Crazy Hannah Episode 29


By Lady C
Harry’s pov
“Good afternoon sir” I said staring out the glass wall
“Ju Sung, I thought we’ve been through this? What’s the issue with Nina?” He asked throwing me off guard
“I don’t understand” I said pretending not to know what he was taking about
“Don’t even think of playing dumb with me Ju Sung! You know exactly what I’m talking about” he said
“No.. I don’t” I mumbled
He sighed and paused for some seconds
“Do you really want to do this? Well.. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, why did you hurt her?” He asked
“It wasn’t my intention dad, I just told her the truth and nothing more, it’s not my fault if she felt hurt by it.. the truth is bitter after all, and I’m not regrett…” I trailed off
“Shut up Harry!” He barked, he called me Harry, now he’s really pissed
“You can’t date a woman for years and just call it off for no single reason Harry, ”
“But I never dated her dad, is that what she said?” I asked unbelievably
“If you didn’t date then what happened between you both that resulted in her pregnancy some months after you left?” He asked
Pregnancy? Did I just hear what I thought I did..
“Wh… What?” I stuttered in a low voice.
“She was pregnant for you idiot! Did you think your little romance wouldn’t lead to something? Huh?” He asked
I was already feeling cold, I could feel shivers running down my spine
“I.. I don’t understand, but .. I.. we, uhmm.. how, where.. where’s the child?” I asked scratching my hair
“She’s lost it, she almost died Ju Sung, she went through a lot, all because of you, I don’t care if what you guys had was just a one night stand or not, besides we need all the shares we can get now.. you’d better find a way to get her back.. I just spoke with her father and he’s threatening to withdraw his shares if you don’t do the right thing, and you better start now, go to her house and apologize, buy her flowers, chocolates or whatever.. I’m really busy here, I’ll call your sisters later and when I do, I will be expecting some good news from you, do you understand?” He asked
“I can’t dad, I’m sorry.. I don’t love her, I never did and I don’t think I will ever feel anything for Nina” I said quietly
“Huh?” He asked
“I love someone else, although I haven’t told her yet, but she’s the one I want” I said
“Harry, are you sick? Huh? Didn’t you hear what I just said? Do what I asked you to or I’ll block all your accounts and have your house guarded, with no one coming in or going out, I’ll make sure I send..”
“You can do whatever you want Mr Lee” I said cutting him off
“What!” He said
“You can come down to Korea if you like, I don’t care.. even if heaven comes down.. I will never.. ever apologize for telling Nina the truth, her father can withdraw the shares if he likes.. H.R doesn’t need him, we’ve got over 250 branches across the world, his withdrawal wouldn’t shake our accounts one bit.. and even if it does, we’ve got several other private organizations, like real estate, resorts and the rest, we are well backed and if he..”
“I don’t care Harry! You’re apologizing and that’s it.. I am your father and you can’t disobey me” he barked
“I am not apologizing father, I am a grown man for crying out loud, I am no longer the fifteen years old boy you sent to France, I am 25 and I’ve got every right to make my own decisions.. and that includes choosing my own woman, and she can never be Nina..” I said angrily
“Please Dad, I’ve always listened to you, I’ve always done what you wanted, just let me stay with the woman I want, that’s what mom would have wanted, right?” I asked with teary eyes..
He breathed and said nothing
“Fine, if you won’t let me, then I would have no choice but to return to France first thing tomorrow morning, and you can make the twins your heir, besides you’ve got enough men to help manage your hospitals for you” I said
“You’re bluffing” he said
“I’ll show you I’m not, once I hang up.. I’m going home, getting my things and leaving Korea, and you’ll never see me again” I said
“But..what about Nina” he asked tiredly
“I’ll sort things out with her, but I’m not going to apologize.. besides there are some things I need to find out from her” I said..
He sighed
“Do whatever you like.. but on one condition” he said
“What?” I asked
“Tell me the truth.. who’s she?” He asked
“Who?” I asked sincerely confused
“The girl you love” he said
“Oh.. uhm, well.. she’s..” I drawed
“Miss Shù?” He asked more like stated. Surprised I said
“.. I, yeah.. how did you know?” I asked
“I am your father Ju Sung, you’re just like me… I knew from the day you first saw her at the hospital.. I must admit, I’m impressed, a bit pissed? Yes… because you just blackmailed me..” he said and I smiled
“Sorry Dad” I said and he laughed
“It’s okay… I’ve been watching Hannah for years now, she’s one unique woman, she reminds me of your mother a lot, and I secretly wished of having her as a daughter in law.. I guess that wish is gonna come true after all” he said and I blushed
“I never said I was gonna marry her dad” I said
“Yeah right.. do tell her soon, she’s a pretty woman, tell her before it gets too late” he said
“I will dad, thanks” I said
“Yeah, I have to go now.. I need to think of the perfect lie for Khù, i can’t just tell him his daughter is off the list” he said with a little laugh
I chuckled and nodded
“Yeah, bye” I said.
