Crazy Hannah Episode 34


By Lady C

Hannah’s pov
I walked out of the locker room and fixed my nose mask.. then walked into the theater with the other nurses.. this surgery is for kidney stone, so its very easy and quick..anesthesia was already given, so we just had to move on the the next stage.. Harry glanced at me and winked.. I smiled and looked to see if anyone saw him, thankfully they didn’t..
He started by making an incision on the side of the patient, he opened the ureter and I handed him another tool.. he took it and carefully removed the stones, he dropped them on the glass plate and removed the last one.. he then placed a stent in the ureter to help urine drain and also help heal the tissue, the ureter was then sutured, followed by the skin..and finally a drain is left near the incision to carry urine away from the wound..
I walked out as Harry gave orders to the other nurses.. I threw my nose mask and gloves in the trash basket.. then pulled off my hair net..
Harry walked out holding his mask and glanced around, looking for me I guess
“That was quick” I said, he turned to my direction and smiled, he slowly peeled out his hair net and smiled
“Yeah.. ” he said and dumped them in the basket beside him, he peeled out his bloodstained gloves and threw them in as well..
“You hungry?” He asked
“Yeah.. ” I said
“Okay.. let’s go” he said and took my hands.
“I’ll just change first” I said
“Nah.. let’s go like this” he said
“Ju Sung, let’s change first.. ” I said.. he smiled and nodded
“Fine.. let’s change first” he said and I smiled

“Seriously?.. I’m going to a reunion not a wedding party” I said pushing the heels back in Sofia’s hand
“Uhh.. durhh, you’re going to see his friends, you should give them the impression that you have a 6th Sense in fashion, come on girl.. make Harry proud” she said throwing a red gown at me
“I don’t have a sixth sense Sof.. and I don’t need one” I said
“Fine, but what about your make up?” Sona asked
“No thank you.. I don’t need it, I’m pretty this way” I said
“Oh come on Hannah.. just a little touch” Sofia said
“No.. ” I said and she fell on the bed frustrated..
I walked into my closet and picked a cream long sleeve shirt and black flared skirt.. I picked a single necklace and low heels..
I hope this works…

