Crazy Hannah Episode 44


By Lady C
Episode 44
Sona’s pov
“Please mummy, no.. watch out… Zina, hold on.. mum..Zina!”.. Sofia mumbled turning her head sideways.. her head was already sweaty and tears rolled down her eyes…
“Unnie.. unnie..” I called tapping her lightly.. her eyes fluttered open and she sneezed..
“Unnie.. are you okay?, Sorry to wake you, but you were saying stuffs and crying. I didn’t know what to do so I woke you up” I said
“I didn’t say anything Sona, and I’m not crying..I guess it’s the heat, my body feels so hot and my head aches a bit” she said placing her palm on her forehead
“Should I call mom?” I asked
“ I’ll be fine, it’s nothing serious, let’s just go back to sleep” she mumbled and placed her head back on the pillow..
“Are you sure?” I asked
“Yeah” she mumbled and I shrugged…

Nina’s pov
I walked into my room and sat on my bed..
Evening ma’am
Evening Lucas, anything yet?
No ma’am, we haven’t found anything yet, we’ve tried all the orphanages, and went through their record from the past sixteen years, it appears that there has been no record of anyone with the name Zina I sighed and moved my fingers into my hair
But we’ll continue with the investigation and I’ll keep you updated
Okay.. that would be nice, bye I hang up and angrily smashed my phone on the wall.. I smashed the lamps and threw the drawers and tables to the ground.. then the sound of a glass shattering took my attention.. I looked at the floor and the picture frame facing upwards, I rushed to the spot and picked it up.. i choked as tears rolled down my eyes.. it was a picture of me and Zina, which we took on our sixth birthday. A year before the accident.. then like a movie, the memories of the accident started coming back..
“I don’t wanna go mum” Zina whined sitting on the couch with her hands crossed
“Yeah.. I don’t feel too good about this mum, besides, grandma said we could come tommorow” I added
“Yeah, she did.. but you both are going today, and that’s final” mom stated..
“Go upstairs your Nani’s will dress you up” she said walking out of the house with her phone on her ears, talking about ‘business’ as always.. I don’t know why but I feel mom values her assets more than us, she never has time for us, although she spoils us with toys, clothes and all..but a little attention wouldn’t hurt much, would it?..
I watched as Zina rushed up the stairs angrily…
After dressing in our gold gowns and hairclips.. we walked into the garage where the driver was waiting, we both slipped in and some seconds after the car started moving…
Zina was obviously still angry,
“It’s okay Zina, it’s just for two days” I said touching her hands
“I know Nina.. I love Grandma and I always enjoy visiting her, but I don’t know I just don’t feel like today” she mumbled.
“Okay.. why don’t we play games to cheer you up?” I asked
“No.. I don’t want to” she replied
“Please..” I drawed
“No..” she said
“Come on Zi, I’m your twin.. if you’re sad, then I’m also sad.. you don’t want me to feel sad now do you?” I asked
She sighed and smiled
“Okay, fine” she said and I smiled…
“What the..” the driver trailed off, and the car started swerving.. we both looked up scared, just then the car start falling down the woods,
“Nina.. hold on!” Zina yelled
“What’s happening?” I asked tearfully
“I don’t know Nina.. but..” just then the car hit a tree and Zina hit her head on the window..
“Zi.. Zina..” I called as tears rolled down my cheeks
“Zina.. please say something ” I said looking at her eyes which was alreadly closed..
“Mister.. please do something, my sister isn’t talking” I said to the driver, no response..
“Zina.. please, it’s me Nina.. open your eyes Zi!” I cried
the door burst open and I fell out hitting my head on the ground.. my visions became blurry and my head started hurting.. I looked up and saw the car falling off the cliff..
My eyes became heavy and I blacked out..
.. I had woken up in the hospital with my dad sitting beside me, I asked after Zina, and he said they haven’t found her.. then mom came rushing into the hospital room
“Nina.. my child, baby are you okay?” She asked trying to touch me..
“Don’t touch me!” I mumbled
“What?” She asked looking at my dad then at me
“Don’t touch me!” I screamed
“But why?” She asked softly
“It’s all because of you!.. you caused this.. it’s all your fault, Zina is lost because of you, the whole accident was because of you.. Zina told you that she didn’t want to go, but you didn’t listen.. like always, you wanted to throw us to Grandma, so you could go on your business trip.. if you hadn’t forced us this wouldn’t have happened” I said with streaming tears
“.. I’m sorry Nina, I didn’t know this would happen, they are already looking for Zina.. she’ll be with us soon” mom said as a tear rolled down her cheeks
“Until you find her, you’re not allowed to touch me” I said and hugged dad
“It’s okay Nina.. we’ll find zina.. we surely will” he said brushing down my hair
end of flashback
“Where are you Zina?, You promised we’ll both stay together forever.. it has been sixteen years now, I’ve lived for sixteen years without you.. why aren’t you coming back huh?” I asked looking at her picture
“My life has been so empty with you Zi.. I thought you said you could feel it when I’m sad, why aren’t you feeling it now?” I asked as hot tears fell from my eyes
“Where are you Zina?” I asked hugging the picture to myself
Hannah’s pov
Monday morning***
Are you sure you’re okay? I asked looking at myself in the mirror
Yeah, I just need to rest a little.. I’ve already called the Mathron Sofia said
Okay, but call me if something comes up, okay?
Okay, she said and hung up..
I sighed and dropped my phone on the table, then faced the mirror.. trying to pack my hair up
“Hey.. what’s with the look?” Harry asked hugging me from behind,
“Nothing.. I’m just worried about Sofia, she isn’t feeling too well” I said truthfully
“Where’s she?” He Asked placing kisses on my cheek
“In my house, she said she would be fine that she just needs to rest” I said and he nodded
“So are you ready?” He asked
“Yeah, I’m just gonna pack my hair, then we can leave” I said
He brushed his finger into my hair and removed the band.. causing my hair to fall freely on my back
“Oops” he Mumbled
“I like it like this” he said removing some strands from my face.. I smiled and turned to peck his lips
“If you say so” I said and kissed him fully, he moved his hands to my ass and pressed softly.. I withdrew and glared at him
“We should get going.. we don’t wanna be late now do we?” I Asked
“Well.. we can, I’m the boss after all” he said
“And I’m the boss’s girl” I said and he chuckled
“You Know it girl” he said and pecked my cheek..

To be continued.

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