Crazy Hannah Episode 42


By Lady C
..then I thought I wouldn’t be able to write today, but surprisingly I did.. it’s a bit short, and I’m sorry, do read and enjoy
Harry’s pov
“Uhm.. I.. well.. I.. I said sorry.. be.. because I didn’t let him ride the Ferris wheel” she stuttered.. she’s obviously lieing.. I sighed and nodded..
“.. Nicky, the ride was so awesome, although I was a bit scared at the beginning.. but it was cool anyway” Josi Said..
“Really?.” Nicky asked
“Yeah.. I really enjoyed it, although someone couldn’t stop screaming since she was scared” Jodi said eyeing Sona..
“I wasn’t scared.. I was just acting” Sona stated
“.. yeah right” Jeremy muttered earning a glare from Sona and Sofia chuckled..
“So… Who wants to go over to the games section?” I asked
“Me..” Josi, Jodi, Nicky and Sona yelled
“..stop acting like a kid Sona, it’s really annoying” Jeremy muttered, I chuckled and took the handle from him..
We decided to play laser tag, so we had to split into teams..
“Okay.. uhm we are gonna split into two teams” Sofia said
“Team a and b.. uhm Harry, you and Hannah would have to be the leader of each team.. who’s gonna choose first?” She asked looking at me..
I looked at Hannah and she looked away..
“.. ladies first” I said and Sofia nodded
“Okay.. Hannah start”
“Uhm.. Nicky” she mumbled
“ want Harry, he’s a genius, he’ll surely win you and I don’t want to loose” Nicky muttered and Hannah glared at him..
“Fine.. I go with Sofia” she said and Sofia smiled
“Nicky” I said
“Jodi” she said
“Yes!” Jodi squealed and rushed over to hug Hannah
“Jeremy” I said and he smiled,..
“.. uhm, Josi” Hannah said
“Yeh!!” Josi squealed and rushed over to Hannah’s side.
“Thank goodness” Sona mumbled and rushed over to my side before I could even call her..
“Okay.. which colour would your team’s like?” The attendant asked.
“Nicky what colour do you like?” I asked
“Uhm red” he said and I nodded to the attendant.. he gave us our guns and armors..with glowing red colours..
Hannah picked green and we all walked into the maze.. there was two routes.. we took the left and Hannah’s group took the right..
“Okay guys.. it’s now or never, let’s win Hannah and her team.. be invincible, shoot but avoid getting shot.. okay?” I asked in hushed tone
“Okay” they chorused
“Great now.. charge” I whispered and they nodded.. Jeremy was in front followed by Sona, while I wheeled Nicky behind..
We walked for a few minutes with our guns out, Jeremy came to a halt and moved out of the way, Sona however walked ahead looking around with her gun down..
Her lights went off and she stopped walking..
“Gosh!.. Jodi? I just started the game” she whined, Jodi laughed and walked forward, I quickly shot her and her lights went off with a beep..
“Uhh!” She groaned
“Oppa!.. you just shot me” she muttered with pouted lips..
“Sorry.. where are the others?” I asked softly
“I can’t tell you Harry.. sorry” she said with a smile, and I frowned
“ Least I’m not the only one dead” Sona mumbled
“Shut up Sona.. you guys are out, you have to leave now” Jeremy said, Sona scoffed and rolled her eyes and held Jodi’s hand
“Let’s go Jodi.. you better win or else I’ll tell Miya not to accept you” she said to Jeremy
“Oppa.. good luck” Sona said with a smile and walked out..
“Good luck Ju Sung, you need it cause unnie is surely gonna win, bye Nicky” Jodi said before rushing out with Sona..
“I wonder where Hannah’s hiding” Jeremy whispered looking around..
“Oh.. she’s somewhere around” a voice said followed by a green and red laser, then two beeps..
I looked up and saw Josi and Jeremy staring at each other with their lights off..
“Sorry..” Nicky said with a smile dropping his gun..
“Don’t worry, I’m not angry” Josi said smiling
“.. well I am” Jeremy said..just then Sofia rushed out and shot nicky, I shot her and she frowned.
“Oh.. dang it!” She said stamping her foot on the ground..
“Serves you right Missie” Nicky said glaring at her
“Sorry” she said looking at him..
“..well I guess it’s just you and unnie now Harry, ” Josi said and Nicky nodded
“.. speaking of Hannah.. where’s she?” I asked looking around
“.. sorry, can’t tell ya, come on Nicky let’s go” Sofia said taking the handle
“Good luck Harry” Jeremy said as they all walked out..
Now am left with my crazy girlfriend.. where the hell is she..?
I walked slowly trying not to make any sound.. I got to a bend and hid by the side, I took a peek and walked out when I didn’t see anyone..
I gasped and looked down at my armor, I wheeled and saw Hannah standing behind me with her gun close to her mouth blowing out imaginary smoke..
“I win” she said with a smile..
“Oh really?” I asked walking towards her
“Yeah.. I can’t wait to see Nic…” I pressed my lips on hers cutting her off..
She wrapped her hands on my neck and moaned into the kiss..
I pulled back and pecked her lips..
“Congratulations” I breathed out and took her lips again..
Hannah’s pov
So after our little make out section, we both walked out holding hands.. and I couldn’t help but LMAO when Harry told them I won.. Nicky couldn’t stop frowning and Sona maintained the notion that Harry let me win.. Sofia and the twins on the other hand couldn’t stop laughing at the others..
We played other games and Harry won me a pink Teddy..
Now we were having lunch, I couldn’t help but smile watching Sofia playing with the twins and Nicky.. she looked so different from the girl that was broken last night..
Sona and Jeremy were busy talking secretly, although I didn’t want to pry into their affairs, but I did catch Miya and Ryan’s name..
“Baby..” Harry mumbled
“Yeah” I said turning to look at him..
“Uhm.. I was wondering if we could talk” he said
“Okay shoot” I said
“I mean Privately..” he said looking intensely at me.. like he could see into my soul
“Uhm.. okay” I mumbled and we both stood up..
The others were too busy to notice us, so we just secretly walked out..
“So.. what do you want to talk about?” I asked
“.. uhm Nicky” he said and my body tensed immediately.. does he know already?
“.. Ni.. Nicky?” I stuttered
“Yeah” he said and continued when I didn’t say anything
“ there something you’re not telling me?” He asked
“..what?..” I asked
“I mean.. about Nicky’s condition” he said
“..well.. no.. not at all.. I’m not hiding anything.. why would I?” I asked with a nervous smile
“..are you sure?” He asked
“Yeah.. ” I drawed. He stared at me for seconds and sighed
“Promise me” he said
“Mmh?” I hummed
“Promise me you’ll never hide anything from me, and I’ll do same” he said, why are you making this difficult for me Harry?.. I sighed and bit my lower lip.
“.. I.. I promise” I mumbled, he smiled and nodded
“Thanks.. I promise not to hide anything from you too.. ” he said and I nodded with a half smile..
He smiled and took my lips, sealing it with a kiss..
My lips trembled as I reciprocated..
As much as I’d love to tell Harry, there are some things I can’t tell Harry, my powers being one of them and the cause for Nicky’s accident…
To be continued

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