Crazy Hannah Episode 48


By Lady C 


Hannah's pov 💪
What can I say that was the most amazing kiss I've ever had..
He pecked my lips and withdrew Slowly..
"I love you Hannah" he said 
"I love you too" I said as tears rolled down my cheeks..
I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of love from you Harry, but I promise I'll always love you till death.. even if we don't get married.. 
"Okay, time to bath psycho" he said wiping away the tears with his thumb.. I nodded with a smile
After bathing I changed into a grey sweatshirt and joggers like Ju Sung..
We both walked out of the elevator holding hands, and strolled into Nicky's room..
I sat on the couch, and Harry sat beside me, I placed my head on his shoulder and he covered us with a mattress..
"When is he going to wake up?" I asked looking at Nicky who was sleeping soundly on the bed..
"He should be up by morning" Harry said wrapping his arm around my waist..
".. Ju Sung" I called
"Mmh" he hummed as he slowly slipped his hands under the shirt, 
"Thanks for everything.. I don't know what I would have done without.." 
"Shhhh.. it's okay, I'm glad I could help" he said kissing my hair and started playing with the chain on my waist..
".. do you have an account?" He asked
"" I said sleepily
"Okay.." that was the last word he said before I drifted into sleep
I woke to soft fingers caressing my cheek . I peeked my eyes open to see Harry staring at me with a smile on his face..
"Morning baby" he said softly
"Morning.." I said stretching my body on the couch..
"How was your night?" He asked
"Was okay.." I mumbled.. and kissed him briefly.. I tried pulling back but he held my head and deepened the kiss..
"Yeww, can't a man have his own privacy in a hospital?" We pulled back to see Nicky glaring at us..
"Oh.. my gosh!.. Nicky, you're awake!" I exclaimed ignoring his comment
"Uhm.. obviously" he mumbled
"..I thought I lost you, you don't Know how happy I am Nicky.." I said hugging him to myself
"..I.. can't..breath" he breathed out
"Oh.. sorry" I said withdrawing from the hug..
"I'm thirsty" he said 
".. okay, I'll.." I trailed off
"Here.." Harry said handing him a bottle of water.. when he was done Harry closed it and placed it on the side table..
"How are you feeling?" Harry asked picking a clip board and biro from the table
"Well.. my head hurts a bit and so does my leg, other than that.. I feel fine" Nicky replied.. touching the band on his head
"Okay, I'll just examine you quickly, then you can rest" harry said and Nicky nodded
I watched as Harry examined Nicky properly, after few minutes he was done..
"Well.. you're perfectly okay.. you just need to rest, you'll be discharged on Thursday, after which you'll start therapy" Harry said.. to me rather than Nicky, 
"Okay.." I mumbled and sat beside Nicky..
"So.. Nicky what happened?, I found you unconscious yesterday.. do you remember what happened?" I asked moving his hair from his eyes..
"Well.. yeah.. I woke up feeling really hungry and thirsty, I called Jeremy but no one answered.. so I decided to go to the kitchen myself.. I lost balance on the stairs and fell down with the wheelchair, thats all I can remember" he said
"You could have killed yourself Nicky, why didn't you wait for Jeremy" I scolded softly
"I'm sorry Hannah" he mumbled
"'s okay, the good thing is that you're fine and you'll start walking soon" I said
"What?" He asked with his eyes opened wide
"Harry operated on your legs.. you just need therapy, and you should start walking in maybe next two months or so" I said and he shouted.
He looked at Harry and smiled out tears.
"Thank you so much Harry.. thank you" he said cleaning his eyes
"Aww.. it's okay," Harry said giving him a brief hug..
"My baby is awake" we turned to see mom rushing into the room with the rest of the family on her heels.. Sofia smiled when she saw I and Harry holding hands..
"Nicky.. are you okay? Are you hungry?.. is your head hurting, do you want to lay down? What do you want tell me and I'll tell Sona and Jeremy to get it" mom said holding Nicky's face between her palms
"I'm fine mom.." he said with a smile
"..oh, I'm so happy you're okay Nicky.. I don't know what I would have done if something happened to you" she said hugging and placing kisses on his face.
The door opened and j² rushed in..
"Hey nicky"
"Hi Nicky" they said at once
"Hi.." Nicky said shyly
"Oppa.. said you were hurt, are you okay now?" Josi asked feeling his head with the back of her palm, causing everyone to chuckle
"Yes I am" Nicky replied
"Great.. because we don't want you sick on our birthday" Jodi said sitting on the bed
"Birthday?" I asked looking at Harry
"Oh hi unnie" Josi said while Jodi gasped
"Did oppa not tell you?" She asked
"Tell me what?" I asked and she glared at Harry
"They're having their birthday party next weekend" he whispered 
"Oh.. he, told me" I muttered
"Really? When?" Josi asked looking at me..
"Uhmm. This, this morning" I said 
"Our birthday is next week Saturday, a lot our friends will be there, oppa's friends will be there, Nina, Olivia, Oliver, Collins and Alister.. oh and Oly would be performing" josi said handing an invite to Nicky..
"Wait.. Oly? Like Oly the president's son?" Sofia asked with her eyes wide open
"Yeah.. " Jodi mumbled
"Oh my gosh!! I love Oly.. like not love-love, I mean I love his songs.. and I've been dieing to see him in real life" she said excitedly..
"Well.. you can see him at the party, I Can get him to talk to you if you like" josi said handing her an invite..
"Wow" Sofia mumbled looking at the card
"There will be lots of games and entertainers.. oh and here's a card for mr cutie" Jodi said bringing out another invite from her bag..
"Mr cutie?" Nicky asked confused
"..I mean your brother.. Jeremy" she stated
"He's actually standing beside you " he said
She turned and gasped
"I didn't even know everyone was here" she said 
"Unnie, is she your mom?" She asked looking at my mom
"Yes.. and that's my dad" I said
"Anyahsayo" she said with a little bow.. and Josi did Same..
"I'm sorry I didn't see you guys earlier..we were just so excited" she said
"It's okay dear, what's your name?" Mom asked
"Jodi Lee and she's my twin Josi Lee..we are oppa's kid sisters" she said
"Wow.. you girls are beautiful.. " mom said
"Thank you" Josi Said with a smile
"Uhm.. here's the invitation card to our birthday," Jodi said giving Jeremy and Sona a card each..
"Can I bring my friends?" Sona asked 
" can bring anybody you like" Jodi said..
"Nice.. " Jeremy said


