Crazy Hannah Episode 39


By Lady C
Hannah’s pov
I pulled off his shirt and brushed my hands into his back.. the feel of his warm skin made me yearn for more.. he kissed my lips again and I brushed my fingers into his hair, he groaned and gently removed my bra.. he cupped my b***s and massaged them softly while stroking the ni**les with his thumb.. he trailed kisses from my lips to my neck.. then to the space between my b****t, he suddenly stopped and stared quietly at my face.. I started feeling self conscious and covered my chest with my hands.. he chuckled sweetly and pecked my lips.. I watched as he picked my shirt and jacket.. he gently wore me the bra, then my shirt and finally the jacket..
“You said we should wait for a year, let’s wait” he said and wore his shirt..
“Yeah.. ” I mumbled trying to hide the disappointment in my face.. gosh! Why did I ever say that?.. just when I was beginning to feel sweet.. I’m sure Harry’s gonna get bored soon, but how do I tell him I have changed my mind?
“Don’t worry, I will wait till whenever you’re ready” he said
Well I am now..can’t you see it? I wanted to ask, but instead I smiled and nodded..
“I’m sorry for what Livia said, she’s not like that, trust me, she’s really nice.. I guess she was just jealous because..” he trailed off
“She has a crush on you?”I asked more like stated, he sighed and nodded..
“Well it’s more like a one sided love” he mumbled
“Huh?” I asked with raised brow,
“Nothing..” he said with a smile,
“.. that wasn’t your first kiss was it?” I asked folding my legs on the bed..
“.. uhm, no..” he mumbled
“Second? Third?” I asked looking at his face
He sighed and rubbed his temple
“No..” he muttered.. I sighed and nodded.
“Well have you guys.. uhm…” I trailed off, thinking if I should ask my next question or not..
“No.. we haven’t had sex, only kisses and nothing more, we never even dated, although there was a time I had feelings for her, but that was after my mom died.. she was always there for me, they all were.. but she was the closest to me then, she cried with me, starved with me and even fell sick when I did.. i was going to ask her out, I even wanted to engage her then.. but I couldn’t because of a mistake I made..” he said
I guess Olivia means a lot to him, and he’s hurt because he hurt her, was that why he was angry at me?.. after all I caused him to hurt Livia.. it all makes sense now.. and despite myself I couldn’t help but feel jealous.. I know i don’t have a right to, cause I wasn’t there for Harry like she was.. but I couldn’t help but wish I was the one with him then
“But that’s all in the past now” he said gently caressing my hand..
“I’m sorry for making you hurt her” I mumbled..
“Seriously?.. you’re my woman Hannah, I can’t just stand and watch someone insult you, be it my friends or not.. besides, it was better that way, from what I saw you were already getting ready for war” he added, causing me to laugh
“Yeah.. I was thinking of giving her a total make over” I said and he chuckled.
“I love you” he said
“I love you too” I said, he smiled and kissed me briefly
“We should go join the others” I said and he nodded..he took my hand and stood up..
“Come on baby” Harry said
“You can do it” he added,
We are currently playing the hand game, I already won Alister and Collins.. now I was battling with Ollie.. I wouldn’t really say battle, because he was the one battling.. I watched him use his two hands, trying to fall mine on the table.. he’s actually cheating, but instead of complaining I encouraged him instead..
“You can add your leg if you like” I mumbled.. he was sweating even with the AC on..
“Come on try harder” I said mockingly..
“I’m.. trying..” he breathed out.. I chuckled and fell his hands on the table .
“Yess!!” Harry cheered
“That’s my girl.. in your face Ollie!..” he said, I chuckled and the others started laughing..
“Your girlfriend is cheating Ju Sung” Ollie mumbled.. nursing his hand
“No she isn’t” Harry said
“Then how did she win three able bodied men like us in a hand game, even with this muscles I couldn’t even bend her hand a little” Collins said
“Well that’s because your muscle is whack..” Harry said
“Okay fine.. why don’t you challenge her?” Alister asked
“What?”Harry asked
“Yeah challenge her” Ollie added
I looked at Harry and he swallowed.
