Crazy Hannah Episode 28


By Lady C

Hannah’s pov
I shut my eyes and didn’t Know what to do.. should I kiss him back?, Should I unlock and rush out of the elevator,? What if someone sees us like this? Is this right? I could already feel him trying to make me open up with his teeth.. to say that I was confused was an understatement.
And beside myself, I put all rational thoughts behind me and kissed him back.. opening up to give him access.
I slowly brushed my fingers to his neck and pulled him closer.. our tongues met and dueled, we changed angles, biting, sucking and nibbling softly.. one of his hands was already on my waist, with the other in my hair..he unlocked briefly to catch his breath, he pecked my lips and moved back, I slowly opened my eyes and saw him staring at me.
Nina is his girlfriend
they are gonna get married soon
The words came sounding loudly in my ears
Hannah you’re so stupid, how could you let yourself fall again.. Harry is someone else’s, he can never be yours, stop fooling yourself.. he’s just using you, now he even kisses you whenever he likes.. wake up Hannah! Wake up!..
“Hannah.. Hannah?” Harry called snapping me out of my thoughts..
“Mmh” I hummed
“Are you okay?… Is something wrong? What are you thinking?” He asked looking worried.. that was when I noticed we were still in the elevator
“I. I’m fine” I said, with a choking voice as a tear rolled down my cheek..
His features changed as he looked down at me..
“Hannah what’s wrong?.. did I hurt you? Is it about the kiss.. is it about Nina? Tell me what is it?” He asked holding my hands..
“Why are you doing this?” I asked looking in his eyes
His features Changed from worried to confused
“I.. don’t understand” he said
“Yeah, you don’t.. and I’m not ready to make you understand either” I said and slowly withdrew my hands from his and hastily dried my tears
“Please don’t kiss me without my consent again, I might end up doing something really stupid” I said
“Hannah I..”
“And I would really appreciate if we end this friendship stuff, it’s getting out of hand. Let’s just continue maintaining the boss and employee’s relationship, it would be better that way” I said and moved towards the metal doors, I inhaled and turned to look at him.. his eyes already darkened,with different emotions glowing in them, he was clearly angry, but he somehow managed to control himself
“I’m late for lunch, I have to go now.. do have a nice day sir” I said and bowed then wheeled and pressed the button.. the door opened and I stepped out and walked down the hall without looking back. I could sense him still staring at me, I was tempted for a second to turn back, but I didn’t. The doors closed with a beep, and tears threatened to fall.. I looked up and blinked back the tears.
Hannah is brave, she’s a strong woman, she’s never vulnerable, she’s always on her guard, she never cries… But the exact opposite of these things is what I’ve been doing through out this week.. i fell in love against my wish and for someone who’s already taken, now I know I’m not meant to love.. who would even want a woman like me?
“Unnie!” A tiny voice yelled snapping me out of my thoughts..
I looked around and noticed I had Walked into the kids section without even realizing it..
“Hannah..” the voice called again, I looked around but didn’t see anyone.
“I’m right here unnie” I looked down and saw Jumík standing beside me with a smile on her face..
“Aigoo, my baby.. I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there” I said and carried her up in my arms
“Unnie, what happened? I didn’t see you for days, you no longer came to give me my shots, or play with me, your friend was the one who took your place and believe me her hands are too painful, my butt is still hurting me” she said with a funny face.. I chuckled and tucked her hair behind her ears.
“Sorry sweetheart, unnie was really busy.. I’m sorry, I didn’t come to check on you, but I’m here now. Please forgive your unnie, she’s really sorry” I said with a sad face..
“I’ll only forgive you if you agree to play with me” she said trying to negotiate.
I smiled and nodded
“Okay, I promise.. I will” I said and she smiled happily
“You’re forgiven unnie” she said I smiled and kissed her cheek
“Thanks baby, so what do you wanna do first?” I asked walking over to her bed
Harry’s pov
I seriously don’t understand Hannah.. why can’t she understand that I feel something for her? She’s smart right, I expected her to have figured it out by now.. is she still thinking about what the twins said?, I thought I told her it was all a mistake.. I know I shouldn’t have kissed her like that, but it was just so tempting. I didn’t even know when I did it and truthfully I’m not regretting it either..
I never knew she was so emotional, I guess it’s because it’s her first time.
Well, I’m gonna set things straight ASAP, I need to let her know how I really feel about her, even though we just met some days ago..
I watched in amazement as she carried a fat kid on her back, giving him a horse ride.. she got to one point and dropped him, she carried another and did same.. after several minutes, she said something and tried to stand up.. they all surrounded her and pulled her down, whilst laughing childishly.. trying to get on her back.. I laughed as she started running around the ward with the kids behind her..
Although she was laughing, I could still see sadness in her eyes, as if she sensed me.. she looked towards my direction and I quickly moved to the side, using the wall as a shield..
My phone started ringing and I rushed out..
Hannah’s pov
“Unnie are you okay?” Jumík asked looking at me
“Yeah, you guys exhausted me.. but I’m fine, why did you ask?” I asked
“Cause you look sad” she said
“Well.. I am” I said looking at her
“Did someone say something bad to you? Did someone hurt you? Tell me, I’ll teach them a lesson for hurting my Hannah” she said seriously
I laughed and brushed her hair with my hands..
“It’s someone ..a friend” I said
“What did she do to you?” She asked looking at me
“He well.. kinda broke my tiny whiny heart” I said and she made and o with her mouth
“I see” she said and nodded..
“Well, why don’t you break his as well?” She asked
I laughed and hugged her to myself
“You’re so funny Jumík” I said
“Well, I’m serious unnie. Show him who the boss lady is, ‘you’, show him that no one breaks your heart and gets away with it.. he’s your friend doesn’t mean he can hurt you as he pleases, show him that you’re super woman and that you’re stronger than he thinks.. fighting! You always say that unnie, when I was first admitted here, you said I should fight the sickness, that a Korean girl always fight right? Unnie it’s your turn now.. get up and fight!” She said
“Fighting!” She yelled raising her fist up..
Yeah, fighting!
I’m gonna fight, but how? I don’t even know, how do I get all these crazy feelings out? And prove to Harry that he’s indeed irresistible?.. I’ve got no idea..
But a Korean woman always fights.. and that’s what I’m gonna do.
To be continued.

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