Crazy Hannah Episode 38


By Lady C
Episode 38

Hannah’s pov
Words Alone can’t express how I feel, I felt a strong pang of rage hit me, i feel like beating the life out of this skin and bones..
Harry gently unlocked and stared at me, he saw my fist and swallowed, I smiled and he smiled nervously..
“Uhm.. guys meet my baby, the angel of my life Hannah… Darling meet my friends, Oliver Yung, Collins Khù, Alister Yun, and Olivia Yung” he said pointing at each of them..
“Hi.. it’s nice to finally meet you angel” Oliver said kissing my hand..
“Same here Ollie” I said and he smiled
“I see you’ve learnt from your boyfriend” he said and i nodded
“Hi Hannah.. it’s nice to see you” Collins said shaking my hands
“Same here” I said
“You’re the first lady he’s ever introduced as his baby.. it’s great to finally meet you Hannah” Alister said hugging me briefly
“Same here” I said pulling back from the hug..
“Harry is she one of your flings or?” Olivia asked looking me up and down.. flings?.. fling? Is she trying to call me a fling?.. I looked at Harry and he was obviously getting pissed
“Livia.. Has harry ever introduced any of his flings to you?” Ollie asked glaring at her
“No..and that’s because we haven’t met in years.. besides she’s obviously not rich, the Harry I know will never date a commoner, he might have her as a fling but never as a girlfr…”she trailed off
“Shut up Livia!” Collins barked
“And how do you know she’s a commoner? How does that even concern you?” Alister asked
“Livia enough” Ollie said, she rolled her eyes and glared at me..
“To be honest.. I was expecting Nina and not someone el..”
“Shut up Livia!!” Harry yelled and she flinched.. I must admit I was really hurt with her last statement, and I’m trying to hard to control myself, but seeing Harry like this really made me forget about reconstructing her face.. I could feel the rage radiating off him,
“So what if she’s a commoner? Are you or Nina any better than her? You’re both rich and prouder than a peacock, Hannah’s a commoner and she’s humble like a dove.. you’ve got billions but you’ve never given one penny to a beggar before.. Hannah doesn’t have much yet she still shares with the poor, you are both surgical customers.. you go for facial and body surgeries every six month.. Hannah has never done one, yet she’s more beautiful and sexier than you’ll ever be, same goes for Nina.. Hannah is my girlfriend and I love her more than you can ever Imagine.. you don’t have to insult her because you’re jealous..” he said.. I cleaned my tears and placed a hand on his shoulder..
“It’s okay Harry.. let it go” I whispered softly.. he breathed and moved his fingers into his hair..
Olivia hastily wiped her tears and rushed out.. Harry frowned and ran upstairs
I looked at the others who were already sitted on the couch..
“Sorry about my crazy twin Hannah.. she has been crushing on Harry since kindergarten..” Ollie said with a smile
“Yeah.. I guess she wasn’t expecting Harry to introduce her to his girlfriend” Alister added and gulped his wine.
“She’s just jealous.. but she’ll come around soon, she can’t stay away from Harry for too long.. they used to argue alot, but we never interfere, they’ll sort things out in a few days.. that’s the highest they can stay angry with each other” Collins added and I smiled lightly
“Plus.. you might wanna go check on your boyfriend, he doesn’t really get angry.. But when he does, it can be something else” Oliver said
“Yeah.. he’s probably throwing things out the window” Collins added and chuckled
“I think you should go calm him down, do whatever you women do.. massage his shoulders or polish his shoe. ” Ollie said
“Polish his shoe?” Collins asked with a raised brow
“Yeah you know.. like this” he said and started making thrusting movements on the chair.. they started laughing and I rushed up trying to hide the blush on my cheeks..
Gosh that was so embarrassing..
I stood in front of Harry’s room, i knocked lightly on the door..
I waited but didn’t hear any response, I opened the door and walked in, gently closing the door behind me..
I looked around and saw him standing by the window.. he sluggishly threw out the lamp stand, then his phone… He picked his laptop and was about to throw it out.
“Harry stop it!” I yelled rushing towards him.. too late, he threw it out and I rushed to the window.. I looked out and saw a lot of stuffs in the the pool.. I frowned and turned to look at him..
“What the hell is wrong with you Harry?” I asked looking at him.. he ignored and threw out his headset..
“Harry I’m talking to you!” I yelled and turned him to look at me. He sighed and turned to face the window.. he picked his hair dryer from the bed and threw it out..
“Don’t yell at me” he mumbled
“I said.. don’t yell at me” he repeated..
I scoffed and rolled my eyes..
“Seriously?” I asked.. he ignored me and tried walking out.. I pulled him back and threw him on the bed..
“Don’t Walk out on me” I said ignoring his surprised look.. shit! I just used my powers.
“What’s wrong with you Harry?” I asked, he ignored and looked away
“Harry I’m talk to you” I said softly.. he stood up and threw out the pillow
“I said don’t yell at me!” He yelled back.. I flinched and he sighed loudly.
“I’m sorry if I offended you, you can continue throwing things out.. I’ll be at home if you need me” I said trying to hold back my tears. I turned and walked towards the door, he rushed towards me and hugged me from behind.. he wrapped his hands on my waist and placed his head on my shoulder..
“Leave me alone” I mumbled and pulled his hands from my waist.. he held my waist again and tightened his grip..
“Biané..” he mumbled
“I said let me go!” I yelled and pushed his hands off.. I reached for the door and he held me again..
“I’m sorry my love.. please, I didn’t mean to yell at you.. I’m sorry baby.. please don’t leave me.. I was just so angry, I didn’t mean to ignore you. I love you so much.. I’m so sorry” he said hugging me tight.. he turned me to face him and a tear slid down my cheek.. he wiped it off and hugged me to himself..
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.. I’m sorry for hurting you my love” he said placing kisses on my hair.. I hugged him and raised my face to look at him..
“I’m sorry for yelling at you.. I will never do it again.. I promise” I said, he smiled and kissed my forehead.. he kissed my eyes then my nose and finally took my lips in his.. we kissed for minutes and I gently pushed him on the bed..
I sat on his lap and kissed him again.. he placed his hands on my hips and pushed me up.. he turned me over and started placing kisses on my face, he went to the spot behind my eyes and licked, I moaned and brushed my hands into his back.. he kissed my chin and took my lips again, with his hands brushing into my shirt.. he cupped my br**** and squeezed softly, I moaned and pulled him closer, he took off my jacket and slowly started taking of my turtle neck.. he pulled it off leaving me in my black bra and trousers.. he kissed me again and brushed his hands into my back.. ignoring my bra at first, he kissed my neck and slowly unhooked it..
To be continued..

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