Crazy Hannah Episode 40

By Lady C

Hannah’s pov
“Ow!.. you bit me” I said with pouted lips
“Oh did I?” Harry asked innocently..
“..uhh!, Get off me” I said faking a frown
“.. sorry sorry, just one more” he said
“No way..” I mumbled
“Please..” he said making cute puppy eyes.. I chuckled and nodded
“Just one, my lip is already swollen” I said
“No problem.. ” he said and took my lips again.. we kissed slowly and he carefully covered us with the duvet..
He moved in between my legs and started caressing my thighs.. sending shivers down my spine.. I was wearing his shirt and a pantie, since my clothes was totally wet.. he slowly unbottened the shirt and trailed kisses to the hollow my neck.. he cupped my b*****s softly and took my right n***le in his mouth, I shuddered and moaned softly.. he sucked slowly, gently flicking the n***le with his tongue, I could already feel the heat rising between my legs.. he brushed one of his hands into my inner thigh, he took the other n****e and massaged the other with his hand.. he brushed his other hand into my stomach and I wrapped my legs around his waist.. he took my lips again and kissed roughly.. I brushed my fingers into his hair and deepened the kiss..
I unlocked and he frowned..
“My phone is ringing” I said..
“You can answer it later” he said taking my lips again.. the ringing stopped and started again..
“I’ll just check who’s calling” I said unlocking from the kiss.. he frowned and rolled his eyes
“Fine..” he mumbled and rolled to my side.. I chuckled and pecked his lips..
I picked my phone from the side table and checked the caller ID.. Sofia ..
“It’s Sofia” I said showing him my phone.. he shrugged and pulled me, I fell on the bed and he started kissing me again..
“I have to take it” I mumbled in between kisses
“I’m not stopping you” he said and started sucking my b*****s..
I smiled and answered..
“Hey bes” I started
” .. ha.. Hannah.. ” she stuttered.. I sat up and pushed Harry to the side..
“.. Sof what happened?.. why are you crying?.. do you need something?, Are you lonely?, What is it? Did someone insult you? Tell me Sof, why are you crying?” I asked, Harry sat up and stared at me
“Its.. , Luke ” she said
“Luke?.. what happened to Luke, did you fight?..” I asked
“.. if that was the case I wouldn’t have called you Hannah..” she said
“.. he.. he broke up with me ” she said
“What!.. why?, You know what I’m coming, uhm.. you’re at home right?” I asked
“Yes.. but..” I didn’t wait for her to finish, I dropped the call and rushed out of the bed..
“What happened?” Harry asked
“..her boyfriend broke up with her,” I said
“Why?” He asked
“..that’s what I’m going to find out” I said and rushed out of the room..
“Hannah.. babe you’re half naked.. ” Harry yelled rushing after me..
I walked into the living room and picked my hand bag..
“Wait.. I’ll go with you” he said pulling me back
“Okay.. let’s go” I said heading for the door
“Wait” he said walking towards me
“What!” I half yelled
“I can’t let you walk out like this” he said buttoning the shirt.. it stopped in my mid thighs, so I didn’t bother about wearing a short..
Someone is gonna die today..

We drove into the street and took a bend, he stopped in front of her apartment and I rushed out..
I walked into her house and saw her on the floor, with her head buried in between her legs.. the only sound I heard was her heavy breathing
“Sofia..’ I called, she raised her head and tears fell from my eyes when I saw her swollen face..
“.. Hannah” she mumbled and rushed towards me.. she hugged me and we both sat on the floor.. the door opened and closed after some seconds..
“.. he broke up with me.. Hannah… He said he didn’t want me anymore” she said choking on her tears
“.. shhhh, it’s okay baby, don’t cry sof please, I can’t bear to see you like this” I said amidst tears.. Harry touched my shoulders and Sofia placed her head on my chest hugging me tight..
“So you’re saying he broke up with you because he was transferred and didn’t want a distant relationship?” I asked
“..yes, he just threw our four years relationship in my face, isn’t that nice?” She asked scooping ice cream in her mouth as a tear slid down her cheek..
