Crazy Hannah Episode 50


By Lady C 👄
Hannah's pov 👊
Just as we were about to walk out, her parents walked in smiling sheepishly..
I must admit, they did take most of their looks from the mom..
"Mom, dad meet my best friend Hannah Shù, Hannah meet my parents" Sofia said
"It's really nice to meet you ma'am, sir" I said with a little bow 
"Likewise my dear, Zina has told us a lot.. about you and your wonderful family" she said with a smile
"She has?" I asked looking at the both of them
"Yes my dear" the father replied.. I looked at Sofia.. or should I say Zina with wide eyes..
Did she tell them about our powers?..
As if reading my mind, she Drew closer to me and cupped her hand in my ear
"I didn't spill about your powers.. or your five minutes madness, " she said and I sighed in relief, whilst she chuckled.
"Uhm.. we will have to take Zina home now" her mom said brushing Sof.. Zina's hair
"What?" I asked subconsciously
"Home.. we are all going home, I haven't been with my baby for so long, and now that I'm with her, I don't plan on letting her out of my sight, but you're always free to come visit us." She stated with a warm smile
"But.. mom, what about work?" Sofia, I mean Zina asked
"Forget about work for now, you can start working from home, I'm sure your dad would love to coach you on the company affairs" she said
"No mom, I'm a nurse.. I don't want to work in a company" Zina mumbled
"Fine.. I'll work your transfer to any of our hospitals in whichever country you'd like..but you can only start working from next month.. I want you with me throughout this week" her mom said
"I don't want that either mom.. I want to continue working here in H.R, and I'm only going to stay at home today, I'll be back tommorow" Zina stated
"Seriously?" Her mom asked with her hands on her hips
"If that is what she wants, then I don't see why not" her dad said cutting in.. Zina squealed and hugged her dad
"Thanks Dad" she said
"You're welcome princess" her dad said.. I smiled and looked at her mom
"Well don't I deserve a hug as well?" She asked, Zina laughed and hugged her mom..
"We have to get going now Zi.." her mom said withdrawing from the hug
"Uhmm" Zina drawed and turned to look at me..
I smiled and hugged her 
"go on Queen Zi.. I'll be fine" I said blinking back my tears
"Are you sure?" She asked
"Yeah.." I mumbled and withdrew from the hug
"I'll call you and I'll see you tomorrow" I said holding her hand
"Promise?" She asked
"Yeah.. bye" I said
"Bye" she mumbled, and squeezed my hand softly before walking out with her parents..
Finally the tears escaped from my eyes and I wiped them back..
I walked out and Harry came over to hug me .
"Let's go home.. I need to bath" I said 
"Okay.." he said simply and took my hand..
We walked into the last floor and walked out of the hospital holding hands..
We were both heading to the garage when someone called Harry from behind.. we both turned to see Nina Making her way towards us..I wonder how she walks perfectly with these needle like heels.
"Oppa.." she called and hastily hugged Harry, I blinked and looked up at Harry's face, he had a surprised Expression on his face..
Nina withdrew with a smile
"Baby.. you called yesterday, but I didn't actually get what you wanted to say.. " she said acting as though I didn't exist, wait did she say call?.. I glared up at Harry to hear what he was going to say..
".uhmm.. it's uhm.. I was actually, well I wanted to ask you something, I wanted us to talk about something my dad said about you,..but I guess that would be later" Harry stuttered..
Why the heck is he stuttering?!
"..about me?, What about me?" She asked looking at Harry who was looking at everywhere else but me.
"Oh!!.. now I get it!!" She said, with her eyes lighting with realization..
"Is it about the pre.." I gasped as Harry clasped her mouth with his hands..
Is he hiding something from me??.. he turned to look at me, and opened his mouth to speak but closed it back..
Nina blinked and followed his gaze until they landed on me.. her brows creased and she turned to look at Harry..
"Ju Sung.. what are you doing, what's going on? Why are you closing her mouth?" I asked at once.. he slowly moved his hands from her mouth and cleared his throat nervously..
"Ju Sung, I asked you a question" I reiterated..
He took his pink lips into his mouth, making his amazing dimples appear slightly on his cheeks.. and as much as I hate to admit it in this situation, it made him more cuter..
"Harry who is she?" Nina asked darting her eyes from me to Harry..
"I'm Hannah" I said
"Yeah, I know you're Hannah.. and my sisters best friend.. I mean what are you to Harry?" She asked glaring at me.. if you're not Sofia's sister I would have slapped sense into your head..
"She's my girlfriend" Harry said cutting in..
"What?" She breathed out returning her gaze back to Harry's..
"Hannah is my girlfriend" Harry stated looking into her eyes..
Her lips trembled and she shut her eyes for a split second.. when she opened them, they already turned red..
"..but.." she stopped choking on her tears.. she licked her lower lips and moved her hand into her hair..
"Baby.. let's go" Harry said taking my hand, as he started walking to his car
"But.." I drawed looking back at Nina.. she was trembling already..
Harry didn't even turn back to look at her, he opened the passenger seat and slipped me in.. then walked round the car and got into the driver's seat.
"I glared at him with my hands crossed on my chest, he glanced at me and chuckled..
"What?" He asked innocently
"I asked you a question earlier, what was that about? And why was she looking so heart broken when you said I was your girlfriend?" I asked looking at him..
"Forget about it baby, it's not important" he said 
"Well I feel it.."I was cut off by his lips on mine..he nibbled on my bottom lip and I opened up, he slipped in his tongue and dueled with mine.. after several minutes of changing angles, nibbling and tugging on our hair, we finally pulled apart with a peck.. 
"We should get going before we do something crazy in here" he said huskily 
"Well, I don't mind us doing it here" I said before I could stop myself, I covered my mouth with my hands and stared at him.. he stared back at me in amusement and chuckled lightly..
"Well whatever the queen wishes.. she gets" he said leaning towards me
", that's not what I meant.. " I stuttered covering my chest with my hands.. he laughed heartily and rested his head on the seat..
I could feel my cheeks heating up, I looked down to hide my blush and Harry smiled.
"My dear ..You're something else" Harry said with a little laugh and started the car..
"So I've asked Mr Cha to open an account for you with your name and all.." he said with his eyes focused on the traffic
"Uhh?" I mumbled
"don't worry you can always change your pin if you want, oh and here's your credit card" he said giving me a card..
When did he even bring it out.
"Ju Sung.. you shouldn't have.." I cooed looking at the card, I can't believe I have my own account now
"You can give me back if you don't need it" he said taunting me
"Aisshh.. no... I'll keep it.. kàmsamidah" I said bowing a bit, Harry chuckled and nodded
"You're welcome baby" he said softly..
"So.. your dad, he's educated right?" Harry asked and I nodded
"Yes, even mom.. he was a real estate agent." I said simply and he took a glance at me, then focused on the road..
"Was?" He asked
"Yeah, well jobs stopped coming, so he had to sell off our old house and started a restaurant with mom" I replied simply..
"Okay.." he said and turned on the radio..

