Crazy Hannah Episode 27


By Lady C

Harry’s pov
I walked into my office and closed the door.. I tucked my hands in my pockets and sluggishly traced my steps to my seat..
I looked at the file I was going through earlier and reluctantly picked it.
I opened the book and the little drama with Hannah’s friend flashed through my mind.. crazy women..
Does she really think I’ll stay away from her? I thought mentally and scoffed audibly.
But I’ll let her be for now though, I’ll see how long she can keep up with this,… I have a feeling I’ll see her today, and when I do, I won’t let her slip this time.
I closed the file and picked my phone, I tapped on the screen and checked the time..
11: 21am, I have to be in the theater in the next 39 minutes, hehehe.. Hannah can’t possibly run from the theater right? She has to be there whether she likes it or not.
I can’t wait to see what happens when I see my crazy psycho ..
Hannah’s pov
“3677, 3678, 3679, 5000.. uhh!!” I screamed and threw the drugs on the floor..
What am I even counting? I scratched my hair and looked around.. the whole floor was covered with drugs.
So many opened cartons were on the floor and my back is even aching me now.. I can’t believe I’m doing all this because of a guy..
Harry has turned me into something else, and I sincerely don’t like it.. I guess. I’ve never.. ever hidden from anyone before. .. well except those I borrowed money from.. like Mrs goo and the rest
But aside from those people, Hannah has never in her entire life run because of a man.. I’ve always kept my walls high and secured.. but now those walls are broken by not just any man, Harry.. the first guy I ever felt a thing for. He broke those walls without knowing and even worse, in just few days.. what kinda guy is he?
A few hours ago, Sofia had matched into this room with a frown, threatening fire and brimstone, asking me not to ever make her lie again.. I’d calmed her down after a few minutes and told her about Lina’s return and of course the lunch treat and souvenirs..
Talking about lunch, I raised my wrist and glanced at my watch.. “2:13pm!”
Gosh I’m so late for my free lunch, I quickly stood up and cleaned my uniform.. I hastily started arranging the drugs properly in the cartons, after few minutes, I was done with all the drugs.. I carried 8 boxes at a time and set them gently on the sides of the store room..
With that done, I dusted my hands and rushed out of the room..
I was about walking out of the elevator, when I saw a figure walking towards the same elevator.. I rolled my eyes from his shoes, to his hands tucked in his pockets, then his Id card on his breast pocket, to the Adams apple that moved down a bit, and then those perfect lips, nose , hair and eyes.. Harry
“Ahhh” I yelled inaudibly and moved into the elevator, I pressed all the buttons, hoping, praying and wishing he’d not seen me..
I watched with pounding hearts as the metal door started closing, I was about to breathe a sigh of relief when a leg stepped in between the door, stopping it from closing.. my eyes widened as the door opened to reveal a smirking Harry.. he walked in and stared at me, as if suming me up..
“Goo.. good afternoon” I stuttered
“Finally, the goose gets caught” he mumbled..
I breathed and looked at the floor.. gosh! What am I going to do?
“Are you seriously avoiding me?” He asked
“Why? Do you have feelings for me?” He asked staring at my face.. I blinked my eyes and faked cough…
“I.. oh aigoo, I … forgot my purse, clumsy me” I said laughing nervously
” uhm.. I’ll just quickly go and get it..” I trailed off and moved towards the door..
I felt his hands on my arm as he quickly pulled me back, causing me to hit my back on the wall.. with his hands on each side of the wall..
“Psycho, You’re busted” he said and instantly took my lips in his…
To be continued..

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