Crazy Hannah Episode 26


By Lady C

Sofia’s pov
wake me up
before you go
cause I’m..
“Hello” I said with a yawn
“Morning baby” he said
“Morning, how was your night?” I asked pulling off the sleeping mask
“Was okay, you?” He asked
“Was great” I said
“Okay, so are you ready for work?” He asked as Hannah walked out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel
“Uhh.. no, I’m still in bed” I said
“What? Why?” He asked
“We kinda slept late last night, so..”I trailed off
“We?” He asked
“Yeah, I’m with Hannah” I said
“That explains it, anyways I gotta go, tell her I said hi and she shouldn’t forget about our deal” he said
“Bye I love you” he said
“I love you too, bye” I said and threw the pillow at Hannah who was smiling and winking at me.
I dropped the call and stretched my hands..
“7:23am , Hannah why didn’t you wake me?” I asked running my hands into my hair
“I didn’t want to wake you, you looked so stressed last night and I didn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep” she said spreading her dress on the bed
“Okay.. ” I mumbled and stared at her for a while..
“Are you okay?” I asked,
“Yeah,” she said with a little smile
“About avoiding Harry, are you sure you can do that? Plus you do know you’re paired with him right?, whenever he has surgery, you are expected to be with him.. how are you gonna carry out your plan with that?” I asked
“Yeah, I can.. and I will, I’ve got everything under control, all I have to do is stay away from Harry surgery or no surgery, I mean how hard can it be” she said and threw the towel on my face
“Go take your bath, we are gonna be late” she added and fell on the bed
“You’re bluffing” I said
“No I’m not, I’m gonna stay in the store room today, I’ll scatter and rearrange drugs, if need be.. it’s the only place I Know Ju Sung wouldn’t think of looking for me. ” She said and I hit her the pillow
“You’re sick” I said and she chuckled
“So uhmm, is that how Luke calls you every morning?” She asked sitting up with her legs folded together
“Yeah, morning and night.. he makes sure he’s the first to call me in the morning and the last in the night” I said
“Awwn so sweet” she cooed
“Love is a beautiful thing Hannah, although sometimes it hurts. But it’s amazing especially when you are with the right person” I said and she smiled
“So, don’t you guys .. like, fight?” She asked
“Yeah, sometimes.. we argue, exchange words, cry, yell at each other, kiss and settle, that’s how love is.. but most times it’s all fun.…” I said and she rolled her eyes
“Sounds boring” she mumbled
“Yeah keep deceiving yourself, deep down you Know it’s true” I said and jumped down from the bed
“Anyways, Luke said hi and that you shouldn’t forget our deal to have drinks whenever you’re free” I said and rushed towards the bathroom door
“Be careful in there, the floor is slippe....”
Too late, I fell down with a thud and rubbed my butt..
“Ouch! ” I half yelled
Hannah rushed in and started laughing
“Sorry” she said and continued laughing
I glared at her and made to stand up
“You’re dead” I mumbled and tried to kick her and winced in pain
“Ow! ” I said and rubbed my butt….
Hannah’s pov
We got to the 11th floor and walked out of the elevator then took a bend down the hall
“Okay, so here’s the plan, you’ll take my bag to the office and I’ll go straight to the store room, do not tell Harry where I am okay..? I..”
“Why?” A voice asked from behind,
We both wheeled and I sighed when I saw Dr Evans staring at us..
“Gosh! You startled me” I said placing my hand on my chest
“Sorry.. I didn’t mean to” he said with a little smile
“Good morning ” I greeted
“Good morning sir” Sofia greeted
“Morning, uhm are you girls just coming?” He asked
“Yes” I replied
“Okay.. uhm, I guess I’ll see you later Hannah” he said with a smile
“Sofia.. surgery is in 20mins, okay?” He said
“Okay” Sofia muttered
“Bye” he said and walked away
“So as I was..” I trailed off
“Hannah go.. go, run” she said cutting me off
“Why?” I asked confused
“Harry is coming, he just walked out of the elevator.. ” she rushed, I looked through the glass walls and saw Harry walking towards the bend while typing on his phone with his right hand and his left hand in his pocket.
My heart started beating fast and doing back-flips,
“Oh gosh.. oh gosh..” I mumbled and pushed my bag in Sofia’s hand and ran towards the maternity section..
I rushed into a ward where some doctors and nurses where attending to some patients..
I hurried to the last row and hid behind the bed..
“Uhh.. Hannah?”a female voice called, I looked up and saw Dr Lina staring at me with a confused Expression
