Crazy Hannah Episode 33


By Lady C

..*next morning*

Hannah’s pov

“Unnie.. are you serious?” Sona asked staring at me
“Of course, thanks for the hair” I said and wore my hat.. I stood in front of the mirror and nodded .
“Perfect” I mumbled, I caught Sona staring at me in surprise.. just then Sofia walked out of the bathroom and dropped her towel on the bed, she was already dressed in her nurse uniform
“Bes what do you think? I look great right?” I asked still looking at the mirror. She turned to look at me and gasped.. then suddenly started laughing, Sona joined her and I stood there watching them in confusion.
“Oh.. ha ha ha.. my goodness.. ha.. where are you going like this Hannah?” Sofia asked Cleaning her eyes..
“To the hospital?, Can’t you see I’m on my uniform?” I asked angrily
“Oh my goodness.. ha ha ha, Hannah you look hilarious, what’s with the bikini hat and converse?” She asked sitting on the bed..
“Even your hair, honestly you look silly in those two braiding” Sona added, I glared at her and rolled my eyes
“Aren’t you supposed to be in the dinning table?” I asked
“Yeah.. but”
“Out..” I said cutting her off
She looked at me and started laughing again, I picked my room slipper and she quickly rushed out.
“Hannah.. please take off those things.. you look like a psycho” Sofia said picking her bag from the bed..
“So you can take the shoe? No way.. ” I said and she chuckled
I picked my bag and walked to the door
“You aren’t seriously going to work like this right?” She asked
“Watch and see” I said and walked out
“Hi guys” I said walking into the dinning area with Sofia behind me..
“Hi.. ” they chorused without looking at me, Sona started laughing.. causing everyone to stare at her
“Are you okay?” Jeremy asked touching are neck
“Sona why are you laughing?” Mom asked.. she continued laughing heartily and held her stomach,
“Someone’s slowly getting Crazy” Nicky Mumbled..
“Sona what’s wrong with you?” Dad asked
Sona Continued laughing and pointed at me.. I blinked as they all turned to look at me, mom looked at me for seconds and started laughing..the others followed including Sofia..
“Hahaha.. Hannah.. ha ha ha, look stupid.. ha ha ha” mom said amidst laughter..
I glared at them and matched to the door, leaving Sofia behind.. I walked out of the house ignoring their calls, they are just jealous.. i can’t wait for Harry to see me, what would he say?
You look pretty?, No..
You look stunningly beautiful?
You look amazing?.. hmm what about perfect?.. oh I can’t wait to see him..
“Hannah.. wait up” I turned to see Sofia running towards me.. I frowned when she caught up with me
“What do you want? I thought you were busy laughing at yourself?” I asked.. she chuckled and I glared at her
“Sorry” she mumbled.
“It’s just you wearing a multi colored converse and bikini hat on your nurse uniform is ….”
“Is what?” I asked
“Uhm.. well” she drawed slowly moving away from me
“And what makes you think I can’t hit you if I wanted to?” I asked and she smiled
“Is hilarious” she said and stared at me, I shrugged and arranged the hat
“Whatever” I mumbled and she chuckled
I noticed some people staring and laughing.. I ignored them and raised my chin.. they’re just jealous..
“Why don’t we take a taxi?” Sofia asked
“No.. let’s walk, I want everyone to see me like this” I said
“What!” She yelled
“We are walking, you can pull your heels if you like” I added
We walked in and Sofia wore her shoes, I looked around.. people, were staring, others were murmuring while few were laughing.. we walked into the elevator and walked out minutes later.. and started walking down the hall, we passed Evans but didn’t greet him since he was in a hurry..
“Hannah?” He called, I turned to look at him and he gave a little laugh
“Hi Evans, good morning” I greeted
“Morning.. wow.. you look.. different” he said, I smiled
“Thanks” I said and he nodded..
“Uhm.. I’ll catch you later, I’m really busy now” he said obviously trying to hide his laughter. I nodded and he walked away.. gosh! I’m starting to feel so self conscious.. do I really look stupid?.. but my mirror tells me otherwise..
“You should take them off” Sofia said
“No way” I mumbled
We turned to leave and I bumped into someone.. I looked up and his eyes sparkled.. his hand was on my waist, sending tingles and electric shock every which way..
“Good morning sir” Sofia greeted and we pulled apart
“Uhm.. morning” he replied.. looking at me, he stared at me for seconds and chuckled.
“Uhm.. I guess I’ll leave you both” Sofia said and rushed out without waiting for a response
He smiled and laughed lightly..
“Gosh.. Hannah, what is this?” He asked
“What?” I asked quietly already feeling embarrassed
“What’s with the hat and shoe?” He asked staring at my shoes
“Uhm.. I uhm.., it was..well” I stuttered
“It was a dare sir” I turned to see Lina walking towards us with a smile on her pretty face..
“I dared her yesterday, ” she added as she stood beside me..
“Oh… Okay, better, cause she looks Crazy and I was starting to think if her five minutes madness has finally moved to another level” he said with a smile..
