Crazy Hannah Episode 7


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 7

Harry’s pov
“Miss psycho!” I asked surprised..
“Surprise…” She mumbled and laughed nervously..
I quickly shut the door and locked it, I can’t believe Hannah is miss psycho, why didn’t I notice since, is she here to strip me again? Or finally kill me?.

“Sir please open the door, I really need to talk to you” she said banging lightly.
“What.. why are you here? What do you want?” I asked
“Well. ., I came to apologise Sir, please open the door” she said
“How am I sure you are not going to kill me this time?” I asked
“I haven’t killed before Sir, but if you don’t open this door.. I might” she blurted out..
“What?” I asked
“I didn’t say anything Sir, please open the door.. I even brought your clothes back, I’m not gonna hurt you… I promise” she said
I made a sign of the cross and slowly opened the door..
The first thing I saw was her brown sparkling eyes and long lashes.. then her straight nose and small soft pink lips.. I can’t believe I actually kissed them.
“Sir, can I please come in?” She asked snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Oh.. uhm, yeah sure” I said and moved to the side, keeping my distance from her.. I closed the door and walked to my seat, while she stood behind the desk.. I picked the chopsticks I was using to eat, and held each one in my hands .. just in case things go rough, I’m not gonna chicken this time..
She looked at the chopsticks and scoffed, then muttered something inaudible, I moved my chair backwards and gestured her to sit…
She sat and dropped her backpack on the floor..
She looked around as if taking in all the details of the office.
I cleared my throat and she looked at me.
“So… What do you want?” I asked sounding as bold as I could
“Uhm… I came to apologise Sir, for the way I treated you the other day. I’m really sorry, I have never done it before.. “.
“Then why did you do it?” I cut in
“Uhh.. it’s was five minutes madness sir” she mumbled looking at her fingers
“Huh?” I asked totally lost
“Five minutes madness, it runs in our family… I’m sorry” she said
“So are you saying your family members can do what you did?” I asked
“Uhh… Not exactly, they each have their own way of doing it.. every one except my kid brother. Nicky and my dad” she said looking at me.
“Oh really?”
“Yes… Jeremy my kid brother, he’s the first son and second child.. his madness is based on girls, women flock around him like a sherpherd and his sheeps.. and he goes crazy whenever he sees cute ones, he has dated almost all the girls in my street and they don’t even last for a month” she said and I chuckled.
“My only kid sister, Sona. Her madness is for make up, fashion and music.. once she gets any of those things, she starts transforming into something else and it’s really annoying.. especially when she plays the music loud at night. One time, she tied me to a bedpost just so she could make me up and braid my hair” she said and I laughed
“My mom’s is the worst, whenever I go to her restaurant.. she tries to link me up with one guy or the other. And it’s so annoying” she said demonstrating with her hands.. I smiled and dropped the chopsticks on the table.
“They sound fun to me” I said
“Well they are all fun to be with.. including Nicky..” she said and suddenly stopped smiling.. she looked down and I noticed a tear slid down her cheeks, she hastily cleaned it and exhaled..
“Why are you crying?” I asked as I stood up and walked to her side
“Is something wrong?” I asked squatting beside her
She shook her head and smiled lightly
“It’s nothing sir, I just .. I’m so sorry for everything I did, I even brought all your stuffs back” she said and picked the bag up. I stood up and sat on the desk, I watched as she brought out the clothes, shoes, and my bracelet..
I instantly picked it and examined it, all the diamonds were still in place..
“I don’t understand, why didn’t you sell it?, This could cost a small fortune?” I asked surprised
“I couldn’t bring myself to Sir, although I wanted to, i saw it on the floor minutes after you left, and I thought it fell from your hands, someone wanted to buy it for 6 million, I would have sold it. But I felt that, it might be important to you… I even stood in the road this morning, I thought I might see you again…” I didn’t let her finish, I leaned down and hugged her. .
“Thank you so much, this bracelet means alot to me.. thank you for bringing it back” I whispered into her ears..
She reciprocated and I could feel her hands shaking. I guess this is the first time she hugged a guy.. I slowly withdrew and looked at her face.. she looked down at her fingers and sighed
She finally looked at me and fixed her gaze on the table,
“And that’s for you” she said pointing to a bunch of notes..
“I .. don’t understand” I said scratching my hair
“I kinda sold your chain.. for 250, 000 won, it’s all in there, like I said I’m sorry for everything, I’ll accept any punishment you’ll give me, but please don’t fire me or my Friend, she has no hand in this. I really need this job Sir.. there are bills, lots of bills I need to settle.. if you fire me, I’m done for” she said joining her hands together..and a tear slid down her cheek.. I reached down and wiped it with my thumb..
I placed both hands on her cheeks and our eyes locked,
I stared at her lips and then at her eyes, she did same and swallowed..
For a minute I was tempted to take her lips in mine..
Focus Harry!! That is not why you’re here! My mind yelled at me..
“Stop crying, Angels aren’t meant to cry” I said and smiled.
She smiled and looked down, trying to hide the red shade forming on her cheeks.. I smiled and walked back to my seat, I sat down and placed my legs on the desk .
“I’ll forgive you on three conditions” I blurted out
She sat up and placed her hands on the table
“Anything Sir, I’ll do anything”
“Anything?” I asked looking intensely in her eyes
“Uh.. uhm, any.. anything that is good” she said and I chuckled.
“You’re so spoilt” I said
“Anyways, don’t worry, I’m not like that.. if I like a woman, I ask her out.. I don’t take advantage of them” I said and she smiled.
“Okay, number one,” I said and pushed the notes over to her side. She stared at me confused .
“Take it, you need it more than I do.. besides I spoilt your phone, buy a new one and sort out your bills.. if it’s not enough, don’t hesitate to ask me for more” I said
“No buts, you have to accept it or I’ll fire you” I added
“It’s too much sir, I can’t accept this” she rushed.
“I guess I’ll have to call the cops then” I said and picked my phone..
I dialed Mr Cha’s number and placed it on loud speaker..
“Hello . Good afternoon officer” I said
Looking at her face
“Okay.. I’ll accept it” she rushed.. I smiled and hung up.
“Good girl” I said and she smiled
“Thank you Sir” she said and bowed slightly
“Number 2, don’t call me sir, Harry or Ju Sung is preferable”
“Okay sir.. sorry, Ju Sung”
“Why Ju Sung?” I asked
“It’s the one I like” she said and I smiled..
“Okay..” I said and glanced at my watch
“Lunch break is 20 minutes from now, right?” I asked
“Your mom runs a restaurant?” I asked
“Yes” she replied simply.
“Great.. number 3, you’ll have to take me there for lunch” I said
“But.. but, there are other fancy and classic restaurants, why not pick any of those?” She asked
“Because, that’s the one I can leave now, I’ll call you when I’m ready” I said..
She reluctantly stood up and walked out with her bag and the money..
I smiled and closed my eyes, I have a feeling that this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful relationship..
To be continued
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