Crazy Hannah Episode 30


By Lady C
Episode 30
Harry’s pov
“Mom said you’re a doctor.. is it true?” Nicky asked staring at me
“Yeah, I also work in H.R” I said
“Cool” he said and turned to face the TV
“Don’t you attend school?” I asked
“I do, but.. I had to stop some months ago” he replied simply
“Why?” I asked
“Uhm.. personal reasons, I’d like to tell you, but I can’t.. Hannah said never to talk about it, sorry” he said without looking at me
“Okay..” I mumbled and faced the TV
“Do you like the movie?” He asked
“Yes.. it’s nice” I said
“I told you..” he said with a smile..
Just then Hannah walked out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs.. she came back minutes later with her hand bag..
“Haley, please look after Nicky, there’s food in the kitchen, I am going to the pharmacy, I’ll be back shortly” she said without looking at me, then turned towards the door
“What about Harry?” Nicky asked
She looked at me and shrugged
“Mmh, he can leave whenever he wants” she said and opened the door
“Bye” she said and shut the door cutting Nicky off
He looked at me apologetically .. I smiled lightly, then stood up and walked out..
Hannah was already outside the gate.. I rushed after her and she quickened her steps
“Hannah.. wait” I said
“Hannah please, just hear me out” I said and held her hand pulling her to a stop. She breathed and turned to look at me
“What do you want Harry?” She asked
“You.. I need to talk to you Hannah” I said
“I’m sorry, but I’m busy” she snapped her hand from mine and started walking away..
“BianĂ©” I said frustratedly.. she stopped in her tracks but didn’t turn to look at me.. I sighed and walked towards her
“I’m sorry for everything Hannah.. please just hear me out, I beg you” I said..
She sighed softly and turned to look at me
“Fine.. tell me” she said
“I will.. but not here, can you please come with me in my car? I’ll tell you everything” I said
She looked at me and scoffed
“No way, you asked for my attention and now that you have it, you’re asking me to come with you, well I’m sorry I can’t.. I have to go now” she said and turned to leave
“Hannah please, I’ll tell you on our way to the pharmacy, besides it would be easier and faster for you.. please angel, I’m begging” I said, she reluctantly turned with a frown
“Fine.. but I’m only going because of the sun” she said
“No problem” I said
“So.. where’s your car?” She asked
“It’s over there” I said and she nodded
“Let’s go” she said
“Okay baby” I said and she glared at me
“Sorry” I mumbled and rushed in front
“Are you serious?” She asked surprised
“Yeah, it was all a set up.. they just wanted to Know if you had a thing for me, and it turns out that you really do” I said and she scoffed
“I can’t believe this, and I fell for every single word they said, gosh!” She said looking at me
“Yes.. I told you.. but you didn’t believe me, you really hurt me Hannah” I said
“How?” She asked in a low voice
“You didn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t dating Nina, I mean.. you did say we are friends right? Aren’t friends supposed to trust each other?”I asked
“Are you trying to turn this on me..?” She asked with a little smile and I shrugged
“Fine.. I’m sorry Ju Sung, from today, I promise to always trust you completely” she said..
Wow.. she called me Ju Sung, I guess shes no longer angry, it feels so good to hear that..
“..I’ll forgive you on one condition” I said
“And what is it?” She asked.. I glanced at her and faced the traffic
“You have to give me a kiss” I said
“Huh?” She said with her eyes wide open
“You heard me.. a kiss, come on Hannah do it” I said
“I can’t” she said
“Stop being a drama queen Hannah.. just a kiss” I said
“, no I can’t” she said
“If you don’t, I’ll leave the steering wheel” I threatened
“Ah! You can’t” she said
“Uhh!..Just do it Hannah..”
“Fine..” she mumbled and leaned closer, she hastily pecked my cheek and moved back.. I chuckled and shook my head
“That wasn’t the kind of kiss I was anticipating, but.. I’ll manage it” I said and she smiled

