Crazy Hannah Episode 32


By Lady C

Hannah’s pov
“Wow.. Hannah I like this one” Sona said showing me the pink flared gown
“Drop it..” I said
“But I like it” she whined
“Sona.. my room is like a boutique because of you and Sofia.. gather your loot and leave, I wanna sleep” I said
“Oh come on Hannah.. just few more, what do you think about this shoe? It really suites me right?” Sofia asked
“It does..” I mumbled
“It’s going to match with my blue dinner gown, Oh my gosh.. I’ll wear it to the love feast next month” she said catwalking around the room
“Whatever.. Sona drop that shoe and leave” I said glaring at Sona
“It’s me unnie, your only sister.. just give me the hat and shoe, I’ll do whatever you want” she said
“Get out Sona.. leave with your loot” I said and she reluctantly stood up
“Stingy woman” she mumbled packing the clothes in a bag
“What?” I asked
“Nothing.. I said pretty, pretty woman.. thanks unnie, bye” she said and rushed out..
Sofia chuckled and I rolled my eyes
“Wow.. you’re so lucky Hannah” Sofia said sitting on the bed, I smiled and folded my legs on the bed
“Why do you say that?” I asked
“Well.. Harry’s every woman’s dream.. he’s cute, intelligent, smart, humble, kind, cool and verryyy rich, oh and yeah a good kisser” she said and I laughed…
“How do you know that?” I asked smiling
“Your lips are swollen” she stated and I smiled shyly
“Anyways as I was saying you’re really lucky to be his woman.. and yeah he’s really lucky to have a wonderful woman like you too” she said and I smiled
“But we aren’t dating, we are just friends and nothing more” I said, and it was true, although it hurts me to say it but it’s true.. I really wish we were more than friends though, I wish he could just ask me out..
if only wishes were horses..eye-roll..
“Just Friends?” Sofia asked with raised brows
“Yeah” I mumbled
“Are you serious?.. he talks to you about anything, he gives you explanation about his relationship with Nina, he apologizes for even the smallest things, he tells you the pin to his credit card, you kiss every moment you’re together, he buys expensive clothes, shoes, bags, hats, accessories and even this gold bracelet worth millions of won for you.. and you’re saying you’re just friends?” She asked unbelievably
“Well yeah” I said and she scoffed
“Okay fine we kiss and all, but it doesn’t mean that he likes me. Not to talk of loving me, besides he hasn’t even talked about relationship stuffs yet, or asking me out either” I said and she sighed
“Then how do you explain all this?” She asked
“Uhm.. he’s just being nice, I guess” I mumbled
“What does kissing have to do with being nice?” She asked
“Uhh.. I. Maybe he just feels attracted to my lips” I said and she chuckled
“Attracted? Hannah you’re Crazy” she said and I smiled
“Anyways.. I do know he feels something for you, I can feel it in my kidney” she said and I chuckled
“Why not your liver?” I asked and she shook her head
“My liver is for Luke.. and the left chamber of my heart is for you” she said placing her hand on her heart
“You’re sick” I said and threw the pillow at her
“Your phone’s ringing” I said and started folding my clothes.
“Nah.. it’s not mine” she said showing me her phone.
“Is it Sona’s?” I asked
“No.. I don’t think so, the sound is coming from that bag” she said pointing to the white bag on the floor
I jumped down from the bed and rushed over..I brought out my phone and Sofia stared confused at me
“Who’s phone is it?” She asked
“It’s mine” I said and she scratched her hair
“Harry bought it” I added and she gasped
“But who’s calling?” She asked.
The phone stopped ringing and started again.. I stared at the number and shook my head
“I don’t know” I said
“Well.. go on, answer it” she said
I answered the call and placed it on my ears
“Hello” I said
“Finally.. I was already Wondering if you sold the phone” he said. A smile curled my lips as I already knew who it was
“Ju Sung?” I called
“Yes baby..” he answered and I smiled shyly
“Hey… Don’t call me that” I said
“Then what should I call you?* He asked
“My name” I said.
“How about pumpkin?” He asked
“No. Call me Hannah” I said and climbed the bed
“Uhh!.. fine, whatever, so what are you doing?” He asked
“I’m fine.. you?” I asked
“I’m okay” he said
“Okay.. uhm what about the twins?” I asked cuddling the pillow
“They’re wrestling with Mr Cha.. so” he said
“Alright say hi for me” I said
“Yeah..hold on for a sec,” he said
“Uhm, guys.. Hannah said hi” he said in the background
“Hannah?” They both asked at once .
“Is she still on the phone?” One of them asked
“Yes.. but.” He trailed off
“I wanna talk to her oppa” one said
“Okay but wait first..”
“Hi Hannah!” The other screamed.
“Hi baby!” I screamed back..
“Oppa… Please give us the phone” one said
“Fine.. you guys can have it” Harry said in the background. After few seconds of silence, a little voice came on
“Unnie.. are you there, it’s josi” she said, and i placed the phone on loud speaker, so Sofia wouldn’t think I was Crazy..
“Hi baby.. how are guys?” I asked
“We are fine unnie” Jodi said and Sofia smiled
“We miss you so much Hannah,” she added
“I miss you guys too” I said
“You promised to visit us, why didn’t you come today?” Josi asked
“Uhm.. i, was kinda busy.. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll visit you both soon” I said
“Will you sleep over?” Jodi asked
“Uhm.. yeah, I will” I said and they squealed happily..
“Okay.. we’ll be expecting you, bye..” she said
“Bye..” I said
“Oppa here’s your phone, you can continue from where you stopped” Josi said in the background.
I heard Harry chuckle
“So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Angel” Harry said and I quickly turned off the speaker.. Sofia gasped and started smiling sheepishly
“Uhm yeah .” I said
“..ok, so goodnight?” He said
“Goodnight” I said with a smile he dropped and Sofia rushed me
“He even calls you pet names.. what other proof do you want bes?” She asked
“He obviously likes you” she said and I threw the pillow at her
“I don’t know that for sure, the only way I’ll believe.. is hearing him say it” I said and she frowned
“Fine.. what if he asks you out? What would you say?”she asked excitedly
“Yes..” I drawed and covered my face shyly
“Awwn.. my bestie’s in love” Sofia cooed
“Well.. I’ll be the chief bridesmaid, Sona can be the little bride” she said and I laughed
“Sona’s too old to be a little bride” I said and she scoffed
“Says you.. woman, she doesn’t have a choice” she said and I chuckled
“Anyways I think I like this converse” she said holding a white converse which was lighting with different colors underneath.
“No way.. that’s for me” I said and dragged it from her hands..
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell Luke to buy mine for me” she said and I smiled
“Yeah, do that” I said
To be continued

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