Crazy Hannah Episode 45


By Lady C 

Harry's pov ✌️..
I sighed as I closed the last file, gently dropping it on the table.. I feel so tired and hungry.. 
And Hannah.. gosh I miss her so much, even though we met in the theater some minutes ago..I picked my phone and texted her .
📤Miss psycho, where are you?📤 My phone buzzed seconds later and I hastily opened the message with a smile
📥 Mr shades, I'm on my way to the cafeteria📥
📤hmm.. can you come to my office?📤
📥uhm.. I have to catch up with Lina first, I'll come when I'm done with lunch📥 I frowned and rolled my eyes
📤 My shoulders is hurting me 📤
📥 Sorry 📥 I scoffed
📤 Seriously?..📤
📤 Aren't you gonna come give me a massage?📤
📥 Nope.. not now 📥
📤Fine.. bye📤I frowned and dropped my phone angrily on the table..
The phone buzzed and I checked the message
📥Are you angry?📥
Who wouldn't be? I asked myself and dropped the phone..
If I don't reply, she'll get the message and obviously try to call me..
I stared quietly at the phone waiting for it to ring, 3 minutes gone .. nothing..
Aishh, this woman is so hard headed.. I picked my phone and moved to my contacts, I scrolled down the list and stared sadly at the name written boldly at the top of the L list, Livia😘.. I don't know how long I can stay without making up with her, but I have to give her some alone time for now..I guess..
I scrolled down and Nina's name showed on the screen..
Now I remember I have to talk to her, about the pregnancy stuff and all.. I'll just call her and ask her to meet me somewhere private..
I dialed her number, after some seconds, the ringing stopped and her voice followed
"Harry?" She called hoarsely.. has she been crying?..
"Hi Ni..." I stopped when the door opened my baby walked in looking worried.. 
"Harry.. Harry are you there?" Nina asked, thankfully the phone wasn't on loud speaker
"Ah.. yeah, I.. I'll call you back, bye" I said hanging up without waiting for a response, I secretly put the phone on silent just in case she calls back .
"Who was that?" Hannah asked with raised brows walking over to me..
"Uhm.. no one important as you" I said stretching my hand to her, she took it with a smile and I pulled her to sit on my lap..
"Really? Cause you looked tensed" she said moving my hair backwards
"I.. jus..just stress, that's all" I said with a smile.
"Okay.." she drawed..
"Anyways.. does your shoulders hurt much?" She asked caressing my cheeks softly
"Yeah" I mumbled..
"Okay relax, and let me handle this, okay?" She asked
"Okay" she smiled and stood up from my lap, then walked to my back and placed her hands on my shoulders..
She started massaging my shoulders and I swear I could hear some bones cracking.. it hurts a bit though..after several minutes.. I held her hands and turned to face her..
"Is Something wrong?" She asked worriedly
"No.. " I said pulling her to sit on my legs again..
"I just wanted to hold you" I said hugging her to myself, she chuckled sweetly and kissed my hair..
"You hugged me before and after the surgery, which was just 1 hour ago if I'm not mistaking" she said wrapping her hands around me
"Yeah, I know.. but I can't seem to get enough of you" I mumbled with my head on her chest..
"Are you hungry?" She asked
"Yeah.." I said
"Come on..let's go to the cafe" she said
"We'll go.. but first," I hastily kissed her lips and she laughed..
"Yeah.. now we can go.." I said and stood up holding her hand..
"Hi Hannah" we turned to see Hannah's other friend.. uhm.. Lina walking towards our table
"Hi.." Hannah said
"Good afternoon sir" she greeted and I nodded, 
"Can i seat with you Guys?" She asked looking at Hannah
"Sure" Hannah said pointing to the empty chair besides her..
Lina sat and placed her tray on the table..
"Sorry, but I haven't seen Sofia around.. where's she?, Is she still in the theater?" She asked 
"No.. she's at home, she isn't feeling too well . So she Decided to rest a bit" Hannah replied
"Really?.. hope it's not that serious?" She asked worriedly
"Nah.. it's not" Hannah replied simply
"Okay. I guess I'll call her later" she said and Hannah nodded.
The rest of the day went by smoothly and after few hours, I and Hannah's shift was over..
We both walked to the garage hand in hand, we slipped into the car and headed to her house..
We arrived and I insisted on going in with Hannah, but she refused after several pleas, she finally accepted and we both slipped out of the car and walked into her compound, it was just some minutes past seven but it was already getting darker by the minute..
Hannah gently opened the door and walked in.. 
I was about to step in when I heard an ear piercing scream.. I rushed in and saw Hannah rushing towards the stairs.. 
"Babe what's wro.." I stopped when I saw Nicky sprawled on the floor beside the stairs with the wheelchair on top of his body and a pool of blood beside his head.. he looked lifeless..
"Oh my God.., Nicky please open your eyes!" Hannah yelled pushing off the chair from his body and kneeling beside him, gently taking him in her arms..
"Nicky.. please don't leave me I beg you.. noona is here, please don't die on me!.." she yelled crying hysterically..
"He's still alive" I said checking his pulse..
Then the strangest thing started happening.. her tears fell on Nicky but unlike normal tears, they turned into tiny flakes and dissolved into sparkling dust.. they surrounded her as she continued crying.. it's was the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen and at the same time, the most beautiful sight..
I looked at Hannah who was still crying heavily..
What exactly are you?.


To be continued..
Oga has found out o.. I wonder what happened to nicky🤔

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