Crazy Hannah Episode 9


Crazy Hannah
By Lady C
Episode 9
Hannah’s pov
This is the worse day ever!!.. I can’t believe mom and Ethan don’t believe me, and Harry is certainly not helping matters.
I sat on a different table and watched the three of them chat on..
Mom and Ethan have been asking questions like journalists, and Ju Sung is happily answering their questions.. he looks so happy, I can’t believe he’s playing along with this whole boyfriend stuff.. is he using it as revenge? Payback for what I did?.. it has to be it, cause there’s no way someone like Harry would even think of having someone like me as a girlfriend.. right?..
“So how did you guys meet?” Mom asked curiously
“Well.. It’s kinda embarrassing to say, baby why don’t you tell Mom how we met?” Harry asked looking at me with a mischievous smirk on his face.. I said it! I knew he was seeking revenge, urhh!
“Go on Hannah, I’m listening” mom said staring at me
There’s absolutely no way I’m gonna tell them about how I stripped him on the road.
“Uhh.. well.. I . Uhm, you see.. we.. met in.. no.. I.. actually saved him from a gang of thieves” I said and Harry choked on his drink..
“Really?.. oh my goodness.. hope they didn’t hurt you?” Mom asked looking at Ju Sung, who was still coughing slightly.
“No.. I was just in time, I dealt with those criminals.. you should have seen me mom, I was like a one woman wrecking machine” I said demonstrating with my hands, earning a glare from Ju Sung
“I trust you Hannah… You are your mother’s daughter afterall, I only wish I was there. I would have taught them a lesson of their lives” mom said hitting her fist on the table.. Harry flinched and cleared his throat
“And I would have smacked their asses for even thinking of hurting my baby” Ethan said putting on his tough face..
“So are you a model? Or a movie star?” Ethan asked linking his hands under his chin
“I’m a doctor” Harry replied
“So, you’re not a model?” Ethan asked a bit disappointed
“Nope..” Ju Sung popped
“Well isn’t the Lord wonderful?, Your girlfriend is a nurse as well..”mom said smiling
“Mom!! He’s not my boyfriend okay!, He’s Ju Sung Lee, my boss’s son.. the heir to everything Lee.. so you see, he can never be my boyfriend, Even if I was ready to date..we are just friends and nothing more!” I yelled causing every eyes to look at me..
The trio stared at me for what felt like forever, then mom and Ethan started laughing.. while Harry just stared at me expressionless
“Like I said sweetie, your girlfriend acts abnormal sometimes..but she’s the most sweetest and kindest girl I know, and she’s definitely a good wife material” mom said with a smile,and Ethan nodded approvingly.. Harry chuckled and looked at me.
“Uhh!” I groaned..
“We have to go now mom.. lunch break is over” I said
“Aww” mom whined
“Don’t worry mom, I’ll come visit some other time, I enjoyed the meal by the way” Harry said standing up
“Oh no you won’t” I mumbled and mom glared at me
“Okay dear, Hannah will bring something for you tommorow, she’s a good cook as well, so she’ll prepare it herself” mom said
“No I won’t” I snapped
“Yes you will” mom said sternly..
“That would be great mom.. ” Harry said smiling
I rolled my eyes and headed for the door
“Bye Mom, bye Ethan” he said and rushed after me.
“Bye baby” Ethan cooed
“Bye sweetie” mom said..
“What’s your last name by the way?” She asked
“Lee” Harry replied as I stormed out of the restaurant
Harry’s pov
I walked out of the restaurant and saw Hannah standing beside my car with a frown on her face.. I chuckled and pressed the remote in my pocket, the car opened with a sound, causing Hannah to flinch..
I smiled and walked to the driver’s seat, ignoring her glares..
Hannah has been quiet since we drove out of the parking lot, I guess she’s still mad at me for pretending to be her boyfriend.. but her mom is so sweet and irresistible, I couldn’t help but play along with her.
Her expression when I told her my last name was very hilarious..
I mean, who wouldn’t be surprised to know their daughter’s ‘boyfriend’ is a multi billionaire?..
“Are you happy now?” Hannah asked breaking the awkward silence.
“You’ve got your revenge right? Are you fulfilled now?” She asked again
“I don’t understand” I said glancing at her face and then back at the traffic
She exhaled and closed her eyes
“Was that your way of paying me back, for stripping you?” She asked looking at me .
“There are better ways to do it you know, you didn’t have to pretend as my boyfriend” she added..
I chuckled and laughed..
“Oh my.. girl.. you are so funny” I said amidst laughing
“I’m not angry at you Hannah, I bear no grudges against you honestly, your mom looked so happy because she thought I was your boyfriend, I didn’t want to take the happiness from her, and that’s why I played along.. ” I said taking a bend
“Really?” She asked looking at my face
“Yeah..” I mumbled
“Plus, your mom is amazing and sweet.. I couldn’t resist her” I said and she smiled happily..
“Now.. you look more beautiful, you should smile more often.. frowning makes you look like a koala” I said jokingly.
She smiled and punched my right arm playfully,.
“Christ!” I yelled, rubbing my arm, with my eyes still on the traffic.. i feel like I was punched with steel..
“Oh.. sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to” she said with her hands on her mouth.
“Are you okay?.. does it hurt much?” She asked placing her hands on my arm..
“Ouch!” I screamed..
“Don’t touch it.. it gets more painful when you do” I said with teary eyes..
“Stop the car” she ordered
“Why?” I asked
“Just do it okay?” She rushed looking worried..
I drove into a parking lot and stopped the car..
“Can you raise your hand?” She asked
“Yes.. I guess” I raised the left one and she shook her head
“No.. the right one” she said looking at me.
I nodded and tried to raise it.
“Ouch!!. I can’t” I said holding it with the other.
“You have to take off your shirt” she said looking at me.
“What!” I yelled
“Do you want to strip me again?” I asked with my eyes open wide
“No.. just do it” she said already frustrated
“But why?” I asked
“I need to see something” she said
“I can’t” I mumbled
“Do it or I’ll do it myself” she said removing her seat-belt..
God help me..
To be continued

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