Crazy Hannah Episode 41


By Lady C
Episode 41

Sunday morning ..
Sona’s pov
“Unnie are you serious?” I asked looking at Hannah
“Yeah.. now go get ready he’ll be here in few minutes” she said
“Yeeeesssss!!” I squealed
“Quiet down woman!.. I’m trying to sleep” Sofia mumbled covering herself with the duvet
“Oh no you’re not, come on Sof, go get ready Harry is already on his way” Hannah said pulling the duvet from her body..
“I’m not going Hannah… You can’t force me” she said
“Oh really?” Hannah asked,
“Ye.. ahhhhh!” Sofia yelled, I watched as Hannah threw her on her shoulders and carried her into the bathroom..
“This isn’t fair” Sofia mumbled, I chuckled and walked out.. Jeremy rolled Nicky out of his room, they were already dressed..
“Uhm.. are you sure you had your bath?” I asked looking at Jeremy
“Yeah why?” He asked
“.. nothing, just wondering how you both managed to get ready in five minutes or is it three?” I asked looking at my phone.. Jeremy scoffed and rolled his eyes
“You think we spend hours singing and dancing in the bathroom like you?” He asked and Nicky chuckled
“..and that’s why I don’t smell like a butcher at the end of the day” I said with a smile.. Nicky gasped and Jeremy frowned
“Whatever” he mumbled and rolled Nicky away.. I smiled and rushed into my room..
Hannah’s pov
“The Fair!!!” Sona squealed..
“This is so awesome!” She yelled, Harry chuckled and Sofia covered her ears..
Now I’m starting to regret why I allowed Sona ride with us.. Harry drove into the packing lot and we all slipped out.. Jeremy came out from the other car and the guards helped him with Nicky..
Harry took my hand and walked towards the entrance..
“I guess we are gonna wait here till noon” I mumbled on seeing the long queue.. Harry chuckled and continued walking, he passed the queue and stopped in front of the security taking the tickets..
“Good morning sir” he greeted
“Morning, uhm.. let the others in..they are with me” he said pointing to Sofia and the rest.
“Okay sir” he said..
We all walked in and I looked around..
“Wow!!.. this is so cool!” Sona yelled again
“Can you stop yelling? I Know you have never been here before, you can disgrace yourself if you want but please do it quietly” Jeremy said, Sofia and Nicky started laughing.. I smiled and Sona frowned..
“Unnie!!” Two familiar voices yelled, I turned and saw the twins running towards me with Mr Cha and some guards..
“My babies!” I cooed as they both jumped on me..
“Hannah.. we missed you so much!” Josi Said
“I missed you cuties too” I said
“And you don’t even call us” Jodi said
“I’m really sorry, your oppa didn’t let me have your numbers.. he said you both would always disturb me” I said and they gasped
“Oppa.. is it true?” Josi asked
“.. uhm, sorry” Harry mumbled
“Anyways.. who are they?” Jodi asked looking at Sona and the others..
“Oh.. uhm meet my best friend, Sofia.., my younger brother Jeremy, my sister Sona and my kid brother Nicky, guys meet Jodi and Josi Harry’s kid sisters” I said
They all exchanged pleasantries.. and I watched as j² started chatting with Nicky..
“So.. what do you guys wanna do first?” Harry asked walking towards us
“Ferris wheel!” J² and Sona yelled.. I smiled and Harry nodded
“Okay.. let’s go” he said holding my hands..
“Uhm.. oppa, let me” Josi said looking at Jeremy
“Huh?” He mumbled
“Let me take the handle” she said pointing at the wheelchair..
“Uhmm.. I don’t think that’s a good idea, sorry” Jeremy said scratching his hair
“Hmm.. okay” she mumbled and started talking with Jodi and Nicky.. as we all walked towards the Ferris wheel..
“No way!” I said..
“Hannah it’s just for some minutes..” Jeremy said
“No.. no, there’s no way I’m letting Nicky go in that thing.. you guys go ahead I’ll stay here with him” I said snatching the handle from Jeremy..
“Nicky.. are you okay with that?” Harry asked looking at him..
“Yeah” Nicky mumbled..
“Okay.. we’ll see you guys when we get down” he said and walked over to the wheel..
I watched as they all took their seats and the wheel started moving.. I heard sniffling and turned to look at Nicky.. he hastily cleaned his tears and looked away..
“Nicky are you okay?” I asked.. he nodded without looking at me..
“Do you want to go on the Ferris wheel?” I asked, he nodded without looking at me..
I squatted in front of him and turned his face to look at me..
“Baby..are you angry with noona?”I asked, he shook his head negatively
“I’m really sorry Nicky, I wish I could let you, but I can’t.. if something happens to you again.. I don’t know what I would do..” I said
“I really hate this chair Hannah” he said as tears rolled down his cheeks..
“Me too baby, I promise you’ll soon throw it away, the money for the surgery is almost complete.. I just need a little more, once it’s complete, I’ll take you to the hospital and you’ll be fine okay?”
“Okay” he said I smiled as a tear rolled down my eye.. I cleaned his tears and kissed his cheek..
“I’m sorry for putting you through all this Nicky, this is all because of me.. it’s all my fault, I was so stupid, I’m sorry Nicky, I’m so sorry” I mumbled and hugged him to myself..
“Sorry for what?” I turned to see Harry walking towards me..
Oh my gosh.. what do I do now?..
To be continued..

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