Crazy Hannah Episode 25


Hannah’s pov conts

Just then I started hearing the sound of a guitar, after the short note a voice started singing.. Sona’s
On normal days I’d match up to her room and yell at her for singing loud..
But today I couldn’t, I eventually found myself singing along, practically singing out my heart…
I’ll smile, I know what it takes to fool this town
I’ll do it ’til the sun goes down
And all through the night time, oh yeah,
Oh, yeah, I’ll tell you what you want to hear
Keep my sunglasses on while I shed a tear
It’s never the right time, yeah, yeah
I’ll put my armor on,
Show you how strong I am
I’ll put my armor on,
I’ll show you that I am
I’m unstoppable
I’m a Porsche with no brakes
I’m invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I’m so powerful
I don’t need batteries to play
I’m so confident
I’m unstoppable today
Unstoppable today
I’m unstoppable today
I break down, only alone I will cry out loud
You’ll never see what’s hiding out
Hiding out deep down, yeah, yeah
I know I’ve heard that to let your feelings show
Is the only way to make friendships grow
But I’m too afraid now, ye…
I was stopped by a shuffling sound, I sat up and looked around.. the sound stopped and started almost immediately.. I walked towards the window, someone was obviously trying to come in, I picked the side lamp and waited by the side.. the window slid open and the person jumped in wearing a black hoodie and black trousers, a girl?. I raised the lamp to hit her head , she slipped down the hoodie and turned towards my direction..
“Ahhhhh” Sofia yelled and rushed to the bed
“Shut up Sof” I said and hit her with my slippers.. she closed her mouth and stared at me..then we both bursted into laughter..
That was when I noticed the white bags and her black handbag..
“What are those?” I asked walking over to the bed
“Oh.. chicken and beer” she said dropping the bags on the floor.
“Thought you might need it, it’s been long we drank together” she added and I smiled..
“Oh and sorry for coming through the window, I didn’t want to disturb anyone by coming through the front doors” she said ..
“No problem, but how did you get up here anyway?” I asked bringing out the beers..
“Oh.. I uhm, climbed the tree beside your window, and I might have stepped on a squirrel or two” she mumbled.
“What!” I said and rushed to the window and looked out..
“Don’t worry, they are not dead..” she said and slipped out of her shirt leaving her singlet..
“How do you know?” I asked
“Cause I saw them running after I moved up” she said
“Oh.. okay”..
“So why didn’t I see you at the hospital?” She asked bringing out the chickens..
“I.. was um.. with Harry” I said
“Really? Where did you guys go?” She asked and opened the drinks
“His house” I replied
“His house?” She asked with her mouth full
“Yeah” I said and gulped down the drink..
“Wow. .. so tell me, wah happened? Were you guys alone? Did you guys like.. you know?” She asked excitedly..
“What… Nah.. ” I said and turned to look at the door.
“Come on Hannah, tell me what happened, something must have happened right?” She asked trying to meet my gaze..
I sighed and nodded..
“We.. uhm, actually .. we well..” I stuttered and glanced at her, then back to the drink in my hand
“We… Kissed” I breathed out and bit my lips
“What!.. oh my Goodness , awwn, that’s so sweet” she said and clapped her hands excitedly..
“Wait.. I don’t like that look, what happened? Why are you looking so sad?” She asked..
“Hannah come on say something, what happened?” She asked drawing closer to me
“I don’t know what’s happening to me Sof, I don’t understand what’s going on with me.. i don’t Know..” I said as tears ran down my cheeks..
“Don’t cry Hannah, please .. you’re gonna make me cry too, what happened? Please tell me.. is it Mr park? Is it about Nicky? Please tell me Hannah” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.
“It’s about Harry, I almost let him have me Sofia, I got so carried away, I don’t know what’s happening to me these days, I feel really drawn to Harry like a magnet, I feel so vulnerable whenever I’m with him, and Sof there’s this certain peace that runs through my body when we are together, I get tingles and little shocks like electric whenever our skin touches.. and I felt really jealous and bad when his sisters talked about that Nina girl.. and the worst part is that she’s Harry’s fiancee, his soon to be wife.. I feel so stupid Sof, I shouldn’t have gone with him, I feel really bad and lost.. at some point I thought he might have other feelings for me, I Know we’ve only known each other for days Sofia, but to me it feels like I’ve known him forever, I find myself wishing to hold him every single minute, I always want to be with him and sometimes forget who he really is.. I don’t know if it’s because he has been nice to me or if..”