“Hi Lina” I said,
“Hi.. why are you hiding is someone or something chasing you?” She asked looking towards the door..
“No.. not at all, I am hiding from someone, I don’t want him to see me” I said
She chuckled and stretched her hand
“Come out Ann no one’s coming” she said and pulled me up.
We have been friends since she started working here, Lina Sùn Wú, she’s the second daughter of the Wu’s, although she’s rich, she’s very friendly and nice.. she studied in the states for few years and later came back to Korea and yeah, she’s one of the best and finest doctors in H.R, she’s also 22 but a month older than me..
“Wow… You look so lean, haven’t you been eating?” She asked looking at me
“Well.. it’s just stress, that’s all” I said and she smiled
“Well, I’m gonna load you up again.. lunch is on me” she said
“Okay.. so how was your one month vacation?” I asked
“It was.. okay” she said with a smile
“I told you to come with me but you didn’t, I understand though.. I still got you a souvenir anyways” she said and I smiled
“Awwn thanks” I said
“So how’s Sofia?” She asked leading me out of the ward
“She’s fine.. she should be in the theater now” I said looking side ways for any sign of Harry..
“So what’s his name?” She asked throwing me off balance
“Who?” I asked
“The guy you’re hiding from, is he a doctor?” She asked
“Oh.. it’s uhm, Dr Harry” I said and she gasped
“The chairman’s son? Is he your boyfriend?” she asked in a whisper.. I blushed and shook my head negatively
“We.. are just friends, friends and nothing more” I said
“I heard he’s really handsome, and that he’s really the best surgeon in H.R, but I’ve not seen him since I came” she said
“Well.. I think it’s because you just resumed today” I said matter of factly
“Yeah, I guess so too” she said and pulled me into the elevator
Sofia’s pov
I watched as Hannah rushed into the maternity section, I looked back and saw Harry walking towards me, he was on a call and was smiling, he looked so happy.. i guess he’s talking with a friend.
I bowed to him and tried to rush out, he held my arm and gently pulled me back to stand in front of him..
What… No way, I said I’m sorry man
he said I couldn’t hear what the other person was saying though
I lost your number Ollie, my assistant just gave the numbers to me he said and chuckled
Ollie.. hmm, is it a girl or a boy?.. he looked at me and raised his index finger..
“One minute” he mouthed to me and I nodded
You Know what?, Why don’t you and the guys come over to my suite or my main house, the penthouse is also included, whichever one you like.. let’s have a little reunion, it’s been too long
Tell Alister, Collins and Olivia, I wanna see you guys on Friday night, I don’t care to Know what ever part in Asia they are Oliver.. you Know what? Don’t bother.. I’ll call them myself he said and laughed a few seconds later
Okay, bye he said and hang up..
He tucked his hands and his phone in his pockets and looked at me with a smile
“Sorry about that, good morning” he said. Wow, I never knew he was this humble, is he really greeting me?
“Goo.. good morning sir” I said with a little bow and he chuckled
“Uhm.. is Hannah here yet?” He asked
“Uhh.. I.. well.. yes.. no.. no.. she’s upstairs” I stuttered and bit my lips
“Huh?” He asked confused
“Sorry.. I mean she… She’s here,” I said
“So where’s she now?” He asked looking around
My goodness! Hannah has succeeded in Killing me again, what do I say now
“She’s, well.. i.. uhm, she’s up no, downstairs.. ” I said with my fingers crossed behind me
He stared at me for seconds with pouted lips and finally asked
“Did Hannah ask you to lie?” He asked looking at me
“Yes” I blurted out without thinking.
“No.. no, Why would she do that? Because she’s trying to avoid you? Nah.. that would be so dumb” I said with a wave of my hands and mentally punched myself for practically spilling out the beans..
He smiled and mumbled something like
“Five minutes madness at it’s peek” what!!!
He sighed and moved closer to me, then leaned down and whispered into my ears..
“You don’t Know how to lie, when you see Hannah.. tell her to keep running, she can’t avoid me forever.. I’m irresistible” he whispered and moved back..
He made to leave and turned to look at me.. he raised his fingers to my chin and gently closed my mouth.. he winked and cat-walked away with his hands in his pocket..
Uhh!.. I’m going to kill that woman today, I’ll never try to lie because of her again!.. uhh!.

To be continued eh!

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