind
“I guess, I’ll have to stand by the road tommorow morning, who knows..he might take that road” I mumbled..
“Okay.. but when you say morning.. do you mean like, early in the morning or..?” She asked as she jumped over a puddle..
“Yeah.. I’ll go early, so I won’t be late for work.. I Don’t need another heri-aspirin” I said and she laughed..
We got to a T junction and stopped..
“Okay, I have to go now.. I’ll text you later” she said looking at me.
“I no longer have a phone Sof” I stated
“Oh.. yeah, sorry.. uhm okay, I’ll wait here by 6 tomorrow, so we can go together” she said, looking around
“You’ll go with me?” I asked surprised
“Of course, we are friends and friends stick together.. besides it will be another Chance for me to see that cutie, and who knows.. I might even be lucky to have his number” she said and winked.. I smiled and made to hit her playfully.. she moved back and frowned..
“Sorry” I mumbled.
She chuckled and punched me playfully..
“Hey cuties” we turned to see Luke (Sofia’s boyfriend) staring at us with a smile.
“Hi baby” Sofia greeted and kissed him lightly on his lips..
Yeww, gross.. I can’t understand what people like in joining their lips to others, and exchange saliva’s . I mean you never know where it’s been, personal hygiene is really important, but they don’t even care about it.. and they all seem to enjoy it.. yuck
“Hulk woman, what are you thinking?” Luke asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Nothing.. and I’m not hulk woman” I snapped at him.
“But you are wonder woman” he pressed.
“No.. I’m not!” I hurled..
He chuckled and moved his hair backwards
“So what are you doing here?” Sofia asked looking at him.
“I was on my way to your house and I saw you both standing here..” Luke replied.
“Okay, I have to go now.. bye” I said and turned to leave.
“Wait..” Luke said, and I turned to face them.
“Why don’t we grab some drinks.. it’s been long I hang out with you both” he said moving closer to Sofia.
“I’m sorry Luke, I’d love to.. but I can’t, I need to wake up early tommorow” I explained.
“Besides I might get drunk, you know what happened the last Time right?” I asked looking at the both of them.
“Yeah, you beat up a man because he hit your ass.. so?” Luke said casually, like it was normal.
“She’s right Luke, how about we postpone it?” Sofia chimed in ..
“Okay.. fine” Luke said reluctantly.
“I promise I’ll make it up to you,” I said
“We have to go now Ann.. bye, eat alot okay? I’ll see you tomorrow, my regards to everyone, I love you, bye” Sofia said all at once..
“Love you too” I said and hugged her briefly..
“Bye bes, bye Luke” I said and rushed towards the other direction
“Bye” they both yelled after me..
I walked into the house and saw Nicky and the guys playing video games..
“Hey guys” I greeted as I closed the door behind me..
“Hey Hannah”
“Hi unnie”
“Welcome noona” Nick greeted with a smile.
“How was your day cutie?” I asked squatting in front of him
“Was awesome noona!.. we bought clothes, video games and others” he said excitedly
“Awwn.. have you eaten? Have you taken your bath?” I asked
“Yes” he said.
“Good boy” I said and kissed his cheek
“What about mom and dad” I asked Sona who was busy with her phone
“They are still at the restaurant” she replied.
“Okay”I mumbled
“Oh.. uhm Ethan was here some minutes ago” Jeremy muttered still busy with the game
“Okay” I said and walked out
“And they all lived happily ever after” I said and closed the book.
“So which one do you want next?” I asked
No response..
“Nic..” I looked down and saw him sleeping soundly.. I smiled and kissed his hair,
“Goodnight cutie” I muttered and slipped out of the bed, I looked at the side table and saw a short book opened wide. I picked it and flipped over the page.. it’s his diary, I better drop it.. I thought to myself, I was about to close the book when something caught my attention..
As much as I wanted to drop the book and walk out, I just couldn’t..
I sat on the bed and balanced to read..
“I really wish I can Walk, I wish the accident never happened, I wish a miracle could just happen.
I really wish I died that night, at least mom and dad wouldn’t have to stay in the restaurant till midnight, Sona wouldn’t go out to sing for money, Jeremy wouldn’t have to push me everywhere, Hayley wouldn’t have to stick up for me in school, and noona wouldn’t have to sell her properties.. I know she blames herself for my situation, and has Changed alot because of me..
I really pray for a miracle, so that I can Walk again and everything would go back to normal”.. I read it for the second time and wiped the tears from my eyes. I dropped the book and rushed out of the room,
I ran into my room and locked the door, finally alone in my room, I let out the tears.. I sat on the floor with my hands wrapped around my leg..
“I’m so sorry Nicky .. I’m so sorry, it’s all because of me, it was my fault.. I’m so sorry” I mumbled amidst tears..
*Minutes later*
I sat on my bed with my bag emptied on it.. I stared at all the items; the Italian shoes, the suit, and sleeve.. I picked the bracelet and bit my lip.