“Shhhh.. it’s okay darling, it’s okay” she said and hugged me tight.
I hugged her tight as tears rushed down my eyes.
“I feel so terrible Sof, he said he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her, and what the twins said was a mistake.. I tried to believe him Sof, but I couldn’t.. why do I feel this way? Am I sick or something?” I asked
She withdrew and smiled out tears..
“You’re not Hannah, you’re not ill and nothing’s wrong with you” she said wiping the tears with her fingers
“What you feel Hannah..”she trailed off
“Is Love ” she said
I blinked my eyes and moved back a little
“What?” I asked unsure of what I just heard..
“You’re in Love Hannah” she said with a smile and her hands joined together.
“No.. no.. no way, I.. I can’t be in love with Ju Sung, I mean I only met him some days ago, it’s not possible. Besides I can never fall in love Sof, what are you saying” I said
“You’re in love Hannah, it doesn’t matter if you’ve only been friends for few days, or for years sweetheart.. you should know that ‘Love don’t care'” she said and squealed happily
“Finally my best friend is in love” she said and clapped her hands..
I frowned and exhaled, no matter how stupid it sounds to me, deep down I know she’s right.. I Love Harry.., but there’s no way I’m gonna express it.. and so I’m gonna stop this crazy feelings, one way or another
“Even if what you said was true” I started
“Which it is” she chimed in and I rolled my eyes
“I will never admit it, I’ll stop these crazy feelings from excalating” I said
“And how are you gonna do that?” She asked with a weird look..
“Mmh.. I guess, I just have to avoid Ju Sung for now” I said
“Even if works, you can’t avoid him forever” she stated and gulped down her beer
Yes I can, I mean it’s not gonna be so difficult right?
Harry’s pov
“How many times do I have to tell you girls, I and Nina are just friends and nothing more” I said already frustrated
They both stared quietly at me and shrugged
“Yeah, we know” Jodi said
“Oh really? Then what was all that talk about me getting married to her?” I asked with my hands on my waist
“It was all a set up Harry” Mr Cha said walking into the room..
“What?” I asked confused
“He’s right, we just wanted to confirm something” Josi said dropping the TV remote on the bed.
“Which is?”
“If she likes you or not” Jodi said smiling
“And from our little investigation, she’s head over heels in love with you” Josi said.
“How.. did you guys know?” I asked sitting beside them on the bed
“Can’t you see it? It’s written all over her” Jodi said
“And did you see her face when we talked about Nina? It was like this ” Josi said and they started laughing.
“She felt really bad Harry, as if she caught you cheating on her or something..” Jodi said
“Yeah, she really felt bad.. I noticed it too” I said
“You should tell her how you feel before it gets too late though” Jodi said
“I.. well, I never said I like like her” I mumbled
“Yeah right” Josi muttered and I glared at her
“Wait, how did you girls Know about relationships and stuff?” I asked looking at the both of them
“We do watch movies Harry” Jodi said
“And read magazines” Josi added
“Really?.. I’m calling dad right now, you guys aren’t supposed to be watching adult films and magazines.. I’m gonna have all the adult channels blocked, magazines throwed out and your phones seized” I threatened
“We are sorry oppa, you can block the channels and even burn the magazines, but please don’t take our phones” Jodi pleaded
“And don’t call Dad, if you do… He’ll be really mad at us and wouldn’t spend time with us for about a week, we’ll be all alone in the house with no mom or dad, Please Harry” Josi said already crying
I could feel my eyes already welling up.. “no mom or dad” the sentence really weakened me, I used to think I was the most affected after mom’s death, I never thought my sisters were going through worse pain, I mean they never saw mom, or touched her, they never heard her voice or kissed her.. they couldn’t do all those fun things I did with mom.. what could be more painful than that? I Know dad has been trying his best, he has been a single dad for twelve years, taking care of the twins by himself, with the Nani’s constantly helping him out..
I sighed and moved my hair with my fingers.
“Fine I won’t, just promise me you won’t watch and read adult stuffs again” I said
“We promise” they both said with a smile. I smiled and pecked their cheeks..
“Okay ladies, time for bed”Mr Cha said..

To be continued
I really wonder if Hannah’s plan will work out
Hope no body has forgotten about Nina, that cutie is gonna be up soon.

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