Harry dropped me off at my gate, and left.. well, after three long kisses..
I stepped into the compound and my Walked into the house.. dad was on a call and he seemed a bit too excited..
"Okay.. I'll be there.. thank you so much.. I'm already on my way sir.. yes, thank you so much" he said and dropped the call.. I watched as he hastily rushed up the stairs and came back down in a flash, clad in a suit I've never seen him wear in years and a file in his hands
"Apa what.."
"..I don't have time to talk Hannah.. I'll be back in few hours, tell your mother not to worry.." he said and rushed out..
"Huh?" I mumbled as I watched him through the window, 
"Hannah? Why is dad acting that way?" I turned to see Jeremy rushing down the stairs with blaze and Ryan..
"I don't know.. he was on call some minutes ago and the next thing I saw was..well ..that" I said pointing out the window..
"Hi Hannah.." Ryan waved shyly.. my phone buzzed and I opened the messenger as I turned to reply Ryan
"Hi.. Ryan how are.... Ahhhhhh!!!!" I screamed with my eyes glued to the screen
"What the.. Hannah why are you.."
"Ahhhhhh HH.. oh my gosh!!!! Ahhhhhh hhhhhhhhh!!!!" I yelled louder cutting Jeremy off while waving my phone at them..
"Jesus.. get a grip Hannah, stop shouting because of a love message, you are going to make us deaf" Jeremy said poking his fingers in his ears . On normal days I'd tackle him to the ground and beat him up, but instead I continued screaming..
"Let me see what's making her shout like this" blaze said and took my phone from my hands.. 
"Ahhhhh!!" He shouted with his hands on his mouth..
"What does it say?" Ryan asked and took the phone..
He peered into the screen and fainted with the phone in his hand
"What exactly is making you guys go crazy? This better be worth it.. or else I'm going to.." Jeremy stopped as he looked into the screen 
"Oh my gosh!!. Oh my gosh!!!... Is this real?" He asked looking at me.. I nodded still unable to speak
"Ahhhhhh!!!!!... 15million?.. ahhhhhh!!!" He yelled looking into the phone..
"Did you win a lottery?" He asked looking at me .
"No.. it's Harry, Harry transferred it to my account" I said as tears welled in my eyes..
"Are you serious!" He asked surprised
I just nodded frantically.. I was too excited to speak..
"We are rich!!!" Blaze yelled jumping up into Jeremy's arms
"You and who?" Jeremy asked glaring at him..
".. w- we of course, I mean.. you, Hannah and us.." blaze stuttered 
"In your dreams, by the way have you done your assignment?" Jeremy asked and continued without waiting for a reply..
"No, you haven't.. go home and run errands for your mom..oh and take Ryan with you" he stated
"I should leave?" Blaze asked looking at Jeremy
"Yes please, ASAP.. come on, run along.. I'll catch you in school tomorrow" Jeremy added
"Okay.. " blaze said and looked at Ryan on the floor..
"I can't carry him" he mumbled
"Don't worry I'll put him on that wheel chair Nicky used to know he doesn't need it anymore right, so I'll give you guys for free" Jeremy stated..
"Okay.." blaze mumbled sadly.. Jeremy smiled and started laughing
"I was just kidding bro" he said and blaze laughed nervously
"Are you sure" he asked Cleaning the beads of sweat already forming on his head..
"Yes .. my sisters money.. is our money " 
"You say?" I asked cutting him off.
"Don't even think about it" I added and snatched my phone from him
"But.. I thought" he drawed
"Thought what?.. stop dreaming and go read your books.. well after waking Ryan first" I said and rushed up the stairs..

