Crazy Hannah Epilogue


By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna)
Epilogue 💋 
..six years later..
Hannah's pov 🤰
"Lisa.. how many times do I have to tell you all? ..I can do this myself" I asked glaring at the five maids standing in front of me.
"We are sorry ma'am, but sir Harry left us with a serious warning.. that on no account should we let you do anything by yourself.." she said bowing her head.
"And does that include brushing my hair?" I asked and they all nodded.
I scoffed and huffed then puffed
"Then you should feed me then, or even bathe me," I said sarcastically
"We are willing to do that ma'am" she said and I shot her a glare.
"Since when did pregnancy become a sickness?!" I asked throwing my hands in the air
"Since you became Harry's wife" I turned to see Sofia walking into the bedroom with a grin on her face.
I rolled my eyes and sat on the edge of the bed.
"Aww, what is she sulking about?" She asked looking at the maids
"She doesn't want us to brush her hair" Lisa said and Sofia grimaced
"Then don't" she said and sat on the couch
"They won't listen, simply because Harry gave them the stupid order to babysit me" I mumbled and Sofia cracked, the maids tried to giggle discreetly, but failed woefully.. I glared at them and they all stopped.
"Sorry, it's pregnant-sit, literally" Sofia said pointing to my baby bump.
"You guys can leave.." I said and packed my hair in a bun with the band on my wrist. They bowed and walked out.
"Pregnant-sit isn't a word, but either way it sucks ..I mean since he found out I was pregnant, he has been doing some stupid overprotective things, like; not letting me down the stairs on my own, without him or a maid, restraining me from cooking, and so much more, and what's worse, he stopped me from working, it's not fair" I said pushing the tears out of my face.. I hate these pregnancy hormones.
"Awwn, it's okay baby, he just wants you safe.. and we honestly don't want any complications, I Know he's over doing it, but you have to push the actions away.. it's the intentions that counts" she said softly 
"I Know" I mumbled nodding my head
"Besides you're lucky, when I was pregnant with Vinnie, Ollie wouldn't even let me leave the bed, he only loosened up when I was having Ryan" she said laying on the couch.
"At least he loosened up, this is my second pregnancy and he got even worse, " I muttered and she chuckled.
"Is Sona still at Mom's?" She asked
"Yes, Jeremy is coming tomorrow" I said and she sat up
"Seriously?" She asked
"Yes" I replied and she squealed
"Awwn.. he's finally coming back home, do you think his accent is now British?, What about his girlfriend.. I saw Miya with Sona last week, she looks good, do you think they are gonna get married?" She asked
"Uhh, you literally saw Jeremy in January, when he came for the New year's celebration, and you sure didn't hear any change in his accent.. so I don't understand your question, besides Miya always looks good, and Jeremy had made it clear that he doesn't want to get married for now, so I don't understand your questions" I said and she rolled her eyes.
"How's Nina?" I asked
"She's good, oh and she said to ask when the play date for the kids is going to hold, " she said
"Why didn't she just call me?" I asked reaching over to the table to take an apple from the fruit basket
"She couldn't get through, and since we were both over at the family house during the weekend, she decided to ask me" she replied..and I mouthed an o.
"So I was thin..."the sound of my phone ringing stopped her from completing the sentence.
I stared at the ID and silently prayed that it wasn't what I was thinking
"Hello" I answered
"Mrs Lee.." Mr Lewis said frantically, and I could barely hear what he was saying.. because of the noise in the background.
'you can't suspend me, this is my grandpa's school!,. If you keep talking I'll ask him to fire you' the all so famous voice of my child yelled in the background..
Uh huh
"Lewis, what is happening?" I asked rubbing my temple
"It's Ashley ma'am, she's ..."
"I'm on my way" I said and hung up.. I stood up and picked my key
"What happened?" Sofia asked standing up
"It's Ashley..." I mumbled walking out of the room
"Again?!" She asked rushing out as well.
"Yes.." I breathed out and threw my key to my driver.. I and Sofia slipped into the car and I sighed.
"Take us to the school" I muttered and he started the engine
"What did she do this time?" Sofia asked
"I don't know... I just hope she didn't kill someone" I mumbled and looked out the window.
"Where's she?" I asked Lewis as we walked down the hall..
"In here" he said pointing to his office. I walked in and frowned when I heard her talking.
"if you had just left me alone this wouldn't have happened" I turned to see who she was talking to and gasped when I saw her teacher with a bandage on his head. 
"Ashley!!" I barked and she flinched on her chair, then slowly turned to look at me.
"..m-mom" she stuttered with her eyes wide open
"G-good afternoon Mrs Lee" the teacher mumbled standing up to bow..
"Please seat" I said and he sat down
"What happened?"I asked taking a seat with Sofia beside me
"Well.. uhm, According to him" lewis said pointing to the teacher.
"He was teaching in the class and spotted her with earplugs on.. at first he had ignored her and continued teaching, but when she Started laughing, causing the other students to be distracted, he had no choice but to seize her phone..she requested for it, and when he didn't give her, she pulled off her shoes and stoned him with it. And that's what led to this" he explained.. I sighed and looked at the teacher.
"I'm sincerely sorry, I hope the damage isn't too serious?" I asked
"No it's not" he mumbled
"Okay.. uhm, you can have the rest of the day off, Lewis will give you something as compensation for the damages, once again I'm sorry" I said and he nodded
"It's okay ma'am" he said 
"I'll be back in a bit Mrs Lee, Come with me " Lewis said gesturing to the teacher.. I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor man.. the door closed and I faced the smaller six year old replica of me.. she sat innocently on the only couch in the office.. her hands were clasped together on her thighs and her long Raven hair fell on both sides of her face as she stared down at her maroon school skirt.
"Ashley.." I called
"Yes mummy" she mumbled softly without looking up.
"Where's your brother?" I asked
"He's in class" she replied
"How did you get your phone?, If I remember correctly I had all your devices seized and locked up in my room, how did you even get it?" I asked
"I.. I asked Dad to get it for me" she mumbled
"And he did?" I asked furrowing my brows
"Yes" she said nodding.
"What's is wrong with Harry?" I mumbled under my breath
"You do know you are in a lot of trouble, right?"I asked and she sniffled..
"Yes" she said shakily.
"Oh don't play smart with me young lady, your tricks won't work on me, not this time, why can't you be like Liam? I mean he's your twin brother for Christ sake, why do you have to be so stubborn and troublesome.. when he's so quiet and well mannered?" I asked and Sofia chuckled
"I'm sorry mom" she said raising her face to look at me, giving me that hypnotizing, cute puppy brown eyes.. 
I won't fall for it, I won't fall for it..I won't...
"Ugh!.. don't look at me like that" I groaned turning to look away
"Awwn, princess don't worry.. mummy won't punish you okay?" Sofia asked opening her arms for Ashley, who rushed in for a hug
"Yes I will" I stated
"No, you won't.. we both know that you did worse things in your time, so don't even think of punishing the child for inheriting your trait" Sofia said eyeing me, I rolled my eyes and looked away
"Where's, Vinnie?" She asked
"They are all in class" Ashley replied
"And you're the only one who's not?" I asked
"Yes" she mumbled
"Yeah, you are definitely getting punished" I said.
To be continued ✍️.

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