Crazy Hannah Episode 31


By Lady C
Harry’s pov
“Seriously?.. Harry it’s enough already” Hannah said for the tenth time
“Just few more minutes, we’ll leave soon” I said throwing four clothes on her head..
“That was…” She stopped and moved all the clothes to the third attendant, whose hand was already filled
“That was what you said several hours ago” she said looking at me
“I Know.. wow! What do you think about this one?” I asked showing her the yellow gown with crossed back
“I can’t tell, it’s melting my eyes” she said.. I scoffed and carefully placed it on her head
“Try it out” I said
“No way” she said throwing it at me
“Whatever.. I’m still buying it anyway” I said and gave it to the attendant..
“Harry for goodness sake, it’s enough already, you’ve already bought alot of things for Nicky and Haley.. this Is the fifth store, and you’re still buying clothes, shoes, bags and so on, Harry let’s go please, I’m happy with the ones you’ve already bought” she said
I sighed and rolled my eyes
“Fine” I said and she smiled happily
“But after I check out the jewelries” I said
“Uhh!” She yelled frustratedly
I chuckled and walked over to the glasses..
“Can I see this?” I asked the manager who was standing beside me.. he nodded to a lady who was wearing gloves.. she carefully brought out the case and gave it to me.
I picked a bracelet and examined it for a while.. I won’t buy her a diamond bracelet, she would sell it.. that’s for sure.. it was all pure gold..
“How much is it?” I asked in a low voice, so Hannah wouldn’t hear me
“2.3million Sir” the manager said quietly.. I smiled and nodded..
Then turned to look at Hannah, who was standing at the other side
“Hannah please come over for a sec” I said and she walked over tiredly
“Give me your hand” I said
“Why?” She asked.
“Just give me” I said and she mumbled something then gave me her hand…
I smiled and carefully removed the bracelet from the box, I placed it on her wrist and gently locked it..
It was really perfect with her skin..
“I’ll take it.. pack the others.. ” I said
“Okay sir.. ” the manager said and walked away..
“It’s pretty” Hannah muttered looking at her wrist..
“Just like you” I said and kissed her hand. She smiled and batted her lashes..
Our eyes locked and I rolled my eyes to her lips. So tempting.. gosh!
“Uhm, about the kiss, can.. well can I?”I asked moving closer to her
“Don’t even think about it mister” she said gently pushing me back
“Wait just to be clear, what are you gonna do, if I kiss you?” I asked curiously
She made a killing sign with her hand across her throat.. I swallowed and moved back..
“Understood” I said and she laughed.
After packing all the bags in the car, we both slipped in and Hannah placed her bag and the drugs on her laps… It was already getting dark…
I brought out a small white bag and handed it to her
“Here” I said
“What’s that?” She asked looking at it
“Why don’t you find out?” I asked, she stared at me for seconds and collected it…
I watched as she brought out the phone pack and stared at it without saying anything
“Uhm.. I thought you might need it, I was the one who spoilt your phone after all, it needed to be replaced.. uhm it’s same as my brand, you can always have it changed if you don’t like it..” she hugged me tightly and I reciprocated..
“Thank you so much, I really love it” she said into my ears..
“You’re welcome” I said and slowly withdrew ..
“Uhm.. everything has been set, you can start using it now.. that’s if you like” I said and she smiled happily
“Awwn Ju Sung.. thank you so much” she said and I smiled…
Hannah’s pov
I can’t believe he did all this for me, I looked at the bracelet and couldn’t get my eyes of it..
“We are here” he announced.. I looked out the window and saw my house gate.. I smiled and removed the seat belt.. we both stepped out and I saw Mr park looking at us..
I tucked my hair behind my ears and looked at Harry
“I’ll just help you get the bags in” he said
“No.. don’t worry, you look so tired, I’ll do it myself” I said.
“I’ll be fine Harry” I said
“Besides The bags aren’t much” I said and he looked at me like I had three heads
“Fifty seven shopping bags, aren’t much?” He asked with a raised brow
“I never knew you counted them” I said scratching my hair…
“I’ll be fine… really, ” I said
“Okay.. let’s bring them out then” he said.
We brought out the bags and placed them inside the compound, beside the white fence..I dropped the phone and drugs on a bag and walked out to see him off .
“Uhm.. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked.
“Yeah” I said with a light smile
He smiled and walked to his car, then suddenly turned and walked back to me
“Umm.. I’ll be having a little reunion with my friends tomorrow night, I was wondering if you could come with me?” He asked nervously
“Mmmh… I’ll think about it” I said and he smiled
“Okay.. Please do” he said and moved back slowly
“I’ll leave now” he said
“Okay” I said
“I’ll open my car” he said
“No problem” I said
“I’ll just get in” he said pointing to the door.. I smiled and nodded..
He opened the door and was about to slip in..
“Ju Sung” I called and he looked up
“Wait” I said and looked briefly at Mr Park, who was still looking at us..
I walked closer to him, and stood just few inches away
“Uhm.. did you forget any..”standing on my toes, I moved closer and pressed my lips on his.. he was shocked at first, but soon reciprocated.. I held his shirt and pulled him closer, we kissed passionately for few minutes and stopped to catch our breaths..
I pulled back and suddenly felt shy..
“I.. uhm, just wanted to say thank you” I said avoiding his gaze, he smiled and slammed his lips on mine again, I quickly wrapped my hands on his neck and deepened the kiss..
He pulled back slowly and pecked my already swollen lips…
“You’re welcome” he said and I blinked and cleared my throat
“Uhm.. goodnight” I said and rushed to the gate
“Goodnight” he said and slipped in his car..
I watched as he drove off.. I looked at Mr Park and for the first time since we became neighbors, he smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up.. I smiled back and rushed in..