I walked into my room and called Harry, he picked after few seconds 
"Now.. . If you're going to say thank you.. don't bother. You're welcome " he said
I smiled and nodded
"I..I can't accept it''s too much" I said
"Well you can and you've already accepted it, it's yours now.. use it to buy a little something for yourself.. " he said
"Thank you so much Harry" I said as a tear rolled down my cheek
"And she said it.. fine, I'm going to hang up if you're going to continue thanking me" he said..
"Okay, fine .. I won't, however.. I appreciate.. " I said and he chuckled.. we talked for hours and finally ended the call.
I connected my phone to the charger and started hear voices downstairs.. I rushed down and saw dad seating on the couch.. grinning happily, with different wine on the table.. mom was on the floor, with Jeremy, blaze, Sona and Ryan fanning her.. I guess trying to revive her
"What's the heck is going on? And why is mom on the floor?" I asked rushing down the stairs..
"She fainted" Sona said breathing heavily with a smile plastered on her face..
What's wrong with all these people, my mom is on the floor and they are all smiling?
"And you all are smiling? Is this a teeth festival or something?" I asked kneeling beside mom
"Hannah my child, come let's celebrate.. leave Isa, she'll be up soon.. come, come have a glass of wine" dad said pouring wine in a glass
"What?.. what are we celebrating?" I asked looking at their faces.

"You were probably wondering why, when you came back you saw me rushing out of the house after a brief call right?" He asked and I nodded
"Well.. I got a call from a famous company.. and they asked me to come for an interview I never knew about, and guess what?" He asked but continued anyway.
"They gave me a contract of 50billion won!!" He exclaimed..
"50 what?" I asked quietly, suddenly feeling light headed
"50 billion won!!" They all chorused again and I fainted..

To be continued..

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