“No it’s not.. ” Harry mumbled,
“Yeah.. it’s not, but that’s okay” I said and stood up..
“Uhm.. I’ll see you guys in five” I said
“Where are you going?” Harry asked
“.. uhhmm.. I’m just gonna go out, for some air…” I drawed
“Okay..” he said
“And also congratulate Luke for his promotion..” I added and walked out
“Harry go with her, she’s gonna kill him” I heard Sofia say..
“What!” He asked confused, I shut the door and rushed down the few flight of stairs.. the door opened and Harry rushed out..
“Hannah..” he called
“Mmmh” I hummed
“Where are you going?” He asked
“I’m going to see Luke” I replied simply
“Why?” He asked
“I wanna talk to him, you Know ask him few questions” I said.. he stared at me seconds and sighed
“Fine.. but I’m going with you” he said
“No.. you can’t, I need you to look after Sofia” I said
“Please Harry.. I’ll be back before you know it, besides his house isn’t that far” I said
“Okay.. ” he mumbled
I smiled and pecked his lip..
“I’ll be back in five” I said, he nodded and I started jugging out of the street..
I got to Luke’s house and saw his car, for a moment I thought he wouldn’t be home, but seeing his car gave me assurance.. I walked briskly to the door and pressed the door bell.. no response..
I pressed it again and heard his voice from inside the house..
He opened seconds later and froze when he saw me..
“Hi cutie.. can I come in?” I asked
“Uhh.. uhm, ye.. yes” he stuttered, I smiled and he swallowed.. I guess he already knows what coming..
I walked into the living room and saw drinks, chicken, wine and all on the table.. seeing those things didn’t affect me, what enraged me was the girl sitting on the couch.. she was clad in a see through black jacket and undies… She looked at me and smiled..
“Is she joining us?” She asked looking at Luke
“.. uhm.. no.. no, why don’t you go upstairs.. I’ll join you in a bit” he said..
“Alright.. ” she said and walked out with a glass of wine..
“Well well well.. what do we have here?” I asked using the line I heard from a movie I watched with Nicky
I sat on the couch and took a chicken..
“Wow.. this is nice” I said with my mouth full
“Hannah.. I Know you are here because of…”
“Why are you standing? Come sit, it’s your house after all” I said..
“No.. I’d like to keep standing” he said and I shrugged..
“So tell me, why did you do it?” I asked
“Well.. I was transferred and honestly, distant relationships isn’t my thing, I didn’t have a choice but to break up with her” he said.. I scoffed and rolled my eyes to the table..
“Do you still remember the conditions I gave you when you first asked her out?” I asked no response
“Do you!” I half yelled
“.. ye.. yes” he stuttered
“Good.. now tell me, cause I’m kinda having difficulties remembering” I said
“.. you said..I should never hurt her.. that if I did, you would…” He stopped
“I would what?” I asked glaring at him
“Kill me ” he muttered
“Good.. and you agreed?” I asked
“Yes” he mumbled facing the ground..
I stood up and increased the volume of the music..
“Why don’t we dance a little?” I asked and he started shaking his head..
I chuckled and stretched my hands
“Come on, don’t be shy” I said, he tried rushing out. I pulled him back and kicked his groin..
“Please Hannah…” He begged
“I can’t hear you, the music is too loud” I said and punched his face, he fell on the floor and slowly raised his face, his nose was broken.. and his lips already had a cut..
I walked towards him and raised him up with my hand in his throat,
“I told you never to hurt her, and you did, is it because she’s an orphan!” I yelled and threw him across the room.. he fell with a thud and landed on his back..
“You took the one thing she had left, her virginity.. you break up with her after four years with a silly excuse” I said and kicked him again, he coughed out blood and held his chest
“You know.. if I had seen you sad, I wouldn’t have hurt you.. if i had not seen that girl.. I would have forgiven you.. you break up with my friend and you’re here celebrating with a slut!.. you were supposed to be celebrating with Sofia! This was all she wanted.. she always wanted you to have a promotion!! And now that it’s here, look what you did!!” I yelled and punched him again.. he groaned weakly and mumbled something..
