Crazy Hannah Episode 47


By Lady C 👄
Hannah's pov conts😢
We arrived at H.R, and Harry drove into the garage, I glanced at him.. hoping that he'd at least look at me.. but he didn't, he ignored me and stepped out of the car, I rushed out and he beeped the car.. he rushed into the hospital and I followed behind..
He took the elevator and I took the other, we got to the tenth floor and saw the nurses rushing into the theater, he ran to the locker and came out seconds later..
"Can I come in?" I asked
"No" he stated and walked away..
I sat in the waiting area, with my hands crossed on my chest, and my back resting on the chair.. I heard noises and turned to look at the direction..
"..oh.. Hannah.. Hannah, where is he?.. where's my child?" Mom asked rushing towards me, I stood up and looked at the others; dad, Sona, Sofia and Jeremy.. Harry had called Sofia on our way to the hospital..
"Mom.. he's in the theater, I.. don't know what happened.. I just saw him sprawled on the floor.. he.. he" I choked as I burst into tears, Sofia hugged me and I cried on her shoulders hugging her tight..
"My poor baby.. i want to see him.. I want to see Nicky" she said as tears rolled down her cheeks..
"Calm down Isabella.. he's going to be fine, let's just wait for the doctor's to come out.. Nicholas is going to be alright" dad said hugging her to himself..
".. I just hope nothing happens to Nicky.. I don't know what.." Sona trailed off as tears fell from her eyes... . I raised my head and glared at her causing her to shut up..
"You better hope nothing happens..if not, I won't hesitate to kill you and Jeremy" I stated and she gulped..
"..why did you leave him home alone?" I asked glaring at the both of them.
"..I.. I left him with Jeremy, I and unnie went to get drugs and some clothes from her house" Sona said as a tear fell from her eyes..
"..and you?" I asked looking at Jeremy
".. I went to get dinner from the restaurant, Nicky was sleeping when mom called and I didn't want to wake him.. I'm sorry Hannah.. I didn't mean to leave him" he said sadly..
I sighed and palmed my face..
The door opened and Harry walked out, holding his face mask in his hands..
We all rushed to him and I held his arm..
".. Ju Sung.. how is he?, Is he okay? How did the surgery go.. is Nicky going to be fine?" I asked looking at him..
".. evening mom, evening dad" he greeted bowing a little..
" was the surgery?" Dad asked hastily
"..the surgery was successful and he's completely stable, his vitals are okay and he'll be waking in few hours from now" he said and we all sighed in relief.
".. thank goodness.. thank you Harry, what about the payment?" Mom asked looking at him..
He smiled and shook his head..
"Don't worry, it's been sorted out.. don't bother about it" he said
"But.. how?" Dad asked
"..why are you asking questions? You should be thankful that we are no longer going to get a loan," mom scolded glaring at him..
"..but i was just surprised" dad defended
"Well.. stop being surprised and thank him" mom said.
"Thank you so much for everything.. we really appreciate" dad said and Harry smiled
".. no need for that sir.." Harry said
"So..does that mean that Nicky is gonna walk again?" Jeremy asked 
"..yeah, but he'll have to go for therapy, maybe for a month or so" Harry replied
"Yes!!!" Sona yelled happily
".. oh.. thank you so much, I don't know what would have happened without you, thank you so much" mom said as tears rolled down her eyes..
".. come on mom, stop already.." Harry said 
"We are really great full.. and my house is open for you at all times, you can come whenever you like.. it's your house now" dad said and the others nodded
"Thanks alot sir" Harry said 
"..can we see him now?" Mom asked wiping her tears.
"..he hasn't woken up yet, but I guess you can.., the nurses will have him moved to the VIP Ward.. that's on the last floor" Harry said and mom nodded.. they all walked out after thanking him.. leaving me, him and Sofia in the hall..
".. Ju Sung.."
"How are you feeling Sofia?" He asked cutting me off
"..I.. I'm fine, thank you" she said darting her eyes from me to Harry..
"baby .. I just wanted to say.."
"I'll see you later Sofia, i have to change" he said and Sofia nodded, then he walked out..
I watched as he walked out of sight, tears welled up in my eyes and I hugged Sofia..
"What happened?" She asked hugging me tight..
"I knew this would happen Sof, I knew it.. Harry hates me now.. he hates me completely" I said amidst tears..
I told her everything and she cleaned my tears
".. Harry loves you Hannah, I guess he's just sad because you never told him about Nicky.. but he'll come around, if not now.. later, okay?" She said and I nodded
"Now.. be the strong woman that you are and stop crying" she said wiping the tears away with her thumb..
Sofia and the others left some hours ago, leaving me alone with Nicky.. Ju Sung has been avoiding me since, I guess he already left, I feel so hungry and tired, I sat beside Nicky watching him.. I yawned and gently placed my head beside him on the bed..
I felt myself moving in the air and then resting back down on the ground.. wait? What?..
I fluttered my eyes open and stared straight into those amazing brown orbs.. that seemed to embrace mine..
.. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I looked around and noticed I was not in Nicky's ward, but in Harry's office.. on his couch to be precise.. and he was sitting on the armrest staring down at me 
"Hey.. " he said and I turned to look at him.. then noticed he wasn't wearing his normal work clothes, he was clad in a grey sweatshirt and joggers..
"Hi.." I mumbled looking away from his eyes
"..I noticed you didn't eat anything, so I bought you something" he said setting a white bag on the small stool in front of me..
".. I'm not hungry" I lied, and my stomach grumbled
"Seriously?" I mumbled looking down at my stomach.. Harry chuckled sweetly and sat beside me..
He grabbed my legs and set me properly, so I was looking at him..
I watched as he brought out the pack of ramyeun and opened it.. he brought out the chopsticks.. and took a reasonable amount, it was steaming hot.. I watched as he formed his cute lips in an 'o' and blew quietly on the ramyeun.. when he was satisfied.. he looked at me and demonstrated
"Say ahhh" he said, I smiled out tears and did as instructed..
He smiled and fed me, until I was filled.. he trashed the pack and walked back to the couch,
".. come on, you need a bath, I brought you clothes.. your uniform Is obviously not in good shape" he said.. I looked down at my uniform and saw blood..
"Okay.. I'll go to the locker room" I said
"No.. I actually have a bathroom here, you can use it.." he said and I opened my mouth to speak, then closed it back up..
"Okay.. " I mumbled.. I stood up to Leave and stopped in my tracks, I turned to see him looking at me.. I sighed and walked back to the couch.. I sat down and looked into his eyes
"Harry.. I'm.. so sorry, I.. didn't mean to.. I know you hate me right now.. and I completely unders.." he pressed his lips on mine cutting me off.. I was surprised at first, but I reciprocated and pulled him closer to me..
Our tongues tangled and I moaned sweetly.. he pulled back after few minutes and stared into my eyes..
"You're really stupid aren't you?" He asked
"Huh?" I mumbled
"I thought, I made it clear that I love you.. when I said it, I meant it.. I don't care about your flaws, I don't care about your background, I don't care about your crazily amazing powers.. which makes you unique by the way.. I said I was disappointed because you didn't trust me, I told you to always tell me if you needed my help but you didn't.. although I was a bit angry, i was also awestruck by your reason for not telling me.. well except for the hate part.. I love you Hannah.. there's absolutely no way I could ever hate you, I mean look.. I couldn't even stay angry at you for hours.. then how can I hate you?.. I really wish, I could show you how much I care about you, and how madly in love I am with you" he said and took my lips again.. 
To be continued.

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