Hannah’s pov
Soon we got to the mall, Harry drove into the parking lot and we stepped out . He beeped the car and took my hands in his right hand.. while holding his phone and car key in his other
We walked in and people started staring at us.. some were mummuring, while others just looked on, I caught some taking pictures.. I keep forgetting who he really is, I looked at Harry and he smiled down at me.. I held his hand tight as we walked to the pharmacy section..
We walked in and his phone started ringing, he looked at the screen and sighed..he slid his credit card in my hand and moved closer to me.. for a moment I thought he was gonna kiss me..
“22341, that’s the password..get whatever you want, don’t worry about the price” he said and moved back
“Meet me outside when you’re done.. I need to take this” he said raising his phone
“Okay” I said, he squeezed my hand and sluggishly walked out
I turned and walked towards the attendant..
“Good morning ma’am”she greeted
“How may I help you?” She asked
“Morning.. uhm can you give me…”
I walked out holding a white bag with all the drugs in it.. I looked around and saw Harry walking towards me with his hands tucked in his pockets.
“Hey.. are you done?” He asked
“Yeah” I said
“Who are those for anyway?” He asked taking my free hand in his
“Uhm.. Nicky” I replied
“Oh.. okay, uhm.. I’ve been wondering..” he said
“How long has he been using that chair?” He asked
“Almost a year now.. but, don’t worry.. he’s gonna be fine soon, can we leave now?” I asked trying to end the conversation.. if Harry finds out I was the one behind Nicky’s accident, he’d hate me for life, and I honestly don’t want that..
“.. okay, but don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything, okay?” He said staring at me
“Okay..” I said
“Promise?” He asked
I sighed and nodded
“I promise” I said
“To what?” He asked..
“I promise to tell you if I need anything” I said and he smiled sweetly
“Good girl” he said, I smiled and rolled my eyes..
“Can we go now?” I asked
“Nop” he popped
“Why?” I asked
“Lets check out their designer clothes..” he said pulling me towards the clothes section
“Uh huh.. no way, lets go”I said
“It’s just for few minutes, I promise” he said as I pulled him with no effort
“No way!” I said
“Please baby.. just 15 minutes” he said placing his hands together
I stopped walking and stared quietly at him..
“Uhh! Just fifteen minutes and we are out” I said
“Yeah yeah, I understand.. come on let’s go” he said holding my hands..
Harry’s pov
We walked into one of the sections and I asked Hannah to look around.. of course she’d refused, but I won anyway… After taking her bag and the drugs, I pushed her into the lines and sat on a chair, getting busy with my phone..
“Hey cutie” I looked up to see a lady smiling at me.. her short body hugging gown which exposed most of her cleavages and over done make up, said just one thing..
“Hi” I said and continued with my phone
“Do you need company pumpkin?” She asked
“No thanks.. I’m here with my girlfriend ” I said simply
“Well, I bet your girlfriend wouldn’t mind us having a little chat.. right?” she asked with a flirty smile
“Harry.. check these out” Hannah said walking towards us
“Thats my baby.. as you can see she’s got everything I want, you’re not my type..” I whispered
“You better run before she gets here” I added with a smile..
She looked at me and scoffed, then angrily walked out..
“Hey.. who was that? And why was she looking so angry?” Hannah asked as she walked closer to me
“No one important” I said, she shrugged and smiled excitedly
“Check these out.. aren’t they beautiful?” She asked pushing the clothes on my lap
I picked the first one and examined it..
I was actually more interested in the price tags, I dropped the first, then the next, and the next.. next..
Gosh! There’s absolutely no way, I’m letting her wear these things.. my woman deserves the best, Even if we haven’t started dating yet..
“So what do you think?” She asked.
“No, no, no..gosh they are too cheap, I can’t let you wear things like this, you Know what, go back and change everything” I said pushing the clothes in her hands
“Huh? But ..” she trailed off
“In fact.. come with me, I’ll pick them myself” I said ignoring her.

To be continued

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