Crazy Hannah Episode 35


By Lady C

Hannah’s pov
To say that I’m happy is an understatement.. I’d wanted to keep him waiting for about a week before giving him my answer but I found my whole being screaming yes!.. I can’t believe he really loves me, Harry is mine..
He buttoned my shirt and kissed me again.. I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my hands on his neck… He unlocked and pecked me with a smile…
“I love you baby..” he said
“I love you too Ju Sung” I said and he faked a frown..
“No.. I called you baby, so you have to call me a pet name too” he said with pouted lips
“No way..” I drawed,
“Come on hun.. just say it,” he said
“No.. I can’t” I said shaking my head
“Seriously?” He asked
“Yeah” I said and he scoffed..
“Whatever.. stay on your own then” he said
“Yeah I will” I said and stood up from his lap, I sat on the other couch, and picked my bag, I opened it and took my phone and ear plugs.. I wore the plugs and pretended to be listening to music.. i could sense him staring at me, he sighed and stood up.. then walked out..
I expected him to walk out and talk to me, but he didn’t..
Some minutes later I started hearing sounds.. I removed the plugs and it stopped, then started almost immediately.. I stood up and walked towards the sound.. which happened to be coming from the kitchen..
I looked through the glass wall and saw Harry, he appeared to be doing something.. but I couldn’t tell what, since he was backing me..
I walked in and he turned to look at me, and turned to face whatever he was doing..
“Ju Sung.. what are you doing?” I asked, but he ignored..
“Harry..Won’t you answer me?” I asked, he looked at me and rolled his eyes like a girl.. I chuckled and he glared at me..
“Sorry” I mumbled and looked at his hands.. turns out he was trying to open a peanut jar.. I watched as he groaned while trying to it.. I smiled and stretched my hands to take it.. he snapped it back to himself and glared at me..
“Hey.. I didn’t ask for your help” he said faking a frown.
“I know, but you obviously need help with it” I said
“..well, not from you” he said
“Hey.. I’m your girlfriend..” I trailed off
“Girlfriend that doesn’t call her boyfriend pet names.. is that a girlfriend?” He asked
“Huh?” I said
“Anyways.. here, open it.. I’m only giving you because you insisted though, I’m not like some people that don’t do what others want” he said stretching the jar to me..
“Uhh!.. just take it if you want, my hand is aching already” he added tucking his free hand in his pocket.
“Sorry..” I mumbled and took it, he sat on the stool and crossed his hands on his chest.. he stared at me for seconds and sighed
“Are you gonna open it or what?” He asked looking at me
“Oh.. uhm” I mumbled and opened the jar
“Here.. it’s opened” I said handing the jar to him.. he stared at me with shock written all over him.. he looked closer at the jar, and then looked at me..
“Are you sure it’s opened?” He asked
“Yep.. see” I said and raised the cover.. he gasped and stared at me.
“How.. what, how did you.. uhm, Never mind” he said and took the jar.. he examined it and stared at me again, he slowly stood up and turned to leave.. he stopped and wheeled around
“How did you do it?” He asked
“Uhm.. I used my hands?” I said not sure how to answer the question
“But.. I’ve been using my hands since, but it didn’t even move a bit.. so how’s it possible that you opened it with ease, and in just few seconds?” He asked
“.. I.. adrenaline rush..” I said
“Adrenaline rush?” He asked with raised brows
“Ye.. yes, it happens to me alot..and it’s completely normal..nothing unusual..” I said with a nervous smile and tucked my hair behind.. he stared at me for seconds and shrugged.. he dropped the jar on the counter and walked over to the gas..
“Uhm.. can I help you with something else” I asked
“No.. thanks” he said.. I nodded and turned to pick my phone, which I had placed on the counter earlier..
“Ow!..” he yelled, I turned and saw him holding his index finger..
“What’s wrong Harry? what happened?” I asked rushing towards him
“It’s all because of you, you caused it” he said glaring at me..
“What did I do.. what happened? Let me see” I said trying to hold his hand.. he moved back and blinked his eyes
“Hey.. don’t touch me, stay on your own” he said and winced in pain..
“Oppa… Baby, my love, sweetie… I’m sorry” I said and he cracked then frowned
“I can’t hear you” he said and I smiled
“Honey… I said I’m sorry baby!” I yelled
“And I love you so much oppa!” I added and he smiled childishly..
“Aisshh.. that’s enough, I’ve heard, you’re forgiven” he said and I smiled…