“I’m gonna leave you now, only because I don’t want your blood on my hands.. congratulations anyway” I said and walked to the table.
“I’ll just go with these” I said and picked the pack of chicken and a bottle of wine..
“Oh and safe trip” I added and walked out..
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Hannah’s pov
“Hey guys” I said walking into the house, gently closing the door behind me..
“Hi…” Sofia drawed watching as I placed the pack of chicken and wine on the table
“Uhm.. baby where did you get that?” Harry asked
“Well.. I.. Luke gave them to me” I said
“Luke..?” Sofia asked with raised brows
“.. yeah, anyways uhm.. I’ll go get the glasses” I said heading to the kitchen
“Wait.. why did he give you these things?” She asked
“Uhmm.. cause I took them?” I mumbled and walked into the kitchen..
I walked into the living room holding a small tray with three glasses..
“Hannah… What did you do?” She asked eyeing me suspiciously
“Nothing….” I drawed, i placed the glasses on the table and Harry took my hand..
“..why is there blood in your hand?” He asked.. I looked at my knuckles and saw a little bloodstain
Oh no.. how could I have been so stupid?
“..I.. I’s just a little scratch” I said taking my hand from his..
“I’ll just wash it off” I said and rushed into the kitchen..
“I’ll see you tomorrow.. are you sure you can stay alone? We can both go home together you know” I said hugging Sofia
“I’ll be fine, if I can’t sleep I’ll call you or Sona” she said withdrawing from the hug.
“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then..” Harry said giving her a brief hug
“Yeah, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.. do drive safely” she said with a half smile
“I love you bes, don’t ever forget that” I said hugging her again
“I won’t.. I love you too.. bye” she said, I withdrew and cleaned my eyes
“Awwn, my strong woman is crying..” she said
“No I’m not” I said,
“I’ll be fine… Bye” she said
“Bye” I said
“Bye..” Harry said and led me to the car with his hand on my waist..
“So you’re saying Sofia is an orphan?” Harry asked glancing at me, then back at the traffic
“Yeah .. well that’s what we think” I said
“How did you guys meet?” He asked
“.. well, it wasn’t a beautiful tale.. I was actually seven then, the first time I saw her was when I was swimming in the beach.. but, she wasn’t swimming, she was half dead”
“What!” Harry muttered cutting in
“Yeah, she looked so beautiful, her skin was white and really soft, Even softer than yours, she was clad in a gold gown and pretty shoes, she was wearing gold bracelets and necklace..
When I saw her she was already floating and blood was coming out from her head .. for a moment I thought it was the water I ran to call my parents who were on the beach.. they doubted me at first, but after insisting that they followed me, they did.. my mom shouted when she saw her, they both dived into the river and took her out, mom administered the mouth to mouth method but nothing happened.. we were almost giving up when she started coughing out water from her mouth.. but even after that she didn’t open her eyes or say anything.. we took her to the hospital and after everything they said her chance of survival was fifty-fifty, cause she had loosed a lot of blood… She was in coma for months and when she finally woke up, she didn’t know who she was or where she came from.. meaning she lost her memory.. mom was really sad and so was I.. my parents reported to the police, but we didn’t hear anything from them.. mom decided to adopt her and named her Sofia since she didn’t know what her name was, she started schooling with me and from the way she acted and talked, we knew she was from a rich home.. and every night she slept she would always mumble the name Zina, and whenever she wakes, we would ask her who Zina is but she would always say she doesn’t know.. and that’s how it’s been since.. a few years after we graduated from college, she decided to rent her own apartment although she still comes to stay with us whenever she wants” I said
“Wow.. she’s been through a lot” Harry mumbled
“Yeah.. and that’s why I never want her to get hurt again” I said
“What about her memory?” He asked
“The doctor said she might get them back when she meets someone she used to know” I said and he nodded.. I looked around and noticed we were already in front of my gate..
“Uhm..guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.. ” I said
“Yeah,” he said, I leaned closer and kissed him
“I love you.. goodnight” I said
“I love you too..bye” he mumbled, I slipped out of the car and walked into the house …
To be continued

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