“Should I return it? 6 million would be a lot of help to me.. I could pay for Nick’s sugery, we wouldn’t have to worry about Sona and Jeremy’s tuition fees, and it would really help to renovate dad restaurant… But I think it’s really important to Mr shades, It clearly belongs to a lady, a man Wearing a ladies bracelet could only mean two things.. either he’s gay or it was given to him by a lady” I thought to myself.
“Besides I already feel guilty for selling just the chain, I wonder how i would feel if I sell this bracelet” I mumbled to myself..
Next day
Sofia’s pov
I stood by the junction angrily waiting for Hannah.. it’s already to 7am and she’s still not here.. I picked my phone and was about to call her then I remembered she no longer has one..
“Uhh!! Hannah where are you?” I muttered angrily..
I turned around and started walking to her street, I entered the street and started walking angrily to her house, just then I sighted a figure running towards me with full speed.. I looked closely and gasped at the person I saw.. she was shouting something that I couldn’t really make out..
“What are you saying? And why are you running?” I yelled.
She shouted back and I couldn’t make out the meaning.
Just then I saw something behind her, with long fangs and black ugly face..
Oh my God!.. dog!!!
“Run!!!!” She yelled, getting closer to me, I didn’t wait for a second.. I turned and started running..
Soon she was ahead of me,..
“Hannah.. you have killed me!” I yelled
“I’m sorry Sofie, I didn’t mean to” she said back. We took a bend and stopped in front of a fence about 5 feet..
“Oh no dead end, what do we do now?” I asked breathing heavily.
She placed her hands on the edge of the fence and within seconds flew over it..
“Hannah!!” I yelled looking back at the dog, who was about 30 feet closer
“Hannah.. help!” I yelled trying to reach for the edge.
She streched her right hand down for me to grab on.. I grabbed it and with one single move, she pulled me to the other side of the fence, just in time before the dog could bite me..she jumped down from the fence and I could still hear the dog barking, and trying to jump over..
“You almost killed me Hannah” I said angrily
“Sorry.. I didn’t mean to” she said dusting her hands. That was when I noticed her outfit.. instead of the white nurses uniform, she was clad in a blue tank top and black pants, with her hair in a pony tail, Wearing a black bagpack
“Hannah where are you going?” I asked looking her over again
“To the hospital of course” she replied
“Like this?” I asked
“Nah.. we need to look for Mr shades remember? I don’t want him to know I am a nurse” she replied walking away.
“But where’s your uniform?” I asked
“In my bag” she replied
“Okay, ” I mumbled
“This better be quick.. the chairman is arriving with his son at exactly 8am” I added..and she nodded..
We arrived at the spot where she stopped him yesterday.. the road was kinda empty, so we had to seat on the sidewalk and wait for cars to arrive..
I decided to use the opportunity to ask about the dog.
“What did you do to the dog Hannah?” I asked.
“Which dog?” She asked with her eyes fixed on the road.
“The one you almost allowed to kill me” I snapped
“Oh, Bruno?”
“Uhh, well.. it’s my neighbor’s, I walked out of our house and saw him with the dog probably going for a walk, I noticed he was wearing different type of shoes, so I told him.. he got offended and said I was making fun of him, he got angry and asked Bruno to chase me” she said.
“That’s one hell of a mean neighbor” I mumbled..
Just then she stood up and started waving at the incoming car to stop.. but it drove past us without even slowing down.. another came and the same happened..
After waving at about five cars, she sighed and sat back.. just then we sighted a car coming, she rushed into the road and lay on the floor pretending to be dead.. the car stopped when it got to the spot and the driver rushed out.. she stood up and inspected the car, ignoring the driver’s expression.. but couldn’t find Mr shades…
We did the same thing until it was just few minutes to 8.
Frustrated she picked her bag and we started walking to the hospital..
We got to the hospital at exactly 7; 56am, we walked in and saw different staffs standing in the hall.. we saw mathron Linda talking to one of the nurses, she looked at us with no expression on her face as we walked towards her
“Why are you dressed like this Hannah?” She asked.
“Sorry ma’am, I’ll change now, my uniform is here” Hannah replied.
“Okay, be fast about it.. the chairman is on his way, we need all the staffs here to welcome him and his son, okay?” She said
“Yes ma” we both chorused and rushed into the elevator.
We walked out of the Elevator and rushed into the office, Hannah started pulling her clothes, while I brought out her uniform.. she slipped it on and arranged her hair, she placed everything properly and we both walked out of the office.. we rushed out of the office, towards the delivery ward, we took a bend and walked past the children area.
“Morning Hannah” a nurse greeted from behind. I looked ahead and saw the chairman walking towards us with a guy Wearing shades, surrounded by different guards and his assistant, I guess..
“Morning Kim.. how are you?”she asked turning to look at the nurse..
“Hannah!.. watch out!” I yelled but it was too late..
She bumped into the guy Wearing shades and they both fell on the floor, with her mouth on his..
To be continued..
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