Crazy Hannah Episode 36


By Lady C
Episode 36 .

Harry’s pov
“I’m not staying here tonight” she mumbled with her hands crossed
“It’s raining heavily Hannah..and it’s already late i..”
“You promised to take me home Harry, are you gonna do it or not?” She asked cutting me off..
I sighed and scratched my hair
“But the rain..”
“Never mind.. I’ll go myself” she said and stood up.. I followed her into the living room where she picked her bag and headed for the door..
Wait.. is she really going out there?..
She opened the door and ran into the Rain..
I rushed out without taking an umbrella, she hasn’t even gone halfway and she’s already soaked..
I caught up with her and pulled her back..
“Hannah are you crazy? Huh?.. do you want to fall sick?” I asked moving my hair from my eyes..
“I.. didn’t.. Know.. the rain was this heavy” she said already shivering
“Yeah right, now look you’re already shivering.. why did you run in when you know you’re wearing something light?” I asked angrily..
“Hey.. it’s not my fault okay.. if you had just agreed to take me home, this wouldn’t have happened” she rushed
“You’re really crazy you know..” I said
“Yeah thanks” she said and I chuckled..
“You really don’t know how to code, do you?” I asked
“I don’t understand” she mumbled
“Yeah you don’t, if you do.. you’d know that I really want to spend the whole night in your arms..” I said moving her hair from her face..and cupped her cheeks
“It’s cold and I really want to feel your warmth psycho” I said and kissed her briefly..
“Can we go in now? Cause I’m really freezing out here” she breathed out.. I chuckled and held her hand
“Yes.. let’s go” I said and we both ran into the house….
“So.. are we sleeping in the same room?” She asked as we walked up the stairs
“Uhm.. I don’t know, do you want to sleep with me?” I asked
“No.. let’s wait for a year first, we can’t just have sex now.”
“No, that’s not what I meant silly, gosh! Your mind is so corrupt.. what I meant to say was.. do you want us to sleep in the same room and bed?”
“Oh.. now I understand… uhm yeah, ” she said and I smiled..
“But wait a whole year?.. are you serious?” I asked
“Yep” she popped..
“Hmm.. isn’t that a punishment?” I asked inaudibly and she chuckled
We walked into my room and I mixed a warm bath for her.. she walked into the bathroom and started bathing..
She walked out minutes later tying a towel on her chest and another in her hair.. gosh! She’s so white and spotless.. I feel like eating her up..
She cleared her throat and the towel on her hair fell off.. causing her wet black hair to fall on her face..
If I continue watching.. I’ll do something crazy
I stood up from the bed and gave her a shopping bag.. I’d ordered for it some hours ago..
“It’s uhm.. I thought you might need it” I said..
“Okay.. I’ll just change” she said.. I nodded and she walked into the bathroom..
She walked out Wearing a light inner red nightie.. and transparent jacket, which stopped at her mid thighs and did little to conceal her cleavages.. her hands were on the Hem of the nightie, gently pulling down.. I guess she’s not comfortable..
Her nip**** were visible, and it was certainly not helping matters especially in this kind of weather..
“Uhm.. don’t you like it?” I asked
“I do.. but it’s well.. really short.. and revealing” She stuttered..
“Come..” I said sitting on the edge of the bed.. she got to where I was sitting, I arranged the jacket and tied it properly, it covered her cleavages but I could still see her nippl**, so tempting.. I shook my head..
“Uhm.. what about now?” I asked
“It’s okay” she said and I nodded..
She slipped into the bed and covered her self with the duvet..
“I’ll just bath” I said and she nodded..
Hannah’s pov
I feel so cold, I feel like a fish in a cold room.. I rubbed my hands underneath the duvet and sneezed..Harry walked out of the closet, wearing a black joggers shirtless.. gosh he’s so beautiful.. I’m even jealous of his spotless skin..
Just then my phone started ringing.. he picked it from the table and handed it to me..
“Hello”I said
“Hannah.. where are you?” She asked
“Uhm .. well.. I’m still..” I looked at Harry, he smiled and streched his hand for the phone.. I gave it to him and sneezed.
“Mom.. she’s with me”
“Yes.. she’s fine, I promise I’ll bring her home safely tomorrow..” she said something and he laughed
“Uhm.. not yet mom, we aren’t ready yet”
“Okay.. bye” he said and dropped the phone
“What did she say?” I asked
“.. nothing really, she just wanted to Know if you would be going home tonight” he said
“Okay” I said and sneezed..
“Baby.. are you okay?” He asked slipping into the bed..
“No.. I feel so cold, my eyes are hurting and my head is aching” I said
“Okay.. uhm, I’m coming” he said and rushed out..I closed my eyes and hugged the duvet to myself..
The door opened and I opened my eyes.. he dropped a tray on the side table, and walked over to the large curtains.. he dropped them and turned on the thermostat..
He walked back to the bed, and asked me to seat up.. I did and he gave me some drugs..
He took a lotion and applied it on my hands and legs..
“Are you still cold?” He asked
“A little” I said..
He nodded and walked into his closet and walked out with a pair of long stockings.. he slipped them into my legs and covered me properly.. he slipped into the bed and hugged me to himself.. he felt so warm and his skin was incredibly soft.. I moved into him and hugged him tight…
“You’re gonna be okay, right?” He asked
“Yeah” I mumbled and closed my eyes..
He kissed my hair and I slept off….
I woke up and tried rolling out of the bed, I felt a strong grip on my waist.. I smiled as Harry pulled me closer with his eyes closed..
I tried to remove his hands, but he tightened his grip
“Wait for a few minutes” he said with his eyes closed, I chuckled and moved his hair backwards.. then pecked him.. he smiled and opened his eyes.
“Good morning” I said.
“Morning baby” he said and pulled me into a kiss..

We bathed and ate breakfast together..
We both walked out of the mansion and saw men on suits standing everywhere..
“Uhm.. who are they?” I asked
“My guards, they are to guide me from today henceforth..” he said and I nodded
“But why?” I asked
“Well.. dad wanted me to be safe, I’m his only son and heir, there are people who aren’t happy about that, you know..” he said
“Okay..” I drawed.
“Wow.. this pool is really Large”..

To be continued

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