And he dropped the call..
Pheww that’s settled, now the last piece of the puzzle to solve is Hannah.
But hold up. Nina was pregnant, how is that possible, I thought she said she was on pills?..
What would I have done if she had given birth? Of course I’d love the child, but Nina?.. nah..
Hannah’s pov
I walked into I and Sofia’s office for the first time, since morning…
I walked over to the window and stared down at the streets and road..
What am I going to do now? I’m just so confused, what if … Uhh!,’s not possible..
I walked to my chair and sat down.. tomorrow’s Thursday my off day. I guess I’ll just stay at home with Nicky.. I have not been with him for about two days now, plus I’ll just do some chores and have fun, I and Nicky will watch operas and eat whatever we want. That’s if Haley doesn’t come though…
My eyes were getting heavier, I yawned and placed my head on the chair with my eyes closed.
“Hannah.. Hannah” a voice said followed by a little tap.. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sofia looking at me
“Hi.. Sof” I said yawning
“Hi.. you didn’t come for lunch, I looked for you but I couldn’t find you, Lina was worried.. what happened?” She asked walking towards her table
“Sorry, I was a bit busy with something” I said
“What?” She asked
“.. uhh, kids section. I was with Jumík” I said
“Oh.. the little cutie, she did say she was missing you though” she said
“Yeah” I said with a wry smile
“Spill Hannah.. what else” she said looking at me
I smiled and rubbed my temple
“Nothing.. there’s nothing to tell, how was surgery” I asked trying to change the topic.. she noticed and chuckled, then nodded
“It was okay… Although I wasn’t planning to stay in the theater with Dr lan for so long” she said and smiled
He picked her bag and walked over to my chair, she sat on the table and tucked my hair behind my ears..
“You’re gonna be fine, right?” She asked..
I nodded and smiled out tears, she hugged me and pecked my hair
“You can talk to me whenever you want, okay?” She said
“Yeah” I said and hugged her tight..
She chuckled and kissed my hair again..
“We have to go Hannah, it’s getting late ” she said softly, I withdrew and looked around..
“I didn’t Know it was evening already” I said and picked my bag..
“Yeah, I guess it’s because you was sleeping” she said and I nodded
“So.. you’re not coming tomorrow, it’s gonna be really boring without you girlfriend” she said as we walked down the road
“Don’t worry, Lina’s gonna be there with you” I said and she frowned
“Yeah, but you won’t” she said and I smiled
“Stop being a baby Sof” I said
“Well I’m a baby alright” she said
“Yeah, a 23 years old baby to Luke” I said and she laughed and playfully hit me…
“So.. I was thinking” she said
“What?” I asked
“Why don’t we go to the movies tonight?” She asked
“We?” I asked as we both jumped over a pot hole
“Yeah, me you and Luke” she said
“We planned on going tonight, and I was thinking if you’d go with us?” She asked
“Oh . I’d love to” I said
“Yes” she said happily
“But… I can’t, I need to do something really important tonight” I said and she frowned clearly disappointed
“What kind of things” she asked
“Personal things,” I said with a smile and she gasped
“You’re gonna kill Bruno, aren’t you?” She asked
“Well I’d love to.. but nah” I said
“You’re gonna meet Frankenstein?” She asked
“No.. gosh no! Seriously? Why would I want to meet Frankenstein of all people?” I asked
“I don’t know…” She said with a shrug..
“It’s something personal, ” I said.. which was a lie by the way, I just didn’t want to be the third wheel.. it’s one of their couples night, although I’d love to hang out with them, I just don’t like the idea of being like a liability to them especially Sofia.
“Hmm. Okay, whatever you say” she said
“I’ll see you tommorow then, I’ll stop by your house in the evening” she said and hugged me
“Alright.. goodnight, bye” I said and slowly withdrew
“Yeah, bye. I love you” she said loudly
“I didn’t hear that” I said as she walked down her street..
*Next morning*
Last night had been really terrible for me, after dinner. I had chatted with my siblings and later watched a movie with Sona and mom. Who kept talking about Harry.. Harry.. Harry .
A few minutes after eleven, I was already in my bed and images of Harry kept appearing in my room… talking and arguing with me, Making me act like a total freak..
It was until after 2am I was able to sleep.. and even when I woke up, it started again.
It stopped when Haley came over, yes mom had been surprised to see me spending my day off at home for the first time.. she’d asked if I was ill. The rest of the family was not left out either. After several minutes of persuasion..they all left for their various destinations..
Nicky and I had so much fun, until Haley came. And I decided to start with my chores. Now I am outside spreading the laundries..
