Crazy Hannah Episode 43


By Lady C

.. authors pov
..”are you crazy?.. how many times have I told you never to hang out with those rascals?”.. hannah asked dragging Nicky with his ear as they walked out of the alley..
“I’m sorry Hannah.. my ear is hurting” he said with teary eyes
“It’s hurting huh?.. I’m going to show you what the definition of ‘hurt’ really means” she threatened with a smack on his head..
“Noona please, let me go.. I’ll never do it again” he begged trying to wiggle out of her grip
“That’s what you said the first time, then the second, and third and now you’re still saying it.. how many times do I have to tell you that those boys in the alley are bad influence? Huh?.. the oldest child is just fifteen and they are already smoking.. I’ve warned you never to hang out with them.. but did you listen? No!.. now you just wait and see what I’ll do to you at home” she said..
“Hannah please..” he begged and struggled to free himself..
He finally frees himself and runs..
“Hey!.. you can run but you can’t hide.. I’ll catch you and beat the living hell out of you!” She screamed running after him
“.. Hannah please , I’m sorry.. ” he said glancing at Hannah.
“You better run.. cause I’ll kill you when I get you!” She breathed out angrily.. seeing that Hannah was already close to him.. he rushed into the road without looking..
“Nicky watch out!” Hannah yelled.. he stopped and looked to his side, shielding his eyes from the headlights..
“Nicholas!!!” Hannah screamed as his body fell to the ground lifeless..
End of flashback