“Will you just stand there smiling?.. won’t you check my finger?” He asked
“Oh.. sorry, what happened to it?” I asked as I held his hand and examined each fingers
“My index finger got burned” he whined childishly
“Sorry baby ..Does it still hurt?” I asked, he smiled and nodded
“Yes.. come on blow it, it’s really hot” he said.. I nodded and started blowing air with my mouth..
I raised my head to look at him and caught him smiling.. he stopped and formed a puppy face..
“Baby.. continue blowing” he said and I nodded. I started blowing again and stopped after some minutes.
“Is it still hot?” I asked
“Nope” he popped
“I didn’t even burn my finger in the first place” he said with a smile and I gasped.
“I just wanted to make you feel guilty and call me a pet name, and obviously it worked” he said and smiled happily..
“Sorry baby.. does it still hurt?” He mimicked me and started laughing
“Oppa… Baby, my love.. sweetie .. awwn, whoever thought you could be romantic?” He asked in a sweet smile.
“Uhh!. . Seriously?, You were just acting? Gosh!.. you know what? Stay on your own” I said and tried Walking out .. he hugged me from behind and wrapped his arms around my tummy..
“I’m sorry baby.. I just wanted to hear you call me something sweet, I’m sorry for the act..huh?.. I really love you so much.. please forgive your hubby,.. please…”he drawed and I smiled lightly..
“Fine.. you’re forgiven,” I said
“Awwn.. thanks pumpkin..” he cooed and pecked my cheek.
I turned to face him and pulled him into a kiss, then withdrew when he was about to reciprocate. He frowned with pouted lips and pulled me back. I chuckled as he placed his lips on mine, we kissed briefly and unlocked, he placed his head on mine and stared into my eyes..
“I love you” he mumbled
“I love you too” I said, we pecked and my phone buzzed..
“I’ll just check that” I said and he nodded
“I walked to the counter and he walked over to the gas..”
I smiled when I saw the text from Sofia..
hi bes, how’s the reunion going? Do they like you already, please say yes! I smiled and replied
Well.. they aren’t here yet, Harry said they’d be here by 11, because their flight was delayed
Huh?. So what have you been doing since?
Uhm.. you know.. couples stuff
Couples?.. I don’t understand
Well.. I was planning to tell you tomorrow as a surprise.. but I guess I have to tell you now.. Harry popped the question!
Haha.. very funny, how can he ask you to marry him now?.. it’s too sudden
I never said anything about marriage silly.. Harry asked me to be his girlfriend
Just then her call came in,
“.. Ju.. sorry, uhm.. honey I’ll be back in a bit, I’ve got to take this” I said raising the phone.
“Okay” he said and turned off the gas..
I walked into the living room and placed the phone on my ear
“Hey sof”
“Hannah.. what did you say? Please tell me something positive. ” She said
“Uhm.. I said yes,”
“Ahhhhhh!!!!!… ” She squealed and I moved my phone from my ears
“Oh my gosh!. My best friend is finally in a relationship.. oh my gosh… This calls for celebration.. you know what don’t come home today, the weather is even cold and very good for couples, enjoy yourself Hannah.. we’ll celebrate tomorrow when you get back.. your mom is gonna be so h.a.p.p.y..!”
“What?.. but. ”
“Bye bes.. I love you,” she said and dropped..
“Huh” I mumbled as I stared at my phone.. Sofia’s sick, what’s all that about the weather and not going home?..
“Baby.. are you done?” Harry asked from the kitchen
“Yes.. I’m coming” I said
I walked into the kitchen and saw Harry holding a tray
“Let me” I said and took the tray.. he smiled. We both walked to the dinner and I placed the tray on the table.. he took his seat and I set all the dishes properly..
“Wow.. this is good” I said as I tasted the food..
“Of course it is, it’s my mom’s recipe” he said with a sad smile. I placed my hand on his, he took it and squeezed lightly..
“So when will they arrive, it’s already Past 11pm” I said and he coughed lightly.. I gave him water and he drank a little..
“Uhm.. well, you see.. the reunion is tomorrow” he blurted out
“What?” I asked almost inaudibly
“I can explain.. uhm, I really wanted to ask you out and spend time with you, so I postponed the reunion.. I’m sorry I lied” he rushed..
“Seriously?.. you should have just told me to come over Ju Sung, it’s late now.. I have to go” I said and tried standing up.. the rain started falling heavily.. I sat on the chair and Harry smiled lightly
“I guess the universe wants you here tonight” he said and I glared at him..
To be continued..

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