Crazy Hannah Epilogue 3


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
... day..
Hannah's pov 
"So as I was saying.. I don't think I'm going for another child after this one.. Ashley is already too much for me, as it is" I said 
"Well.. Evans wants more and I'm not tired so, once Mackie clocks two, I'll be getting ready for another child" Nina stated, Livia and Lina giggled..
"I think I'm gonna have just one more.. " Sofia said and I raised my brows at her.
"What?" She mumbled
"Nothing...can you please check on the cupcakes?" I asked piping whip cream on the first set of cupcakes we already made,
"Hey ladies" Ollie said walking into the kitchen with Harry, lan, Evans, and Collins..
Harry eyed me and glared at the piping bag as he made his way over to me.. I feigned ignorance and continued
"Babe" he mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist ..
"Mmmh" I hummed
"I thought I asked you not to work?" He asked biting my cheek softly
"Yeah.. and I'm not working am I?" I asked
"Obviously, you are.." he stated and I rolled my eyes..
"Come on you need to rest, come sit" he said moving to bring out a chair for me..
"Don't worry, I'm not tired" I said scooping some cream in my mouth.. he narrowed his eyes at me and I gave him my best smile..
He rolled his eyes and sighed
"Okay, but you can stand for just five minutes, you have to sit after that okay?" He asked
"Yeah, thank you" I said and pecked his lips..
"That wasn't what I was expecting" he mumbled
I smiled and locked my lips with his..
"Yo... Hey, stop smooching here, we've got a kid in here okay?.." Ollie said pointing to Nina's four months old son who was cooing in his father's arms (Evans)..
I chuckled and shook my head..
"You are crazy" Harry muttered throwing a hand towel at Ollie..
"No cussing" Collins said pecking Livia's cheek
"And no pecking either" Lina stated sitting on Lans' thigh..
"Where are those kids anyway?" Livia asked looking around..
"They are all out back, at the playground.. there's a reason why it's called a playdate" Ollie said picking a cupcake..
"Honey..those are for the kids, drop it.." Sofia said glaring at him
"But I'm hungry" he whined and she rolled her eyes
"Not falling for it" she stated taking the cake from him..
"Baby .. please open the door so we can see the kids from here, I don't want someone doing something bad to the others" I said looking at Harry.. his brows furrowed with confusion for a second, but soon he recovered and his eyes widened..
"Ashley" we both muttered together.. he rushed to the back door and opened it wide, so we all could see from inside
I sighed in relief when I saw all of them running and chattering happily.. Liam was climbing the ladder to the tree house with keifer(Nina's five year old son), Ryan (Sofia's four year old son) pearl(Lina's four year old second daughter) and Crystal (Livia's five year old daughter) who was giggling excitedly..
I watched as Liam reached out to help her inside the tree house.. she said something I couldn't hear and he smiled..
"Uhm.. who else notice the chemistry forming between Crystal and Liam?" Ollie asked grinning mischievously..
"Ollie.. did you pick the cupcake?" Sofia asked eyeing him
"Uhm.. y-yes" he stuttered and she shook her head..then switched off the oven..
"Babe... Did you see Ashley?" Harry asked looking at me
"No.. I didn't" I mumbled and looked outside at the playground..
I was starting to panic until I saw her sitting on the grass with Vinnie, Gretel (crystals twin) and Elsa (Pearl's older sister).. she kept glancing at the tree house whilst whispering something to the others.. Vinnie said something and they highfived.. 
Dear God, I just hope it's not what I'm thinking..
"Mom... Are the cupcakes ready? Crystal is hungry already" Liam yelled from the tree house..
"Yes it is honey.. you guys can come now" I replied and they all started rushing towards the kitchen.
"Just when I was enjoying peace and quiet" Evans mumbled rocking little Mackie who was already fast asleep..
"Uhm..honey, I'll be back in a bit, I need to use the restroom" Nina said and Evans nodded..
I watched as he continued rocking the baby, who could have thought that he'd be so good as a father.. he met my gaze and smiled genuinely, I returned the smile and looked down when I felt something tugging my gown..
"Hey Keifer..." I said
"Aunty Hannah..can I please have a cupcake?" He asked looking up at me..
"Sure you want brownies as well?" I asked
"Yes please" he said
"Okay.. just give me a minute" I said and started placing the brownies on a disposable plate.. I set his plates on the table and asked him to sit on his chair.. I looked round the table and saw all of them seated around the table, Lina, Sofia and Livia were serving them..
They started chattering and laughing loudly, causing Mackie to start crying...