Harry’s pov
what! I yelled
I said I’ve already sent guards to start guarding you dad repeated
But why? I asked
I saw your picture with Hannah on the net, you guys were alone.. it’s too risky, you Know who you are Harry, I can’t let you walk around Korea with no security at all, if something happens to you, I don’t know what i would do he said
Seriously?.. I Know it’s risky.. but I can take care of myself dad.. please I said
My mind is made up Ju Sung
Fine.. can they resume tomorrow morning instead? I asked
They are already on their way to your house Harry, he replied
well I’m not at home, I’m in my main house I mumbled
What are you doing there? Are your sisters with you? he asked
No.. they are with Mr Cha at the suite.. I’m well.. expecting someone and I need all the privacy I can get I said
I don’t care, I’ll send another batch to your main house then he said
Dad.. please, it’s Hannah.. I want to pop the question, and I don’t need any one around, Please
I said and there was a brief pause..
Fine, but first thing tomorrow morning, you’ll see them in your house he said
Okay.. thanks I said and he hung up..
Finally… The door bell sounded and I hastily gulped down the wine.. I walked into the living room and didn’t bother using the intercom..
I opened the door and there stood Hannah standing with a little smile, her dressing was surprisingly great.. her cream colored shirt was neatly tucked in her black flared skirt which stopped some inches above her knee.. and her pretty hands were clutching her small black bag, her face was without make up, yet she looked so damn gorgeous
“Can I come in?” she asked snapping me out of my thoughts
“Oh.. sorry, yes” I said and moved back holding the door for her.. she walked in and I closed the door..
I turned to face her and saw her staring around in admiration..
“Wow.. is this your house?” She asked
“Yes.. it’s well .. my main house” I said
“Nice.. it’s so much bigger and prettier than the other one” she said smiling
“Yeah” I said
She looked at the chair and turned to face me..
“I thought you said you’re having a reunion” she said
“Yes.. I am, they’ll be here soon” I lied and walked to the couch.
She sat on the other couch and placed her bag beside her.
She faced the TV and started watching the movie I was viewing earlier..
“Uhm.. are you hungry?” I asked
“Well.. I’ll just wait till the others get here” she replied without looking at me
“Uhm.. they won’t be here until 11” I said
“What?” She asked turning to look at me
“Well.. their flight was delayed..” I said
She stared at me for seconds and opened her mouth to talk then closed it again..
“But I can’t stay here till 11” she mumbled
“Don’t worry, I’ll personally drop you home by 11:30” I said.. and she nodded
“Can I bring the food now?” I asked
“Yeah” she muttered
I stood up and walked to the kitchen, I picked the white bag on the counter and walked back to the living room..
“It’s ramyeun, , but if you don’t want this I can order something else” I said and she smiled
“It’s okay.. let’s eat” she said and I smiled
We both sat on the floor and I carefully brought out the plates of steaming hot ramyeun , I placed them on the small stool between the both of us, and watched as she tucked her hair behind and picked her chopstick… We ate quietly, occasionally talking about this and that. After eating she took the cups and plates to the kitchen.. while I brought out cups of ice cream..
She sat beside me on the couch and took hers from the table..
“So when was the last time you saw them?” She asked
“Who?” I asked back
“Your friends” she stated
“Oh.. uhm, ten years ago” I replied simply
“Wow” she said and I smiled..
We continued watching the film and I was sincerely getting bored..
I glanced at her face and she also looked bored
“Why don’t we play a game?” I asked and she turned to look at me
“Game?” She asked.
“Yeah, we are both obviously not interested in the movie, so I thought.. why not have a little fun till the others arrive?” I said.. she smiled and nodded
“Okay, what kind of game?” She asked
“Truth or Dare” I said and she nodded
“Okay, I’m game” she said
“Cool.. you go first” I said and she nodded..
We both sat on the couch properly, facing each other with our legs folded.
“Truth or Dare?” She asked
“Truth” I said
“What’s your favorite color?” She asked
“Uhmm.. White” I said and she nodded
“Truth or Dare?” I asked
“Truth” she said
“When did you have your first kiss?” I asked and she smiled shyly..
“Uhm.. on Tuesday morning” she replied and I smiled
“Truth or Dare”
“How many ladies have you dated”
“Uhmm.. just, eight.. I guess”
“In France, not Korea” I added
“Truth or Dare”
“Did Lina really dare you to dress like that?” She smiled and shook her head negatively
“I knew it” I said and she chuckled sweetly
“Truth or Dare”
“Dare” I said
“Mmh.. I dare you to…feed me with the ice cream” she said and I smiled
“With all pleasure” I said and picked her ice cream.. I took a spoonful and blew air on it
“It’s not hot Harry” she said with a little laugh.. I chuckled and fed her..
I took another spoon and intentionally spilled it on her lips..
“Oh.. sorry, I’ll just wipe them off” I said and moved closer to her, I leaned down and licked it off with my tongue..
“Hey!.. ” she yelled, I chuckled and picked the spoon
“Sorry..” I said and she smiled
“Don’t do that again” she said and I nodded
“Okay.. open up for the last spoon” I said.. she smiled and opened her mouth, I spilled it on her lips again, but this time, it slowly ran down her chin into her neck.
“Aisshh, Ju Sung.. what are you doing?” She asked.
“Sorry.. it was a mistake, I’ll quickly wipe it off” I said and dropped the ice cream on the table.. I leaned closer to her and placed my tongue on the ice cream which already got to the the hollow of her neck.. I trailed the white line up to her chin and then into her slightly parted lips.. her eyes were already closed, I kissed her and our lips met in a sweet, soft embrace.. we kissed slowly and I trailed my hands in her hair and she did same.. I deepened the kiss and slowly stood up with her following my lead, I sat on the couch and she sat on my lap, with each of her legs folded on the couch.. we started kissing roughly as our breathing changed .. I placed my hands on her legs and gently caressed upwards.. I got to her mid thigh and kissed behind her ears, she moaned and brushed her fingers into my bare back, I licked and bit her ears softly and she moaned sweetly.. I moved my hands from her thighs and started removing her buttons, while connecting my lips to hers again.. she pulled me closer and kissed me deeply.. I removed the first four buttons and gently brushed my fingers into her flat tummy, I brushed my fingers to the space between her breast and kissed her neck.. then gently squeezed them.. she moaned quietly, I kissed her lips again and gently pinched her nipples through the bra.. she moaned and i placed soft kisses on her neckline.. I stopped and stared into her eyes..
“Hannah” I called
“Mmmh..” she hummed staring at me
“Please be my girlfriend” I said and her eyes lighted up.. I waited for minutes to hear her response, but she didn’t say anything
“Hannah?” I called..
“I’ll think about it” she mumbled..
“Really?” I asked with raised brows
“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend Ju Sung” she said smiling..
I smiled and kissed her briefly.
“I love you Hannah” I said and she smiled out tears
“I love you too” she said and kissed me again..
To be continued..

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