“Fine” he mumbled and took his position across the table.. he placed his hand on the table and I did Same.. if these people think I’m gonna let them laugh my baby they’re dreaming..
“Okay.. 1, 2.. go..” Collins said
I grabbed Harry’s hand and held softly.. I let him move my hands to the side, I faked a face to show I was struggling.. I released my grip and he fell my hand on the table..
“Yes!!” The trio cheered
“You’re the man Harry” Ollie said
“You deserve a kiss bro” Collins said
“Keep it to yourself” Harry mumbled with a smile..
I smiled as he leaned over and kissed me..
Harry’s pov
“So you’re an idol?” Hannah asked surprised
“Yes.. I’m actually surprised you don’t Know me” Ollie said smiling
“Well… I don’t really like music much, and I barely watch TV, so I guess that’s why” she said
“What about your sister?” She asked
“Oh.. Livia is a model” he said.
“Wow.. that’s nice” she said.
“Alli is a tech engineer, and Collins is a lawyer” I said..
“That’s nice” she said
“So .. You both work in the same hospital and you’re couples.. do you guys .. uhm, you Know.. do stuffs in the office?” Ollie asked
I chuckled and Hannah palmed her face shyly..
“Nah..” I drawed and they started laughing.
Olivia’s pov
Yeah . I know most of you might think I’m bad, well I’m not.. I know I shouldn’t have said those things but I couldn’t stop myself.. I felt really bad when Ju Sung introduced that girl as his girlfriend.. I mean after all these years, all I wanted was for Harry to love me.. we’ve been through a lot together, even as kids..I fell in love with him since I was Nine, we were always together.. we did things together.. even when his mother died, I was there for him.. he would cry on my shoulders and I would cry with him.. if he was in pain, I would also be in pain. I wouldn’t eat if he didn’t.. I used to sneak into his room every night and cry with him, sometimes we would sneak out to his mother’s grave and sleep till the next morning.. I was just so in love with him then, and I was so sure he would ask me out after a year, well until Nina came along.. she became so close to Harry, that he never had time for me again.. it was until some months after I found out, they were having an affair.. when they finally stopped, Harry was sent to France.. but still I never stopped loving him, when Ollie told me he was back, I was so overjoyed, that finally I would be seeing him after ten whole years and maybe, just maybe we would be able to start something.. but reality slapped me in the face when he introduced Hannah as his girlfriend.. I felt so broken, and that’s why I said those things, and now he’s angry with me..
“We are here ma’am” my driver said..
“Okay” I said and wiped my tears, the guards opened the door and I stepped out..
Nina’s pov
“I don’t understand” dad said
“I would like to be transferred” I repeated
“But I thought you said you liked working in our main branch hospital in Australia?” He asked
“Yes.. I did, but I no longer want to work there” I stated
“Why?” I turned to see mom walking into the living room
“Because I don’t feel like” I said
“So where do you want to work now?” She asked sitting beside dad
“H.R” I stated
“Is this because of Harry?” She asked looking at me
“It’s none of your business” I snapped..
“Nina.. when will you stop hating your mother?” Dad asked
” …when she finds my twin sister” I said and stormed out, then stopped in front of the door..
“Call me when you’ve called Mr Lee” I added and walked out..
Harry’s pov
“Gosh!.. Hannah, leave those things.. we can get new ones you know” I said looking at Hannah.. she dropped the laptop on the floor and dived into the pool, she came out and dropped the phone and hair dryer..
“Seriously?.. do you think everyone is as rich as you?.. there are people who need these things” she said as she walked out of the pool..
“So who are you gonna give these to?” I asked
“There are people who might need them in my street..” she said removing the water from the hair dryer
“But.. they are already spoilt”
“Yes.. but I’ll repair them, I Know a guy who fix’s stuffs like this, I’ll give it to him.. but you’ll be the one to pay though.. I don’t have that kind of money” she said
“Whatever.. can we go inside now?”I asked
“Sure” she said and started walking
“Hey.. watch your step” too late, she slipped, I tried holding her and we both fell in the pool..
To be continued..

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