"oh no.."Evans muttered and started trying to pacify the little baby..
"Please don't cry, mummy's on her way.. Mackie, baby.. stop crying.. it's okay.. mummy's coming" he said rocking the baby
The guys started laughing and Livia chuckled..Sofia shook her head and lina smiled..
"Here, let me try" Livia said taking the baby from Evans.. causing the child to cry even louder
"You don't have good hands, give the baby to Sofia and see if he won't stop crying" Ollie boasted
Livia rolled her eyes and gave the baby to Sofia..
Making the situation even worse, she transferred the child to Lina and he continued..
"Baby.. why don't you try?" Harry asked 
"Uhm.. okay" I mumbled and took the baby.. he clinged to me as I rocked him gently..
"Sshh.. mummy's coming, it's alright... Mummy's gonna be here in a bit.. okay little Mackie?" I said sitting on the chair ..he cooed and stopped crying.. but kept his eyes open..
"Awwn.. isn't that cute?" Lina cooed
"It's only because he can feel his wife in your stomach, that's why he kept quiet" Ollie said and they started laughing..
"We are done, mom!" Gretel announced..
"Okay, uhm.. you guys can go back now.. " Livia said standing up to Clean up the table along with Lina and Sof.
Nina rushed in and sighed when she saw her baby in my arms..
"I heard him crying.. hope he didn't stress you?" She asked reaching down to carry him
"Nah.. he didn't" I said
"Okay, I'll just feed him now, love where did you keep my bag?" She asked
"In the living room.. I'll go get it" Evans said
"Don't worry, I'll just go there" she said and he nodded...
I stood up and winced when I felt a slight pain in my stomach
"Babe... Are you okay?" Harry asked
"Yeah.. yes, I'm fine" I mumbled
"Are you sure?" He asked
"Yeah.. let's go to the living room, I want to watch a movie" I said and he nodded
"Okay," he mumbled and helped me out of the kitchen...
"Hahaha.. this is so hilarious" Ollie said laughing, I smiled and glared at Harry when I felt his hands sneaking into my gown.. he smiled innocently and moved his hands back to my legs which were on his thighs and continued massaging them..
"Ahhhhhhh" I sat up Immediately and the others turned to face me..
"What is it?" Sofia asked looking at me
"Nothing.. I.. I thought I heard something" I replied
"Well.. I didn't, did y...."
"Ama...!!!!!, Mom!!!!!, Help me!!!" Liam screamed cutting Sofia off..
"Oh my God.." I mumbled and rushed out behind the others, since I couldn't run with my stomach.. Evans opened the back door and we stepped out.
"Jesus!" Sofia yelled covering her mouth
"What the..." Lans' drawed
"Mom!!" Keifer called crying..
I looked around at the scene in front of me.. my son was hanging upside down from the tree, with his legs tied to the branch.
Keifer was tied to the tree, pearl and Ryan were both tied together..with their backs to each other.. and the stupid drawing of a mustache and eyebrows was evident on their faces..
The worst part was Crystal completely buried in the sand.. save for her head. There's only one person who could have done this
"Ashley!!" I yelled and looked around.. I saw Vinnie, Gretel, and Elsa all standing beside the tree..
"Where's Ashley?" I asked
They all swallowed and pointed to the back of the tree.. I silently padded to the spot and saw my daughter hiding behind the tree, she saw me and started running ..
"Ashley you are finished, I'll beat you up and send to Grandma's house" I said chasing after her
"Just pray I don't get you.. God help you if I lay my hands in you!" I said.
"I'm sorry mom, Liam caused it, he showed them the video and they started making fun of me" she said running round the tree
"Is that why you want to kill them? Is that why you want to kill my son?.. what is wrong with you?!" I asked
"Baby.. be careful, don't hurt yourself" Harry said loosing the rope from Keifer's and Pearl's body..
"I'll deal with this girl today, I'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget" I said and stopped to catch my breath.. Ashley giggled and ran away
"Come here you little.. ahhhhh" I yelled as I felt a sharp pain on my stomach.
The pain vanished and came almost immediately..
"Ahhh." I groaned and felt something dripping down my thighs.. I looked down and saw water running down my legs..
"Oh my God" I mumbled
"Oh my God" I repeated
"Baby.. are you okay?" Harry asked jogging over to me..
"My water just broke" I mumbled..
"Huh?" He asked confused
"My water just broke" I said louder..
"I don't underst...oh my God.. your water just broke, the baby is coming.. the baby is coming" he said frantically
"Evans I need a little help here, the baby is coming!" He yelled and the others started rushing over to us.. as I groaned and winced continuously...
Harry's pov 
It's been five hours, five stupid hours.. of waiting, and there's no news yet.
I paced around the hall, running my fingers through my hair.. Livia kept asking me to calm down and as much as I try to, I just can't.. everyone was already here in the hospital.. dad and the twins, my in-laws and the rest of the family..
"Calm down Harry.. she's going to be okay, she's a strong woman" mom said 
"Yeah.. I know" I said nodding my head
"Man i know this sounds Crazy, but i honestly hope it's a boy, just for your sake" Ollie whispered and I glared at him.. even though I'm praying that it's a boy silently.. the last thing I want is another Ashley tearing the whole of Asia apart.. speaking of Ashley, I turned to see her on Jodi's lap.. while Liam was fast asleep in Sona's arms..
"Ashley.." I called
"Yes daddy.." she answered
"Are you hungry?" I asked
"No.. I just want my mummy" she said
I smiled lightly and took my lips into my mouth..
The door opened and Sofia walked out with Lina..
"So?" I asked looking at the both of them..
"Congratulations Harry.. you now have two little beautiful daughters.. twins!" Lina squealed
"Twin girls?" I mumbled gaping at the both of them
"Yeah" Sofia said with a smirk..and I fainted..
The end!..
Written by Lady C 👄Lilianna (Favour Cletus)..

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