Crazy Hannah Episode 49


By Lady C πŸ‘„πŸ‘’
Hannah's pov ✍️
I honestly don't understand what's going on yet..
Nina is Sofia's twin?, And her real name is Zina.. no wonder she always mumbles that name in her sleep..
"Are you okay?" Harry asked snapping me out of my thoughts
".. yeah, I.. I'm just confused at the whole thing" I admitted
"Yeah, me too.. but I'm sure we'll get answers in due time" he said rubbing circles in my back.
"Yeah.." I muttered looking into the room through the glass walls, Sofia was still sleeping, with Nina by her side.. I watched as Nina took her hand in hers and kissed it softly..
"They must have been really close.." I said
"So it seems" he added
"Do you want to go in?" He asked..
I really want to, I mean that's my best friend in there.. I really want to go in there and scold her till she wakes up.. I really want to brush back her hair, and cuddle her like she used to do for me..
I looked at Nina and a tear rolled down my cheek, 
"No.. I'll just wait here" I said wiping it with my palm
"Okay.." he said
Then we started hearing noises.. mum rushed towards us with Sona hot on her heels..
"Where's she?" Mum asked tearfully
"In there" I said pointing into the room
Without a word, she walked into the ward with Sona..
I and Harry followed..
"My angel.. what happened to you?" Mom said rushing to her side.. 
"Sofia.. it's me your mum, open your eyes pumpkin" mum said brushing her hair from her face.. Sofia stirred a bit but didn't open her eyes
"Who are you?" Nina asked hoarsely
"I'm supposed to be asking you" mom snapped back
"I'm her sister, her twin.." Nina replied staring intensely at my mom
"Uhh?" Sona mumbled
There was a sneeze and all eyes turned to Sofia.. as she fluttered her eyes open.. the door suddenly opened and a couple rushed in..
Sofia's pov ✌️
My eyelids opened and the first person I saw was Hannah's mum staring down at me tearfully..
I turned to the side and Nina smiled I smiled back and raised my hand to her cheek.. 
"My baby sister.." I said softly and tears fell from her cheeks..
"You remember me?" She asked pointing to herself
"Of course I do.. I remember everything now" I said smiling
"..z..Zina?" I turned to see mum looking at me with mix feelings..
Tears fell from her eyes and from mine..
"Ama, Apa." I said as tears rushed down from my eyes.. I sat up and they both rushed towards me.. embracing me in a long heart melting hug..
"Zina... Zi.. my baby.. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­, I'm so sorry, i.. I'm so sorry, I should have listened to you" mum said rocking me back and forth..
"It's okay ..mum, I'm so happy you are here now" I muttered
"Zina.. our little princess.. I thought I lost you, I'm so happy" dad said.. withdrawing from the hug..
"Me too dad" I said
".. it's okay mom, stop crying" Nina said hugging mom from behind
Mum stiffened and turned to face Nina
"..d.did you just call me mom?" She stuttered
"Yes mom.. I did" Nina said
".. thank you.. my two angels.. I love you both so much.. I'm so sorry" mom said hugging us to herself..
"And I love you all" dad said Joining the group hug
We withdrew after few minutes and mom wiped her face with her face towel
"Aigoo.. my princess is all grown up now.. look at you, you haven't changed a bit, you look so beautiful.." mom said Cleaning my eyes with her thumb..
"I love you so much" she said kissing my forehead..
"I love you too mum" I said
".. I guess we all have a lot of catching up to do" Nina said Cleaning her cheek
"Yeah.. " I said..
I looked around and noticed the others already left maybe during our little family reunion..
I told mum about how the ShΓΉs saved me and adopted me..
How they took care of my daily needs and trained me like their own child..
Some minutes after, my parents left to go have a word or so with Hannah's parents..
Hannah walked in with a dull expression and smiled when she saw me, I smiled back and blinked back the tears that threatened to fall..
She was trying too hard to be happy, I know she is but deep within, I know she's a bit sad
"Nina can you please give us a sec?" I asked looking at Nina..
"Okay" she mumbled and stood up, then walked out..well, after glaring at Hannah..
Once the door closed behind her, Hannah walked to my side and sat on the bed and just stared at her fingers
"Well.. aren't you going to say something?" I asked with a little laugh after the long silence
"Uh.. I don't even know what to say" she mumbled
"Since when did you run out of words for me?" I asked raising my brow
"Well since you regained your memory, " she said turning her head to look at me..
"It's a good thing though, I'm happy for you.. I mean that's what we've always wanted right?" She asked and I nodded
"It's just.. I .. I never thought Nina was your twin, I mean apart from little features, you don't look you're sweet, amazing, caring and all.. but Nina is all know.. Nina" she said and I chuckled
"Nina can be all of those things you know, well she is.. she's just jealous of you.. I guess.."I said brushing down her hair
"Yeah right" she mumbled and I chuckled
"But we are still best friends right?" She asked looking down at the mattress
"Of course, we are still sisters and bff, why wouldn't we be?" I asked surprised
"Well, because you're rich?" She asked
"Huh?.. I Haven't even thought of that.. Hannah nothing can ever take your place in my life.. not Nina,not my parents, not money.. absolutely nothing.. you're my sister and my best friend.. nothing will ever change that.. okay?" I asked
".. okay" she said with a smile and hugged me..
"I love you sof" she said and I could feel her choking up
"I love you too Hannah.. now don't cry on me woman! We don't want your sparkling to cause a huge commotion now, do we?" I asked playfully
She withdrew with a smile and shook her head
"No we don't" she said
"Good girl, now stop crying.. and help me out of this bed.. I still need to laugh at Luke" I said and she laughed heartily
"Seriously?" She asked
"Yeah.. gosh he looks so hilarious.. you did a good job baby" I said giving her a thumbs up.
"Really?" She asked
"Yeah, high five" I said raising my hand and yelled when she highfived
"Gosh!.. Hannah, that's so painful, I thought you've learnt how to use your strength?" I asked nursing my hand
"Sorry, I guess I was just so excited" she said.
To be continued..

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