“Ah.. no! It was just a dare” Lina said with a smile
“Okay.. uhm are you her friend?” He asked
“Yes..” she replied
“I thought it was just Sofia” he mumbled
“Uhm.. no, she’s also my friend.. Dr Lina Sùn Wú” I said and they shook hands.
“It’s nice to meet you” Harry said
“Same here” she said with a smile
“Uhm.. Hannah, can I see you later in my office?” He asked
“Why?” I asked.. he looked at Lina and leaned closer to me
“There’s something I want to tell you” he whispered in my ears.
“Okay” I mumbled.. he pecked my cheek softly and Drew back..
I looked at my shoes trying to hide the blush on my cheeks
“I’ll see you around Lina.. bye” he said
“Bye” she said and watched him leave
“Gosh Lina.. you’re a life saver, thanks a bunch” I breathed out
“Yeah.. why did you dress like this anyway?” She asked
“Well.. uhm”
“You Know what? Forget about it . Just take these things off” she said
“Already done” I said removing the hat.
“You even braided your hair… Are you in kindergarten or what?” She asked and I chuckled
“I told her but she wouldn’t listen” Sofia said walking towards us, smiling sheepishly.
“Why didn’t you ring it in my ears, I would have listened” I argued glaring at her .
Harry’s pov
“No.. on Saturday night,” I said
“But you said today man.. I’ve already texted the others” Oliver said
“I Know.. and that’s why I called you, tell them it’s tommorow night not today” I said.
“Fine.. I will” he said
“Thanks Ollie, I love you” I said
“Keep it to yourself, hope your woman will be there though” he said.
“Uhmm.. yeah, I guess” I said
“She better be, in case you don’t have.. Olivia is still available, you Know how much she has been crushing on you” he said and I chuckled
“Tell your crazy twin, that I’m taken” I said.. just then there was a knock on the door
“Uhm.. I have to go now.. bye” I said
“Bye” he said and hang up.
“Come in” I said, the door opened and Hannah walked in..her black hair was packed up, falling to the sides of her pretty face.. and she was barefoot. I chuckled silently, she closed the door and folded her hands on her chest
“You asked me to see you” she said calmly.. I chuckled and nodded
“Yes.. uhm, why don’t you take your seat?” I asked
“No.. I’ll just stand” she said
“Then I guess I’ll stand too”I said and stood up
She scoffed and rolled her eyes
“What do you want to tell me?” She asked, I smiled and took her hand
“Why are you angry now?” I asked and she looked away.
“I’m not angry” she mumbled
“Yes you are” I argued
“No I’m not” she said.. gosh! I just love the way her lips move.. and did I say she looks more beautiful than before.. even when she wore that hat and the shoe.
“Yes you are” I said sitting on the table
“No I’m not” she said and I pulled her closer. I stared at her for seconds and gently turned her face, our eyes locked and I caressed her cheek with my thumb.
“You are beautiful Hannah” I said and a red shade appeared on her cheeks.. she smiled and covered her face shyly
“And she’s shy..” I said and she hid her face in my chest, I smiled and hugged her.. I love you, I can’t wait to ask you out.. I just hope you agree to come for the supposed reunion Tonight….
she raised her face and smiled lightly
“So.. what do you want to tell me?” She asked
“Uhm.. about tonight, can you make it?” I asked..
“To the reunion?” She asked and I nodded
“Yeah, I can” she said and I smiled
“Thank you” I said and she nodded
“You’re welcome” she said and I rolled my eyes to her lips…
“Don’t even think about it” she said as if reading my mind..
I smiled and scratched my hair..
“About what?” I asked.. she smiled and tried to rush out, I pulled her back and hastily pecked her lips..
She glared at me and I laughed
“Sorry” I mumbled
“If you kiss me again.. I’ll kill you” she said.
“Really?” I asked
“Yeah.. I’ll ki..” I placed my lips on hers and wrapped my hands on her waist, I nibbled on her lips and she opened up.. she wrapped her hands on my neck and moved her fingers into my hair.. I deepened the kiss and dueled with her tongue, I placed kissed her lips down to her neckline, then her cheeks to her eyes, then her ears.. gently nibbling on the tip.. I kissed behind her ears and she moaned softly, I did it again and she moaned.. so that’s your weak spot.. she pulled me back and took my lips in her, kissing deeply with her hands rovering around, my back.. she moved her fingers into my hair again.. we continued kissing for minutes and finally stopped with a peck..
I withdrew and she shyly took her lips in her mouth.. she brought it out and it was already swollen.. she blinked her lashes and moved her hair from her eyes..
“Uhm.. we have a surgery in 2 minutes, we should go” she said ignoring my eyes.
“Yeah.. let’s go” I said and stood up from the table, I took her hand and started walking to the door
“Are you seriously gonna walk barefoot today?” I asked turning to look at her face
“Yeah” she said with a smile…
“You are really something Hannah” I said and quickly pecked her again..
“Can you stop pecking me?” She asked smiling
“Nop” I popped..

To be continued..

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