Crazy Hannah Episode 46


By Lady C 👄

Hannah's pov😭
"I..I, ..let's take him to H.R" Harry said trying to take Nicky from me.
", there's a hospital near by, let's just go there.. it will be more faster" I said standing up with Nicky in my arms.. Harry nodded and continued staring at me with several emotions in his eyes..and like I had two heads or something..
I looked around and my blurry eyes widened at the sparkling dust.. why now??..
I looked at him trying to say something but my lips quivered and tears rolled down my eyes..
"We should go.." he mumbled and took Nicky from me.. he rushed to the door and turned to look at me..
"Are you coming?" He asked, I shook my head and rushed out with him..
I rushed towards the car and hastily opened the door, he slipped Nicky in and then we both slipped in ..
He sat on the driver's seat, while I sat at the back with Nicky's head on my laps...
"Hold on Nicky.. you're going to be fine.. you're going to be fine" I said whispering the last part..
"Faster Harry!" I said and he stepped on the gas...
We got to the hospital and Nicky was placed on a strecher.. I rushed with the nurses and tried running into the theater with them.

"I'm sorry miss, but you can't come in" a nurse said
"What do you mean I can't come in?. That's my brother in there!" I yelled angrily at the nurse.
"I'm sorry miss.. but I can't let you in, please try to understand" she said calmly
"Okay fine, I'm a nurse.. ask the doctor, he knows me" I said trying to go in..
"I'm sorry miss.. " she said, I felt a hand on my waist, sending tingles through my body.. his arm was comforting and I turned to hug him fully, crying hysterically on his chest, he wrapped his arms around me and brushed my hair back, gently kissing my hair..
"'s gonna be okay Hannah.. it's going be fine" he said moving circles in my back..
***Fast forward***
We both sat on the waiting chairs.. my elbows were on my thighs and I placed my head on my palms.. staring into space, my eyes were feeling heavy and tears refused to fall out.. I don't know what happened at the house, but I couldn't help but blame myself for Everything..and I couldn't help but wonder why Nicky was left alone.. 
I felt something warm slip into my palm.. I looked down startled to see Harry's hand, I looked at his face and he smiled sadly.. 
The doctor Walked out and we both stood up, I rushed over to him, and looked back at the theater, then moved my gaze to his face..
"How is he?" I asked
".. not good, he's in a really bad state Hannah, what did you say happened to him?" He asked 
"..I ..I don't know.. I don't know, I just.. I came back from work and found him laying on the floor beside the stairs, with blood gushing out of his head" I said hoarsely..
He sighed and nodded
"I think he fell from the stairs, because his leg is seriously affected.. he lost a lot of blood, but we have been able to stabilize him for now," he said and I sighed
"But we have to carry out the surgery now..if we don't, you know what will happen" he said and my heart started beating fast..
",But.. the money isn't complete yet, I just have 700, I still need 500 more, can't you just go on with the surgery?.. I promise I'll pay you the full amount" I pleaded
"What money?" Harry asked softly from behind ..
The doctor was about to talk, but I beat him to it
".. I'll get back to you doctor" I said running my hands through my hair.. he nodded and rushed out..
"Hannah.. what exactly is wrong with Nicky?" Harry asked glaring at me..
I opened my mouth to talk but suddenly closed it .
"Don't you dare lie to me" he growled, I nodded and pointed to the chair...
I told him about my fight with Nicky, how I caught him with those kids in the alley, how i threatened to kill him..and how he got into an accident because of me..which led to his inability to use his legs.. 
He sighed with his hands crossed on his chest
"And the sparkling?" He asked not completely throwing me off guard..
I was expecting this question , and I wasn't planning to lie, I was ready to tell him everything.. about my powers..
And that's exactly what I did, I expected him to look at me in disbelief, yell or even insult me . But he did nothing..
After few minutes of awkward silence.. he blinked and turned to look at me, 
"Why didn't you tell me about Nicky?" He asked and I could hear sadness and hurt in his voice.
"..I.. I. Wanted to, but I couldn't.. I didn't want you to worry about us, and I wanted to take the responsibility on my own.. I know I should have told you, but I didn't.. , i.. I thought, you'd hate me if I told you I was the cause..I'm really sorry Harry" I said looking into his eyes..
"I'm so disappointed in you Hannah.." he mumbled and stood up
".. I'm sorry.. Harry please" I said as fresh tears poured out of my eyes.. he walked towards the doctor and shook his hands..
"I'm Ju Sung Lee" he said and the doctor's eyes went wide..
"..I didn't realize.. I.. it's's an honor to.." he started
"..I want Nicky to be transferred immediately to H.R, I'll conduct the surgery myself" he stated and the doctor nodded.. and immediately, called a nurse..
I watched as they rolled Nicky out of the ward he was in.. Harry walked out totally ignoring me..
"Ju Sung.." I called rushing after him..
".. I'm sorry Harry please.. say something.. please" I pleaded 
He ignored and hastened his steps..
".. Harry..I'm sorry" I whispered as I watched him exit the hospital..
"I'm sorry!!" I'm yelled..

To be continued .

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