Crazy Hannah Episode 6


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 6

Hannah’s pov

I turned to see Dr Harry smiling down at me, he was holding his nose mask In his right hand, and his hair net was still on, he kinda looks cute though, and tall too, for a minute I felt intimidated looking up at him, and did I say he looks so familiar?..
“Hello… Are you listening?” He asked snapping me out of my thoughts.
“Uhm.. I’m sorry..was just uhm.. what were you saying?” I asked, mentally slapping myself.
“Uhm.. nevermind, you were really great in there, I’m impressed” he said smiling
“Oh, thanks” I said avoiding his gaze.. gosh! Why do I feel so nervous?
“So uhm.. I’ll..see you around?” He asked staring intensely at me.
“Yeah, sure” I replied shifting my gaze to my fingers..
“Okay, uhm, bye for now” he said
“Bye” I mumbled simply, he turned and walked out simonteneously pulling off the hair net.. I exhaled and removed my nose mask..
This is gonna be a loonngg week..
Harry’s pov
Wow, the team was really impressive, they knew what to do and exactly when they should do it.. and that nurse.. Hannah, she’s really smart, handing me each tools before I even asked for it..and I have a feeling we are gonna be good friends, I looked around the hall becoming conscious of my surrounding.. I stopped in my tracks and scratched my hair..
Which way now?, I can’t remember the road to my office.. uhh!!
I looked around and saw people walking around, a nurse walked out of a ward and I recognized her as Hannah’s friend.. the familiar one..
“Uhm, excuse me miss” I said walking towards her, she stopped and turned towards me smiling, for a moment I saw recognition in her eyes as they widened and her mouth opened slightly in shock.. I guess
“Uhh, are you okay?” I asked, she suddenly closed her mouth and nodded frantically..
“Okay?.. uhm please do you Know where my office is? I’m Kinda lost and my assistant already went home” I asked looking at her..
She nodded and pointed to a direction..
“That way, take a bend and you’ll see the elevator by your left, your office is on the last floor.. with your name inscribed on the door” she rushed..
“Okay, thanks” I said, she bowed and rushed past me..
Why is she suddenly acting weird?
“Wait” I said, and she wheeled around to look at me.
“Have we met before?” I asked.. she blinked severally and shook her head negatively..
“No sir, we have never met before” she rushed
“Oh okay” I mumbled simply, she bowed and hastily walked out..
I sighed and shook my head,
“Korean women, always so dramatic” I muttered and saw the ladies staring at me,
“Did I say that out loud?” I asked rhetorically, while a nurse nodded.
“Sorry” I mumbled and walked out..
I followed her directions and found my office, I walked in and was stunned by the architecture..
I closed the door behind me and looked around..
Opposite the door was a whole glass wall, revealing cars, buses trucks and people walking and moving down the street and the highways.. I could see the whole city from here, it has everything an office required.. book shelfs, files, desk, a couch.. two chairs, a TV, fridge and others.. I walked towards my seat and spotted a glass rectangular frame on the desk.. Dr Ju Sung Lee, was inscribed boldly on it.. Ju Sung really?, Whatever happened to Harry?.. I slumped on my chair and picked my phone..
“I’m hungry order something for me” I texted Mr Cha..
“Okay Sir” he texted back seconds later..
Sofia’s pov
Oh my God! Oh my God!.. I can’t believe this, where’s Hannah!
I rushed out of the elevator and hurried towards our office, I rushed in and saw Hannah packing her hair in a ponytail..
“Oh hey Sof, I was about to call…”
“There’s fire on the mountain “I yelled rushing towards her desk..
“What?” She asked furrowing her brows
“Hannah.. we are finished!, Convicted! destroyed!, Exterminated! Expelled! Infact we are dead!!” I yelled looking directly at her..
“Are you okay?, The asylum is not far from here you know” she said smiling..
“Seriously?.. Hannah I’m serious! We are done for” I said locking eyes with her
“How?” She asked becoming serious
“The chairman’s son.. ”
“Dr Harry?” She cut in
“Yes.. he’s.. well, he’s Mr shades” I blurted out.. she looked at me for seconds and slowly started laughing..
“Oh goodness, you’re so funny Sof, Ju Sung is Mr shades?.. pranking clearly doesn’t suit you girl… ” she said laughing, then slowly stopped when she saw the angry expression on my face
“You are joking right?” She asked sternly
“I’m dead ass woman!” I replied
“No.. no.. no, you don’t say dead ass unless you’re really dead ass.. so please tell me you’re not dead ass” she said standing up from her chair
“I’m so dead ass” I replied..
“Oh my God! We are dead” she said with her eyes open wide..
“Yes we are”
“What did he say? He’s probably going to fire us and get us arrested right?” She asked looking at me
“Well, I don’t think he recognizes me yet.. but I think he will soon and my instincts tell me it’s not gonna end well for us, you especially” I muttered
“Oh my goodness! What are we gonna do now?” She asked scratching her head.. I leaned over to her and she fixed her gaze on me.
“It’s time for you to do what’s right Hannah, you have to return everything and apologize.. ” I said looking at her.
“What?.. I can’t, what if he calls the cops on me?” She asked
“It’s now or never Hannah, besides you never know, he might forgive you. Its better than just sitting here and doing nothing” I said..
“I can’t Sof.. I’m sorry” she said sadly..
“You’re going Hannah, I’m not ready to be convicted and fired at the same time.. you’re going and that’s final” I snapped
“Well then come and make me” she said giving me a daring look..
Hannah’s pov
“Okay just so you know..” I started as we walked out of the elevator
“I’m only going cause I don’t want you to get fired and it’s truthfully the right thing to do” I continued as we walked down the hall looking for Harry’s office..
“Yeah.. whatever, let’s get this over with” Sofia muttered walking beside me.. we got to the last door at the end of the hall and saw his name boldly inscribed on it..
“Okay, it’s now or never Hannah” she said handing me my bagpack..
“Don’t forget, no matter what happens I am solidly behind you” she said looking into my eyes..
“Awwn really?” I asked
“Yeah, what are friends for” she mumbled as she knocked on the door
“Come in” Harry said from inside the office
“But spiritually though” Sofia muttered
“What? Where are you going?” I asked as she started walking away
“There’s no way am gonna go in there with you, I didn’t help you strip him naked did I?” She asked
“Traitor!” I yelled
“Don’t screw this up” she yelled back rushing out of the hall..
So much for being solidly behind me..
I turned to the door and made the sign of the cross..
For a moment I felt like taking a U turn and running home..
But Hannah never runs!
I reached for the door and it suddenly opened.. I looked up and saw Harry staring down at me.. his eyes suddenly lit with recognition.. as he gasped.
“Miss psycho!”

To be continued
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