“I thought you said you were going to the pharmacy. You never mentioned market” Nicky said looking at the bags
“Goodness! Hannah.. you never said you are starting a clothing business, did she?” Mom asked looking into the bags.
“No” Jeremy replied
“Did you loose your job?” Sona asked..
I rolled my eyes and fell on the couch, with my legs on the table
“Hannah.. answer us” mom snapped
“I wasn’t fired, and I’m not starting any business.. they belong to me, Nicky and Haley” I replied
“Huh?” Nicky said
“Harry bought them” I stated, mom and Nicky started smiling
“Really?” Mom asked
“Yeah” I mumbled
“Wait, isn’t this the trending bag on net?” Sona asked holding a nude colored bag
“I don’t know” I replied sincerely
“My goodness! 70000 won!” She exclaimed looking at the price tag
“What!” Mom, Jeremy and Nicky yelled..
They haven’t even seen nothing yet!!
“Hannah, this is too expensive, why didn’t you pick something cheaper?” Mom asked
“I did mom.. but Harry insisted I dropped all cheap things, he was the one who picked everything.. not me” I said
“Huh?.. is he that rich or what? I thought he was just a doctor?” Jeremy asked
“Yeah.. Harry’s real name is Ju Sung Lee, you Know who the Lee’s are right?” Mom asked looking at him
“As in.. Lee?.. the H.R Lee?” Jeremy asked
“Yeah, he’s the heir, and only son of Choi Se Lee” mom said
“What!” My siblings yelled
“Hannah.. how.. why..what.. how did you do it?” Jeremy asked
“Do what?” I asked
“Get him to notice a ugly woman like you” he said..
I threw the remote at him and he started laughing..
“Anyways.. Nicky these are yours, and these are for Haley, give it to her tomorrow” I said
“Jeremy take it to his room” I said.
“What about me and Jeremy?” Sona asked
“What about you guys?” I asked back
“Well didn’t you guys get us anything?” She asked
“I told him not too, since I didn’t know what you guys would like..” I replied
“Seriously? Well I’m taking this bag, and this dress .. oh and this one, with just this one and that” Sona said
“Sona.. take the bags to my room and pick your choice” I said and she squealed excitedly, and rushed up carrying eight bags with her..
“What about me?” Jeremy asked
“Uhmm.. meet Nicky, you might get something” I said and rushed up the stairs..
“What about me Hannah?” Mom yelled after me..
“Next year” I yelled back and rushed into my room..
To be continued…………

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