Some minutes later, I and Harry walked out of the ward leaving the others behind..
We headed down the hall towards the elevator.. the steel doors opened and she stepped out with her black heels, my eyes trailed up from the heels to the Hem of the maroon gown, to the transparent waistline.. with her chains glittering underneath the transparent net, up to the off shoulder long sleeved hand and finally settled on her face, her eyes were familiar.. although I Know I've met her before, but it felt like I was looking at my best friend, her brown hair was resting in perfect curls on her shoulders and her curved lips hosted a Ruby lipstick..
She smirked and catwalked flawlessly towards us.
I looked at Harry and noticed he was still staring at her..
She came to a halt in front of Harry and moved her gaze to me, then back at Harry.

"It's been a while baby" she said with a smile on her face, i couldn't help but stare intensely at her face, she looks awfully familiar..
".. Nina, what are you doing here?" Harry asked softly
"You don't Know?" She asked feigning surprise
"If I did, I wouldn't have asked you, would I?" He asked back
She scoffed and rolled her eyes
"Stop acting like you're not happy to see me Ju Sung Lee.. we both know that you are.. anyways, I've been transferred to H.R, starting from today.. I am to work as a doctor here" she stated.. 
"What?" I and Harry asked at once
"You heard me.. you can call your dad for confirmation" she said with a smile.. revealing her dimples, gosh!.. why does she look so familiar.
"There you are Hannah.. you won't believe who I just saw" I turned to see Sofia rushing towards me with a sheepishly grin on her face..
"Uhh?" I asked
"Luke.. "she said standing in front of Nina,
"Really.. where.?" I asked
"Here.., in one of the wards,. he was laying on the bed with his legs hanging up" she said and smiled sheepishly.. dimples, oh my gosh.. I looked back at Nina, who was looking at Sofia in confusion.. 
"Uhm.. hello, you are in my way" Nina stated looking at Sofia's head
"Oh I'm so sorry.." Sofia said turning to look at Nina..
I watched as Nina's brow creased in confusion and Sofia just stared confused at her.
"Zi.. Zina?" Nina called with tears welling up in her eyes..
"Uhh?" Sofia mumbled
"Zina..oh my goodness, it's me.. Nina, your twin remember?.. Zi.. can't you remember me?" Nina asked, a tear rolled down her cheek
"I.. I.. ahhh.. ahhhhh!!!" Sofia yelled holding her head.. she started screaming and suddenly blacked out.. I hurriedly caught her before she could hit the ground..
Nina started crying and held Sofia's hand.
"Zi.. don't leave me.., please I beg you..Zina!!" 
To be continued

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