Crazy Hannah Episode 37


By Lady C
Episode 37 

Harry’s pov
I pulled up a few blocks away from Hannah’s house at her request..
“Why are we stopping here?” I asked
“Uhm.. I don’t want mom or my siblings to see you especially Jeremy and Sona, if they do.. you’d be stuck here for the whole day” she replied simply..
“Well I want to see them and your dad, they are the only ones I haven’t met” I said and she shook her head frantically.
“No.. please, trust can see them next month, or December Even” she said
“Besides, you have a reunion to prepare for.. go on, I’ll see you in the evening” she said and I frowned
“Bye” she said and made to open the door.. after giving me a peck of course
“You should have just said you don’t want me around” I mumbled and she turned to face me..
“Seriously?.. fine, let’s go then, but remember I warned you” she said and I smiled..
“Yeah whatever..” I mumbled and started the car, I drove to the front of her gate and stopped..
She opened the door and was about to slip out, I pulled her back and kissed her.. she smiled into the kiss and unlocked..
“Come on, let’s go” she said, I nodded and we both slipped out of the car.
Guards were already standing beside us, gosh! For a moment I forgot they had followed us.. I sighed and gently took Hannah’s hand.
She looked to the side and smiled, I followed her eyes, and saw her neighbor..
“Anyahsayo Mr Park” she greeted, he smiled and waved
“How are you Hannah?” He asked
“I’m fine, thank you” she replied with a smile..
We both walked into the compound with the guards behind us.. they spread out taking different positions..
Hannah opened the door and walked in..
The living room was just as I remembered, well except for the people in it..
A girl who looked a little like Hannah, but younger was sitting with a guitar in her hands.. playing a soft note, she stopped the moment we walked in. Her hair was packed in a cute style, and unlike Hannah.. she looked like she had a sixth sense in fashion.. she was wearing a white skinny trouser, black half cut, white transparent jacket and a black room slipper, with dummies on it. Fashion , music
I’m guessing this is Sona..
while on the other couch was a young boy, his features with that of Nicky was almost the same, except he was older.. he should be the ladies man I guess- Jeremy, I must admit he’s really cuter than I expected.. he looked up from the video game he and Nicky were playing on the TV..
“Hi Harry” Nicky said
“Hi Nick” I said
“Come sit” he said moving his chair to the side, creating a space between he and Jeremy..
I looked at Hannah and she nodded, I smiled and walked towards Nicky, I took a seat and he smiled warmly..
“Where’s mom?” Hannah asked
“They already left for the restaurant” Sona replied..
“Okay, ” Hannah said and rushed up the stairs
“Thanks for all the cool stuffs you bought for me, I really liked them a lot, same goes for Haley” he said still smiling
“You’re welcome” I said, he continued playing and I watched was a fighting game..
Jeremy killed Nicky’s game character and smirked
“Ugh.. this is the fifth time, you cheated Jeremy” Nicky whined
“No I didn’t.. I told you I was the boss right?, You’re no match for me” Jeremy said and Nicky frowned
“Can I try?” I asked Nicky
“Yeah.. avenge me Harry” he said and gave me the pad, Jeremy scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“I’ll still win, you just watch and see” he ranted .
We played the first round and I killed him within fifteen seconds.. Nicky smiled and Jeremy adjusted a bit
“I wasn’t ready then..” he mumbled and we started another round..
I killed him again, we played for about a hour plus..
I won him for the 17th time, he sighed and dropped his pad in resignation.. Nicky and Sona laughed and I smiled..
“Gosh! You’re good I admit.. but how did you do it? No one’s been able to have a tye with me, not to talk of winning me 17 – 0″ he said and I smiled
” Thanks Harry, you avenged me.. ” Nicky said and I chuckled..
“Well.. I guess so” I said
“So what’s your secret?” Jeremy asked looking at me..
“There’s no secret.. ” I replied simply
“What? But you play like a pro” he said and I chuckled
“I think it’s because I used to play all series of video games when I was little.. I actually had about a thousand new different games, which I played in my game room, I also used to have challenge with my friends every Friday night.. but I stopped after I traveled though” I said and he nodded
“Cool..” he drawed
“Yeah” Nicky added
“Anyways.. my name’s Jeremy” he said stretching his hand for a shake
“Yeah I know” I said and shook him.. he stared at me surprised.
“How’d you know?” He asked
“Well . Hannah told me” I said and he mouthed an ‘oh’
“That tune is nice Sona” I said and she smiled lightly
“Thanks” she said and raised her brows
“You know my name?” She asked
“Yeah. I do” I replied simply
“Wow.. well, I know a lot about you” she said
“Oh really?” I asked
“Yeah” she said
“Okay.. what do you Know about me?” I asked
“Well I know you’re extremely rich, and that you are Hannah’s boyfriend, oh and I also know that you’re a doc and you work in the same hospital with Hannah” she said.
“Well.. that’s a little” I mumbled
“Wait.. are you really her boyfriend?” Jeremy asked
“Yes” I said
“Wow.. was she the one who asked you out?” He asked
“No.. I did” I said and he smiled
“Wow.. amazing, I never really thought Hannah would fall in love, ” he mumbled
“Turns out she did” Sona said…
“So.. which school do you attend?” I asked
“Hilton high” Sona replied
“I’m in grade 12 and she’s in grade 11” Jeremy replied
“Nice.. so have you picked any college you’d like to study?” I asked
“Nah…” He drawed
“Would you like to study in Cambridge?” I asked and he nodded
“Yeah, I’m even hoping for a scholarship.. ” he said and I smiled
“You’ll get it.. ” I mumbled inaudibly
I watched as Hannah nervously arranged her dress, I smiled and assured her that she looked great in her black trouser, black turtle neck and lemon jacket, she nodded.. and almost jumped when the doorbell sounded.. she slipped into her lemon room slipper and stood up..
“Hey.. it’s gonna be okay, don’t be nervous you’re meeting my friends not the president” I said
“But you said the twins are the children of the president” she said
“They are.. but they are not the president himself are they?” I asked
“Well… Practically..” she trailed off
“.. whatever, but you don’t have to be nervous, I’m here for you..” I said and she nodded
“Hey.. I love you” I added and she smiled
We walked to the door and i opened it..
“Ju Sung!.. finally, gosh! I thought you weren’t going to open up” Oliver said and hugged me .
“Yeah nice to see you too Ollie” I mumbled and he chuckled..
“Harry.. my man, I’ve missed your pretty face man” Allister said walking in and with his hands wide for a hug.
“Same here Alli” I said and patted his back
“I can’t believe this man.. you look amazing, gosh! It’s been so long brother”Collins said hugging me tight
“Thanks for coming Collins” I breathed out.. he pulled back and walked into the house fully..
“Baby!” Olivia yelled with her hands wide open for a hug.. we hugged and I twirled her around
“Gosh.. I’ve missed you so much baby” she said when I dropped her and did the unthinkable..
She kissed me!..
I glanced at Hannah and she was just staring with her mouth open.. I’m so dead.
To be continued..

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