Crazy Hannah Episode 5


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 5

Harry’s pov
What the f**k!!.. I was expecting her to stand up, but she just laid on top me with her lips on mine, staring into my eyes with her hair falling to the sides..
“Oh my goodness! Mr Harry are you okay?” Mr Cha asked rushing towards me..
As if released from a trance, she blinked and hastily stood up,
“Aiggoo, Hannah, are you okay?” A nurse asked rushing towards her, I stood up and the guards started Dusting my clothes..
“Ju sung, are you okay?” Father asked using my Korean name, I nodded looking at the “Hannah” who bumped into me. She was busy cleaning herself, while the other nurse, who I assume you be her friend assisted her.
“Miss Hannah are you okay?” Dad asked sternly.
“Yes sir” she said bowing slightly, her hair covered her face and I couldn’t see her properly.
“I’m sorry sir” she said bowing to me
“It’s okay, just be careful next time” I muttered brushing my hair backwards.
“Yes sir, ” she said bowing again. I looked at the other nurse standing beside her, she looks so familiar,
“Anyways, ju sung meet miss Hannah shù, she’s one of H.R’s best nurses, very intelligent and smart” he said with a smile.. wow, I have never seen Mr Lee smile or introduce a staff like this before, she must be really special, well we’ll see what makes you really special..
“Miss Hannah meet Ju Sung Lee, my son and the new CEO of H.R, and yes he’s a surgeon, you both will be working together from now on, and I’m sure you guys will make a great team” dad said smiling. I looked at Mr Cha who also looked at me with same expression.. seriously, what’s so special about this nurse.. I’ve never seen dad smiling at a common nurse before.
“Okay sir” she said with a bow again..
“It’s nice to meet you doctor Ju Sung” she said professionally stretching her hand for a shake. I still couldn’t see her face properly, her black her was really long and it covered most part of her face.
“Same here Miss …?” I drawed trying to remember her name
“Hannah” she cut in
“Miss Hannah, you can call me Harry, Dr Harry” I said avoiding the frown on Dad’s face.
Wow her hands are so soft, just like her lips.. arrhh!! What are you thinking Harry! Focus!!. I said mentally to myself
“Ok.. Dr Harry, I look forward to working with you, if you may excuse me.. I’ve got to check on a patient” she said sternly.
“No problem, I’ll see you at the theater” I said looking at the other nurse.
“Thank you. Have a nice day sir” she said and bowed to dad, who nodded slightly.
After which she walked out with the other nurse behind her..
Gosh, she looks so strict, she’s gonna be a tough one.. I wish I could see her face.. I watched as she took a turn and walked out of sight..
“Ahehm” I turned to see Dad looking at me,
“If you’re done observing.. Mathron Linda will show you around.. I’ve got a flight to catch” he said and walked off with his guards.. I turned to see Mr Cha smiling, I removed my shade and handed it to him.
“Where’s the Mathron?” I asked.
“Right here Sir” she said startling me, I jumped and stood behind Mr Cha.
“Gosh! You startled me” I said holding my chest.
“I’m sorry Sir” she said smiling warmly, she looked young.. maybe in her late thirties, with brown hair packed in a neat bun and ocean blue eyes.
“I’m Mathron Linda.. Mr Lee asked me to give you a tour of the hospital and also show you to your office” she said looking at me.
“Okay.. so which way?” I asked looking around.
“And, this is the children area, here the ward is only occupied by kids who are ill, some are to undergo surgery while…”
“I Know what a children area is Linda.. I used to head a hospital in France remember!” I said matter of factly ..she smiled and nodded, we walked into the ward and we walked around looking at the kids, a lot of them were getting better, while few were still bed ridden..
Just then I felt something pulling my sleeve, I looked down and saw a chubby kid smiling at me..
Mr Cha moved forward probably to take the kid away from me.. I raised my hand and stopped him..
“Hey mister” she said smiling sweetly,
“Hi cutie” I said as I reached down to picked her up.. she was a little lighter than I thought though.
“How are you?” I asked moving her hair backwards
“I’m fine thank you” she said shyly.
“How about you?” She asked looking at me
“I’m fine sweetheart..” I said smiling
“I like your hair” she said touching my hair, I smiled and kissed her cheek.
“Awwn, thanks but Yours is more pretty” I said
“Are you a doctor?” She asked
“Yep” I popped
“Can you heal my Friend?” She asked with her eyes filled with hope.
I chuckled
“I only treat pumpkin, God is the one who heals” I said and she smiled.
“What’s your name?” She asked.
Wow this girl is reaaally inquisitive
“Harry, but you can call me Ju Sung, cause you’re my friend” I said, and she smiled widely
“Really?” She asked
“Okay, well my name is Jumík” she said smiling.
“Jumík.. that’s cute, so Jumík where’s your friend” I asked..
