Crazy Hannah Episode 24


Harry’s pov
She added all the ingredients and rinsed her hands in the sink..
“Unnie?” Jodi called
“Yes sweetie” Hannah replied bringing out plates from the rack..
“Are you okay?”she asked
“Yeah.. I’m okay, why do you ask?” Hannah asked with a little laugh..
“No special reasons” Jodi said and gave Josi a look.. they both chuckled silently and gave each other a thumbs up.. what are these girls up to?..
“Uhm.. why don’t I help you with that?” I asked walking over to Hannah..
She nodded without looking at me and handed me the plates.. our fingers touched and she hastily dropped the plates on the dash board..then walked over to check on the fish . I sighed and started arranging the plates on the counter..
I caught the twins smiling secretly..why do I get the feeling that they are both planning something?..


“Aww.. I wish you could sleep here tonight” Jodi cooed holding Hannah’s hand
“Same here unnie, okay.. why don’t you leave after braiding our hair again and another round of piggy back ride?” Josi said trying to negotiate
Hannah laughed and squatted..
“I can’t pumpkins.. I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you guys..that’s for sure” she said
“Promise?” They both asked still feeling bad..
“Yes, I promise” she said
“Mmh.. okay, I’ll miss you though” Jodi said and hugged her
“Me too” Josi added and hugged her too..
“Don’t worry, I’ll visit you guys some other time, ” Hannah said hugging them tight
“Good night cuties” she said and pecked both of them and stood up
“Bye..” they both muttered
“Bye .. bye Mr Cha” she said waving at them
“Bye..” Mr Cha said.. I nodded to him and walked out with Hannah…
She walked quietly to the garage with her bag and heels in her hands.. Mr Cha had stopped by the mall to get her a gown and a pair of slippers..
I beeped my BMW and hastily walked to the car and opened the door for her.. she glanced at me for a second and slipped in..
people are talking..
People are saying that you’ve been playing my heart, like a grand piano
I angrily changed the radio station to another one.. I don’t need such songs now..
Wise.. men say..
Only fools.. rush in
But I can’t help
Falling in love with you .
Uhh.. seriously? Why now?
I glanced at Hannah and her face was a bit moist.. I couldn’t see well because of the dark.. is she crying?..
I changed the channel and slowed down for the red light..
Kiss me underneath the mistletoe
Show me baby that you love me so
Oh oh oh oh
I frowned and switched off the radio..
So annoying!
The silence was getting really awkward, I looked at Hannah who was still very quiet.. she was staring at the buildings and I couldn’t help but love the way the cool night breeze blew her black hair around, the green light came on and I continued driving following the GPS..
“Uhmm.. are you okay?” I asked, she tucked her hair behind her ears and slowly licked her lips..
“Yeah” she breathed out with a sigh. I nodded and focused on the road..
I took a bend and increased the speed,
“About what the twins said..” I started without looking at her
“It’s all a mistake, I and Nina are nothing but friends.. and I sincerely don’t feel anything romantic for her.. Hannah I..”
“Stop” she said cutting me off, I glanced at her and faced the traffic
“Why all these explanations, huh?,” She asked
“Whatever relationship you’ve got with Nina doesn’t concern me.. it’s your personal life, why give me explanations?” She asked looking at me.
Because I’m falling for you psycho, I said mentally
“Wife, girlfriend, fiancee, side chick, side hen. I don’t care whatever she is to you Harry, besides kids don’t just say things” she said and inhaled..
“I Know I’m just your friend Harry, I know I can never be more than that, and you being my friend is enough for me, you don’t have to give me explanations, okay?” she added..
“Okay” I mumbled and stepped on the accelerator.
I turned on the radio and increased the volume.. I feel like punching something right now.. friends? Just friends? Huh!! Is that all she sees me as? A friend and nothing more?.. urh!
“..stop here” she said snapping me out of my thoughts
I screeched to a stop and looked around, we are in a T junction and all I can see Are stores, hotels and so on.
“Do you wanna get something?” I asked as I watched her unbuckle her seat belt.
“No.. thanks for the ride, I’ll walk from here” she said and opened the door and stepped out
“What!” I said and stepped out.
“Please tell me you are joking” I said
“I’m not” she said and closed the door
“But your leg is still hurting.. I can’t let you walk like this” I said pleadingly
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, my leg doesn’t hurt much.. besides my house isn’t too far from here. Thanks for everything” she said and started walking away.
“Hannah, there’s no way I’m letting you walk..” I said rushing towards her
“Ju Sung.. I can manage, don’t worry about me” she said calmly
“But I..”
“I really need to be on my own for now, I wanna clear somethings from my head, please don’t follow me.. I’ll see you tomorrow.. goodnight” she said and started walking down the street..
I stared at her for seconds and scratched my hair..
Why is Hannah so difficult?..
Crazy Hannah
Hannah’s pov
I slowly walked down the street and turned to look back.. Ju Sung was gone.. a part of me had really wished for him to stay.. I guess it’s my heart..
I sighed as thoughts ran through my head, Slowly going through the events of the day..
The kiss that was just so perfect, the kiss I never wanted to end, the kiss I thought meant something to Ju Sung.. the kiss that changed so many things, the kiss that awakened strange feelings in my system..the kiss that meant so much to me..
How could I have been so stupid?, Why did I ever let it happen?. Why did I accept to go to his house? What was I even thinking?.. for a moment there I thought, that may be we’d have a chance together.. that he felt something more than friendship for me?.. why did I get so carried away with just a kiss? I thought we’d maybe have a fairy-tale like Skyler and Lia.. those were my thoughts when we watched that movie. But reality slapped me in the face.. Harry and I can never be, we are world’s apart..
He’s not just one of the best surgeon in Korea, but he’s also the heir to the Lee’s properties.. he’s like royalty, while I’m just a crazy nurse with super strength, who is struggling to save her little brother who she almost killed…
I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, I reached up and wiped them off..
Now that I see it, Nina is best for him, she’s really beautiful, and nice According to the twins, she’s a doctor and also from a rich family.. the typical lady for any wealthy bachelor.
I looked up and saw a car heading towards me .
I rushed out of the road and looked at the car
“Sorry” I said
“Watch where you’re going lady” the driver yelled and sped off
I walked out of the closet and fell on my bed, I covered myself and stared at the ceiling.. I miss Sofia, she must be really worried since she didn’t see me at the hospital.. I wish I had a phone..
I turned to my side with my eyes still open..

To be continued

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