Hannah’s pov
Harry walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist, and his hair wet sticking to his face. He carefully used his fingers to brush some strands from his eyes.. he walked to the side table and I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on his waist line, which looked so much like a signature.
“Are you done checking me out?” He asked with his gaze fixed on his phone..
“No.. yes.. no… I mean yes, no.. that’s .. that’s not it, I wasn’t checking you out” I stuttered
“Then what were you doing?” He asked rolling his eyes from his phone to my face, tilting his head a bit to the side.. oh gosh.. I’m on fire!
“.. I.. I was just looking at the tattoo on your waist” I mumbled.. he took his lips into his mouth and dropped his phone back on the table..
“Well I’m a bit disappointed..” he mumbled and looked down at his waist
“Do you like it?” He asked walking towards the bed..
“..uhm yeah, it’s really cute” I said trailing my fingers on it..
“It’s my mother’s name” he mumbled
“Really?” I asked examining it
“Yeah” he said softly, I smiled and kissed it lightly.. wrapping my hands on his waist..
He chuckled and brushed my hair backwards..
“I’ll go throw on some shorts” he said turning to leave..I held his wrist and pulled him back, causing him to fall on me..
“I want you like this” I said wrapping my arms on his neck.. he chuckled and pecked my lips..
“Huh?” He asked with raised brows..
“About that stuff.. I no longer want to wait for a year” I mumbled looking into his eyes
“What stuff?” He asked pretentiously
“.. uhm.. you know.. that stuff” I said quietly
“I still don’t understand Hannah.. what are you talking about?” He asked smiling mischievously
“.. well, nevermind.. just forget about it” I said pushing him to the side, he laughed as I slipped under the duvet..
“Seriously?.. you look so pretty when you’re shy” he said slipping into the bed fully..
“.. go wear some clothes Harry, before your towel falls off your waist” I muttered looking at him..
“.. I don’t want to” he said
“Mmh.. suit yourself” I said and closed my eyes.. he chuckled sweetly and I felt something on my lips, I opened my eyes and he withdrew from the kiss..
“ there something you want to tell me?” He asked placing kisses on my neck..
“.. no..” I breathed out.. he took my lips and kissed roughly… Nibbling on my lower lip with his right hand in my hair , and his right hand on my legs, he set my legs on each side of the bed and moved in between..
He placed soft kisses on my face and moved behind my ears, I moaned as he licked and sucked the sweet spot..
He took my lips again and gently brushed his hands into the transparent jacket, gently cupping and massaging my br****, I brushed my hands into his hair and he groaned as I massaged the scalp.. he gently unbottened the jacket and trailed kisses from my lips to the hollow of my neck..
I moaned as he took my br**** into his mouth.. he suckled for seconds and took the other one.. gently brushing one of his hands into my thighs.. I shuddered when I felt his hands on my pubic bone.. he bit softly on my Ni**** and I smiled out a moan.. he pecked my lips and withdrew, I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me with a little smile.. his eyes were already darkened with lust, love, desire and passion..
“I guess we have to wait till next year, to continue” he mumbled and made to move out,
What!.. no way..
I pulled him back and wrapped my legs around his waist..
“No.. I want you now” I mumbled
“Huh?” He asked
“I want you to have me Ju Sung, I’m ready” I stated..
“Are you sure?” He asked looking at me
“Yes” I breathed out, he smiled and pressed his lips on mine.. he flicked his fingers and the lights dimmed a bit..
Unlike the first, this kiss was slow and passionate, with neither of us trying to gain dominance..
I flinched when I felt his hands move in between my legs massaging softly.. he suckled my br**** for some minutes and slipped out my jacket, leaving me in nothing but my pantie..
He trailed kisses to my waist into my pubic bone, gently slipping out my pantie with his teeth.. he finally removed it and moved back to stare down at me, I suddenly felt so self conscious and covered myself with my hands.. he smiled and leaned down..
“.. you look perfect” he whispered huskily and took my lips again, gently massaging me between my legs.. I moaned as he tried to slip in his index finger..
After several efforts he was able to slip in his full finger, I moaned into the kiss as he started moving in and out, I gently brushed my hands into his back and tugged on his hair, he groaned and deepened the kiss… I brushed my hands to his towel and hastily loosened it.. he groaned as I held him and started stroking gently with shaky hands.. he unlocked and held my hand…
“You’re playing with fire Hannah..” he said huskily
“Why don’t you burn me.” I breathed out..
“As you wish” he said and slammed his lips on mine, kissing roughly, he managed to pull my hands up and pinned it to the bed..
He kissed my lips and moved his hips up, I moaned as I felt his d*** on me..
“Are you ready?” He asked looking at me..
“Yes.. ” I said and with that I felt him moving into my entrance.. he moved deeper and I felt an excruciating pain burning in my body, for a moment I was tempted to push him off..
“Ju Sung!” I screamed as a tear slid down my cheek.. he stopped moving and hugged me to himself.. he took my hands and intertwined our fingers together.. he moved deeper and stopped, waiting for my body to get used to his length and size.. the pain wasn’t that much but I could still feel it..
“Baby are you okay?” He asked looking at me..
“Yeah .” I mumbled with a smile and he kissed the tears out of my face..then started moving slowly.. soon he quickened his pace and started thrusting faster.. I moaned with my head back, clawing at his back..
He started moving faster and I felt a sweet sensation moving through my body, soon I started screaming
“Harry!!!” I screamed as I shivered, a tingling feeling moved from my body to my legs as I felt my first orgasm…
Harry started moving faster pressing his chest to my breast.. he thrusted deeper with a groan
“..I love you Hannah..” he breathed out and moved out of me, releasing on my thighs.. he fell to my side breathing heavily.. he held my waist and pulled me closer to himself..
We kissed briefly and he slowly slipped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom.. I looked down on the sheets which was already soaked in blood, sweat, and Harry’s release..
He walked out and I closed my eyes.. he chuckled and carried me out of the bed bridal style..
Harry’s pov
I placed her in the tub, and walked into the room, I removed the sheets and walked back to the bathroom..
Then I washed the sheets and walked over to Hannah.. who was looking so exhausted.. I smiled and pecked her lips..she smiled as i moved her from the tub to the shower, we bathed together and I carried her into the bedroom, and carefully placed on the new sheets.. she placed her head on the pillow and yawned..
“Are you feeling sleepy?” I asked
“Yeah” she mumbled
“Are you still hurting?” I asked.
“Yes” she said.. I nodded and walked into my closet, I walked back into the room and placed the two Jewelry boxes on the bed beside her..she sat up and I slipped into the bed and raised the grey shirt she was wearing, which is mine by the way..
“Uhm.. Harry, what are you doing?” She asked with a little laugh..”watch” I whispered and opened the boxes.
She gasped with her hands over her mouth..
“Is that real?” She asked.. I chuckled and nodded
“Yeah.. I bought it some days ago” I said and carefully wore her the two diamond chains on her waist.. with my name on it..
“It’s beautiful.. thanks Harry” she said
“You deserve it my love, don’t thank me” I said and kissed her lips..
I lay beside her and wrapped my hands on her waist..
“I’ll never hurt you Hannah.. I swear, and I’ll give you whatever you want, don’t hesitate to ask me for anything.. okay?” I asked
“Okay” she mumbled sleepily..
I’ll always love you forever Hannah.. I’ll spoil you with money and shower you with love, I’ll change everything about you, I’ll do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.. and I pray nothing/no one comes between us..
I kissed her hair and switched off the lights.
To be continued

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