“She’s over there” she said pointing to the direction..
We walked to the extreme end of the ward and I saw a girl laying on her bed probably sleeping, with an oxygen mask on her nose..
“Seyina Yung, acute heart failure.” Linda muttered behind me,
“She has been here for a while now, and I must say; she’s really brave, nobody can stay this long, not even an adult.. she’s on the transplant list, we are hopefully waiting for a donor” she said sitting on the edge of the bed
“What about her parents?, Aren’t they supposed to be here?” I asked
“Well.. her parents are rich folks, her father only comes once in a while to check on her, but her mother stays here with her, I saw her last night.. she must have gone home to freshen up” she said
I walked closer and examined the girl,
“Can I see her file?” I asked
“Sure” she pressed the beeper and asked a nurse to bring the file..
Minutes later the door opened and a nurse walked in holding the file..
She gave it to Linda, who handed it to me.. she carried Jumík from me and walked away.. I opened the file and flipped through the pages, I sighed and closed it,
“Who’s the doctor in charge of her case?” I asked
“Doctor lan”
“And where’s he?” I asked
“Today is his off day” she said.. I slipped out of my suit jacket and handed it to Mr Cha.
“Prepare her for surgery” I said turning towards the exit.
“Bu.. but, sir, the donor?” Linda stuttered rushing after me..
“If we don’t get a donor, then we’ll have to use the bypass method” I said loosening my tie
“Get my team ready, we start in fifteen” I added and walked out of the ward
Hannah’s pov
“Hannah.. you have to calm down, it wasn’t so bad.. besides it wasn’t even a French kiss” Sofia said for the tenth time.
“Seriously?, Jamaican kiss or not.. a kiss is a kiss, besides why should I calm down.. my first kiss was stolen from me” I said moving my hair from my face.
“Accidentally” Sofia pointed out, and I rolled my eyes
“Okay, let’s just say it doesn’t count as a kiss.. it was just an accident and nothing more” she added sitting beside me.
“Nothing more?, It’s everything Sof, my first kiss was the most stupid kiss I’ve ever seen, very brief and …”
“Oh you wanted it to last longer?” She cut in grinning sheepishly.
“No!.. I didn’t say that” I yelled
“Anyways how was it? Are his lips soft?.. what about his skin?” She asked curiously..I picked a pen and threw it at her, she ducked and it landed on the other side.
“I’m not answering that question..” I said, she was about to protest when a knock sounded on the door, it opened and a nurse walked in.
“Hannah, surgery is about to start” she said
“What!.. I don’t understand, I don’t have any surgeries today” I said
“Yes, but this is urgent, Dr Harry is starting his first surgery in few minutes, he wants you there” she said and rushed out.. I sighed and looked at Sofia who nodded for me to go on.
“Just don’t…” She mumbled inaudibly
“Don’t what?” I asked sharply
“Nothing” she said
I glared at her and walked out,
“Kiss” she yelled from inside the office..
“I’ll kill you later” I yelled back.
I was briefed about the surgery, it’s a transplant and luckily they found a donor. .
A PICC line was put in place for the IV fluids and IV medications that will be given during and after surgery.
We all walked into the operating room clad in our nose mask, hand gloves, hair net and blah blah blah..
Surgery begins as general anesthesia was provided by the anesthesiologist.
Once the patient was asleep, the procedure begins with a large incision in the middle of the chest cutting through both the skin and bone of the chest to expose the heart. In many cases two surgeons are supposed to operate together to make the transplant process faster and smoother.. but Harry was really fast and he seemed to be doing great, while I provided him with each tools before he even requested for it..
A heart-lung bypass machine was placed on the patient, so that blood is continued to be oxygenated by the lungs and pump to the body. This part of the surgery is the key, because the heart is then stopped, then removed.
The donor heart is then sewn into place and restarted, the heart starts beating and the final work of placing tubes for drainage is completed, and the chest is closed by wiring the sternum (breast bone) closed and closing the skin with Staples, steristrips or sutures.
After which the patient was then taken to the ICU to recover and to slowly wake from sedation over the next day.
Wow.. that was really fast, and it was just him, I must admit he’s really good.. he finished a surgery that would take two surgeons about five hours to finish in just 2 hours.. really impressive..
I walked out of the room and hastily peeled out my gloves and dumped them in the trash basket, can’t wait to get back to my office.. I said mentally..
I reached for the nose mask and was about to pull it off.. when someone tapped me from behind.
I turned to see Dr Harry staring at me..
To be continued

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