“Hey” I turned to my left and saw Harry leaning on the wall..
I breathed and closed my eyes
“Do you need my help?” He asked gently brushing his hands around my waist from behind…
I shook my head and closed my eyes
“You’re not real.. you’re not real” I whispered.
“Yes I am to you” he said placing soft kisses on my cheek down to my neck..
“Can’t you see.. you can’t get rid of me” he said
“Yes I can” I mumbled and opened my eyes.. I turned to look at him and found no one there…gosh! Am I going crazy?..
“We are meant to be together” his voice said again.. this time he was standing in front of me..
“Can’t you see? Our souls are meant to become one” he said stroking my cheeks with his thumb
“No.. you’re just an imagination.. you’re not real” I said
“I love you Hannah..” he said moving his face closer to mine.. he brought his face down and I closed my eyes, instead of his lips, i felt nothing but the cool breeze, I opened my eyes and frowned deeply
For a moment there, I really wished he was real..
I looked around and rushed to the front of the house..
I was about to open the door when I felt a strong sensation.. and this time it felt like he was real, I wheeled and saw him standing in front of the short white wooden gate..
“You’re not real, you’re just my imagination.. my mind’s trick.. fine, I admit i.. love you so much, but why are you haunting me huh? You now appear like a ghost wherever I go… Knowing that you’re already taken, isn’t that enough punishment? Huh?, I Know I can never have anything with you, so why are you still haunting me?” I asked as tears rolled down my cheek
He just stood there with so many emotions on his face, which was quite unusual.. cause all imaginary Harry must have a word or two to say..
And that was when I noticed it, his blue t-shirt, crazy black skinny jeans, designer shades on his hair, his black slipper with diamond stones and matching belt.. no.. no.. no, it can be..
Just then his phone started ringing.
“ahhhh” I yelled and rushed into the house.. gosh! Oh my gosh! That’s the real Harry.. oh no, I just confessed my feelings to the real Harry..
“ gosh!” I said hitting my legs on the floor..
“Noona.. are you okay?” I turned to see Nicky and Haley staring at me with surprise on their faces..
I was cut off by a knock on the door..
I felt as if a needle pierced my heart, the knock came again and I nearly jumped out of my skin
“Unnie are you okay? You’re already pink” Haley said looking at me
“Won’t you answer the door?” Nicky asked
The knock came again and I rushed to the couch..
“Hannah.. seriously my hands are already hurting, please just let me in.. I really need to talk to you.. please just two minutes” he said
“Tell him I’m not at home” I whispered to Haley.
She walked to the door and I hid at the back of the couch
“Good afternoon sir” she greeted
“Hi.. cutie, uhm can you please tell Hannah to come? I really need to talk to her” he said
“Well.. she’s not around” she said
“Huh? But I saw her run in some minutes ago” he said
“..but, she told me to tell you that she’s not around” she said and I widened my eyes
“Huh?” Harry said
“She’s even hiding at the back of the couch..oppa come in you’ll see her, come” she said and took his hands..
Gosh I’m finished, what’s wrong with Haley? I looked at Nicky and he was biting his lips..clearly he was trying to hide his laughter
“There she is” haley said.. I looked up and saw Harry staring down at me with a smile..
I smiled and looked under the couch..
“Aisshh.. Nicky I didn’t see the remote, I guess it’s not under this couch” I said and slowly stood up, ignoring Harry’s gaze
“But.. the remote is with me, we aren’t looking for ..”
“Ahh.. stop talking and enjoy your movie” I said covering his mouth with a little laugh
“Hi Hannah” Harry said
“Hi.” I said without looking at him
“Uhm.. can we talk?” He asked
“No.. ” I rushed
“Please..” he said
“I.. ”
“Uhh.. this is so annoying” Nicky said looking at the TV..
Harry turned to glance at him, then back at me and then at him again..
He looked at me with sad eyes and mouthed
“Is he crippled?”
“Not really” I mouthed back
“What happened” he mouthed again
“It’s kinda complicated” I mouthed back and he nodded, then stared at Nicky for some seconds..
“He’s really cute” he whispered
And I nodded
“Wait is that a sci-fi movie?” He asked looking at the TV
“Yeah, dark matters” Haley replied
“It’s really interesting.. come sit, you’ll love it trust me” Nicky said tapping the couch beside his wheelchair.. Harry smiled and sat beside him..
“What’s your name” he asked
“Nicholas, but they all call me Nicky, and she’s my friend Haley” he said with a smile
“What about you?” He asked
“I’m Harry, ” he said and Nicky gasped
“Wait you’re Hannah’s boyfriend?.. gosh! Hannah your boyfriend is really handsome.. I thought mom was lieing” he said and Haley nodded
Harry smiled and glanced at me, I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen..
To be continued..

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