Crazy Hannah Epilogue 2


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
.. Hannah's pov 
"Ama..., Biané..." She said through sobbings
"Shut up and continue, I told you to frog jump from that door to the wall, for three times.. you just started and you're already crying?" I asked shaking my head
"Mom please.. I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I promise" she said stopping to push the tears away.
"Your hands on your ears Ashley, if you stop, you'll start again" I said and she whined but continued anyway..
"Okay.. give me something else, this one is too hard" she said stopping again.
I glared at her and she continued
"What punishment have I not given you, I have asked you to stand in the sun and carry a chair above your head, but because you have superstrength, you Didn't feel it..I have given you lots of punishments but you don't want to change.. " I said
"My legs hurt mom.." she said bursting into tears..
The door opened and Liam walking in with his iPod..
"Mom.." he called
"Yes baby" I answered
"Can I sit here, I'm bored downstairs.." he said
"Of course you can.." I said and watched him move over to sit beside me on the couch.
"Have you done your assignments?" I asked
" I'm waiting for miss JoJo" he replied
"Okay" I said
"Did you do my assignment?" Ashley asked pausing to look at her brother
"No, why would I?" He asked 
"Because I'm..."
"Ashley.." I muttered cutting her off, she sobbed and continued 
"Ama...." She said crying
"What?" I asked moving my gaze from the TV
"Liam videoing me" she said.
I shrugged and looked at Liam
"So?" I asked
"He'll show it to the others, and they'll make fun of me"she said
"Well.. that's good, it's the kind of punishment you need anyway" I said and she whined..
Then she went into a fit of hysteria..she rolled on the floor and cried whilst pushing her legs in the air..
"Hahaha, this is so funny, can't wait for Mackie and Vinnie to see this" I turned to look at my son, the exact replica of his father, laughing heartily making his dimples visible..
Ashley's cries increased and I groaned..
"Hey.. do you want to join her?" I asked looking at Liam
"Huh...nuhh" he said shaking his head
"Good . Now stop that record, and take your sister out of my bedroom.. I want to sleep" I said.. he nodded and walked towards Ashley..
But instead of helping her up, he continued videoing, she got up and chased him out muttering the words
"I'll beat you up and dump you in the trash can, delete that video.. or I'll deal with you".
"Mom..." Liam screamed as he ran
"Ashley...Don't kill my son" I yelled after her.
The door closed and I shook my head.
Harry's pov 
I walked into the house just in time to see my kids running down the stairs, with Ashley chasing Liam around..
"Kids..what are you doing?" I asked tiredly.
They both stopped and turned to look at me
"Dad!" They both squealed and dashed towards me.. I groaned when they both jumped on me..
"Welcome dad" they chorused
"Thank you, how are you both doing?" I asked
"I am fine.. but Liam wouldn't be in few minutes" Ashley said with a smile
"Huh..don't tell me you want to beat him up again" I said setting them down
"Yep.. I will" she said smiling and batting her lashes whilst nodding 
"Please don't, miss JoJo will be here in few minutes, go get ready" I said.
"Apa... I'm not feeling too well" Ashley said holding her head
"She's lying, she just wants to skip class with miss JoJo" Liam saidand she shot him a glare
I smiled and looked around
"Where's mummy?" I asked
"In you bedroom" Liam replied
"Okay little Lees, go get ready for your lesson, I need to rest" I said squatting down to kiss their heads. And faced the stairs
"You are really annoying" Ashley mumbled 
"We are twins Ashley, if I am..then so are you" Liam mumbled back
"I don't know where mom got you from" Ashley groaned
"Well .I do know she got you from the pet store, or is it the zoo?" Liam asked
"That's it.. I'll deal with you" she said and started chasing him, I shook my head and walked into the bedroom.. where I saw my lovely wife sitting on the couch with her gaze fixed on the TV.
"Baby.." I cooed walking towards her, but instead of the usual welcome hug, kiss on the lips and how was your day? She only glanced at me and faced the TV..
What's wrong?..
I moved over and leaned down to kiss her, she moved her face to the side and my lips touched her cheek instead of her lips.
"Is something wrong?" I asked moving back.
"Who gave Ashley her phone?" She asked without looking at me..
I swallowed and took my lips in my mouth
"Harry?" She called looking at me
"Uhm..I .'s..I.. ugh!, Fine, I did" I admitted
"Why?" She asked
"She requested for it," I mumbled flopping on the couch 
"And you gave her?" She asked
"It was hard to decline.. has she ever given you those puppy eyes, it's hypnotizing and hard to resist'" I said
"Yeah right" she mumbled with an eyeroll
"We both know that it's true" I pushed
"Anyways.. how is my baby doing?" I asked wrapping my hand around her waist and placing the other on her baby bump
"Leave me alone" she mumbled softly trying to hide a smile
"No I won't" I said trailing kisses from her neck to the sweet spot behind her ears.. she moaned softly and I moved my hands to the Hem of her shirt, and tried to tug it off.
"Uhh.. what do you think you're doing?'' she asked
"What do you think?" I asked with a wink
"In your dreams, come on go take your bath, you stink" she said grimacing.. I rolled my eyes and stole a kiss, before I stood up ignoring her glare.
Jeremy's pov💗
"Jeremy!" Ashley squealed and ran down the stairs
"There's my favorite niece" I said Carrying her up
"I'm your only niece Remy" she said with a dramatic eyeroll
"But you're still my favorite little boss lady" I said tickling her. She giggled and squealed when I twirled her around.
"Where's little Harry?" I asked looking around
"He's taking lessons with miss JoJo" she replied
"Who's miss JoJo?" I asked
"Our tutor" she replied
"So why aren't you taking lessons?" I asked
"I was.. but I don't like her, so I left" she replied
"Why don't you like her?" I asked
"She's always spitting whilst talking, I've told mom but she said I'm just making things up" she replied and I laughed
"I thought you were coming tommorow?" She asked
."yeah, well.. I decided to come today" I replied
"Okay" she mumbled.
"I heard you are getting a kid sister/ brother soon" I said
"Yeah, but I wanted a goat instead" she said and I laughed..
To be continued

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